SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 30: Blake Ferguson of the Roosters celebrates victory during the 2018 NRL Grand Final match between the Melbourne Storm and the Sydney Roosters at ANZ Stadium on September 30, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Metre eater Blake Ferguson can propel Parramatta to the finals in 2019, according to Mitchell Moses.

Ferguson led the league for metres gained last season with an average of 186 metres per game, a stat Moses believes will hold the Eels in good stead for 2019.

“You need those big outside backs to help out the forwards,” Moses told The Daily Telegraph. 

“It has a trickle-down effect. The big outside backs get the metres and that means the forwards have a bigger impact because they are more fresh coming out of our own end. Then us halves can do what we need to do to help create points.

“That’s why Fergo is going to be big for us. We had George Jennings doing a really good job for us coming out of yardage but he was doing it by himself trying to come out of the back field.

“He was consistently running for around 150 metres and he was our best back.”

The halfback turned down the chance to attend the Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor fight in Las Vegas to return to pre-season early.

Moses did attend the NRL Grand Final and said attending the game has made him hungrier to succeed with the Eels.

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“I went to the grand final and did some things with the NRL there and it was pretty hard to watch.

“For us and the season we had to be at the bottom of the table and get the wooden spoon compared to the season we had before when were playing finals footy, it was hard to watch.

“I kind of take that as a lesson and use it as a bit of fuel for next year.”


  1. He’s a winger haha. If you’re gaging most of your season’s fortunes on a winger you know you’re in trouble

    • LoL stole the words from my mouth mate, poor fergo guys gonna be back on the breezers in no time

      • Ferguson is a great winger and a great player too but he is a winger and only that lol. I don’t know what Moses is on about, his brains must be addled or something of the sort mate. I don’t understand why he left the Roosters

        • Cash money mate parra always throw big dosh at good players. Hoppa got offered 700k in his rookie year and he was our winger. Smh

  2. What’s Fergo got himself in for here at Parramatta. Putting far to much pressure on their new recruit before pre season training has even began. I could not believe Parra missed the eight this season with the players they have. Ferguson could inspire the rest of them but they must understand that wingers are not hands on people who can guide a team to the semis like a spine player. Good Luck Fergo. But after leaving the Roosters for more money like Pearce, Watson, Kane Evans, Matterson, Jennings Tuivasa-Shreck, Moa, Guerra, Sony Bill Williams, and a list too long to mention all, then Fergo will more than likely enter the same category as the players mentioned above as highly probable to never play grand final football during the rest of their careers. This is the price they pay for extra cash. However in Ferguson’s case I do feel Parra can be a dark horse next season with the talent there. Maybe a mid season coach switcharooney is on the cards if they fail after 6 weeks or so. Good Luck Fergo and thanks a million for helping the Roosters win a comp this season

    • Mate, come on you’re not seriously going to accuse Mitchell Pearce of leaving the roosters for more money are you? Even Watson left on the promise that he’d be the first choice 5/8th for Newcastle. Sonny Bill left to make the All Blacks again, Moa left to slow down a bit in super league. There’s not a chance in hell that Catalans could have offered him what we did, and I doubt we offered to re-sign him. I respect what you said about fergo, but the rest is really off the money.

      • Wrong mate, they all received more money at the new ventures than they received from the Roosters, Money was a deciding factor that obviously influence them to where they finished up, always is. Sure SBW left for the All Blacks but he also received more cash, Pearce left because of pride and did not want to learn off the master half Cronk and Newcastle gave him the captaincy and 200k extra. Moa came over to the Roosters as a budget buy from England who played a few NRL games for Cronulla before his England stint yet went back to England a NZ rep player a premiership winning player and attracted a huge offer from the English clubs lining up for him, Moa signed for huge bucks just like Hastings who has all the top English clubs in England chasing him for top dollar. Watson left to play as a fulltime NRL player in the halves instead of a bench utility at the Roosters, and he signed on for more money. They all signed on for more money, if they didn’t then then they could of stayed at the Roosters for the same money and won a premiership. Sure they all left for their reasons but it makes it a lot easier to make that choice to leave like Pearce did when his nose is out of place even after Robo tried hard to convince him to stay by explaining to him that all three halves could work together, but a club rebuilding like Newcastle comes along and ups his wage by 200-250k extra per season. Pretty easy to say yes with that type of offer. But my whole point is if players sacrifice a little cash and meet the big offers half way to stay at a particular successful team to win premierships, then isn’t that what the DNA is of a footballer to win a premiership with their competitive natures is? Roger Tuivasa-Shreck received double the money he was on at the Roosters but if he stayed around for a couple more seasons maybe he wins another two premierships. I really cant see the Warriors ever winning a premiership in the remaining 6 or 7 seasons he has left in his career, and the same goes for Pearce, Watson, Kane Evans💪😎👍

        • Nah look, it’s all fine and lovely that those players recieve more money where they play now, if they were moving for any less it’d be bad business. Using the example of Mitchell Pearce, sure he recieves more money at the Knights, but that money was not only to fight off the rival clubs (Manly, Cronulla) but also so that Pearce’s agent thought it was worth their while. Pearce wouldn’t have left the Roosters for more money. He left because he’d have gone from the NSW halfback to a bench player. RTS, sure thats for more money, but that’s the nature of our game. Our Roosters really can’t be criticizing our players of putting money over loyalty, when we have a guy like James Tedesco (who I adore as a player) in our ranks. It’s how our game works mate.

        • Ok you have a good point, Rugby League these days I reckon is a business and the Roosters have been very successful in managing their business, Sometimes they make an error in letting a player slip away like Maloney but they were quick to fix the error when Keary came onto the Market thanks to Russell Crowe. They tried extremely hard to keep Tuivasa-Shreck after they developed him and wanted him for an important part of their team for his entire career but after he left then again it wasn’t to many seasons before we got an excellent replacement in Tedesco. Somebody must make the hard calls, Pearce they wanted to keep but he failed three preliminary final in for years and they wanted to teach him from the games best halfback the fine touches required to take a game by the scruff of the neck and not go missing in action . But he chose not to learn and it cost him a premiership and probably an Australian jersey within a year or two. But he gained 200k plus.💪👴👍

      • @ Woodchook

        “Mate, come on you’re not seriously going to accuse Mitchell Pearce of leaving the roosters for more money are you?” – sydneyroosta

        Oh no Woody, it looks like the Bondi Junction express propaganda train has run off the rails! Two chooks in disagreement and finally there is a little Red Rooster who can see common sense. So black in NOT white after all. It could be the end of the line for the Roosters doublespeak culture that paints a pretty rainbow on every black and white breach of the the rules by the Roosters organisation.

        Quick Woody, best you grab your infected chicken to peck some sense back into chicken little who can finally see that the sky IS in fact falling and one day it will fall on top of the Don and the Roosters when they are finally caught. Best fix this fast before there is a rash of chooks fans waking up from their stupor. Perhaps matron has a cream for that rash? 😂😂😂😂

        Seriously Woody, “Mitchell Pearce left the Roosters for more money” and he wasn’t kicked out by the Don to create room for Cooper Cronk. “De Nile” is in Egypt old chook and you are sailing down the river in a canoe without a paddle! 😂😂😂😂

        • What a load of Crocodile 💩 manure Terry Reagan, The Roosters are run by elite businessmen, and when Mr Nick Politis decides to step aside, then there is a very long list of other successful businessmen ready to step right into the Don’s shoes. We are assured of being up or near the top for decades.👊😎👊

        • I just love the Mafia styled emoticons in reference to “the Don” Politis. I think you hit the nail on the head there Woody! 👍🏻

          You left out that anyone that opposes “the Don” will end up “with cement shoes and sleeping with the fishes”.

          “Leave the gun, take the cannoli” 😂😂😂😂

        • Nice try Mr Reg Reagan, our “Don” is not from the Sicilian Mafia, he is a Rooster god head. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    • Click bait screaming?
      Heard a rumour of a player swap. Moses for DCE.
      If that happens I will stop following Parra after 36 years!

      • Haha. I thought that would get a nibble.
        Honestly I think fergo will pick up where semi left off…. to a degree.
        Good buy.

        • Kev, don’t even joke about something like that.
          Anyone but DCE, anyone, but I’m sure it will never happen.
          Not even Parra, and yes I’m fully aware of our track record, would pay anywhere near what he’s on, and I can’t see Manly shelling out the difference.

        • @ Kev and screaming

          It’s good to see that the two of you have built a banter bridge to common ground. The off-season can be very LONG and BORING without a bit of banter to keep the fires going. Double bonus that you have given “mighty” palpitations and an ulcer in the process. 👍

      • I seen that rumor as well… apparently parra are willing to pay dces contract out LOL they must really hate moses. 700k for a reserve grader. That kid will never be manly. Besides des will want dce. With a good halves partner like green dce is one of the best halfs in th3 game

  3. More broadly, and I’m sure we’ve got it under control, but it’s time to start putting pen to paper.
    By my calcs we’ve got about 20 signed players for 2019, and about 10 still off contract.
    We have to be at a min of 24 by Nov. 1.
    I definitely want Hayne and Terepo to re-sign, but I don’t know about any of the others, because that could depend on who we are looking to bring in.
    We need an experienced hooker for a start. I like Pritchard, and I admire him for going in hard on even the biggest forwards, but that inevitably gets you injured, especially when you’re only a little fellow, and he can’t do it for 80 min every week. I assume we are looking at someone else (I know, we didn’t Api), unless, and I don’t like this idea, but unless we’re thinking Smith (Will, not Cameron), to play more of a hooker role.
    I also think we still need another big, somewhat play making and/or tackle braking type forward.
    We obviously need a halves pairing that can work together. I rate both Norman and Moses, but if their styles can’t work together, which has been the case this year, and is a real shame in my book, then 1 does need to go.

  4. Seriously? The Eels 5/8 charged with leading the side around the field declares that a winger will lead the Eels to finals footy? Clearly Moses is absolving himself of any responsibility to do his job and lead the team himself. Be afraid Eels fans. Be VERY afraid!

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