SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 15: Vai Toutai of the Eels leaves the field dejected during the round 23 NRL match between the Parramatta Eels and the Canterbury Bulldogs at ANZ Stadium on August 15, 2014 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Renee McKay/Getty Images)

The Parramatta Eels have released winger Vai Toutai after the winger allegedly glassed a member of an outlaw motor­cycle gang in Sydney’s west in early December.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that victim has refused to press charges and has vowed to exact his own revenge against Toutai.

Eels officials confirmed they had been informed about the incident. The club issued a statement revealing Toutai’s contract was mutually terminated after the club launched an internal investigation.

“The Club is aware of an incident that took place in December 2016, and, as per our normal protocols, we kept all relevant stakeholders updated throughout the entire process,” Eels spokesman Josh Drayton said.

“This included the NRL integrity unit. The club and Vai Toutai have agreed to a mutual release from his contract and he will not be with the Eels in 2017.”


    • You do realise 3hats, with insensitive cheap shots like this you are storing up a potential whipping for all Souths supporters if a bad news story breaks against Souths in 2017? Thanks for that by the way.

        • “How was that a cheap shot?”

          That was a stretch I agree so I am happy to retract that. But the LOL was provocative. Still you have the right to your opinion. Now enjoy the New Year and take a chill pill

          “Do me a favour, don’t comment on my comments,”

          So why (over 3 different articles) in the last 2 days are you been calling my name from the roof tops and trying to engage me? If the engagement is off I’m keeping the ring! LOL

          3hats December 31, 2016 at 1:31 pm
          Well, there you go SSTID_1970, I was right about this author Dan Nicholls

          3hats December 31, 2016 at 10:51 am
          SSTID_1970, There are way too many idiots with fake handles on here,

          3hats December 30, 2016 at 12:32 pm
          This site is full of CRAP I just made a detailed response to you SSTID_1970

          3hats December 31, 2016 at 11:02 am <– this was posted under my post and addressing me
          NOW you know why I get up other teams fans with comments like that one…

        • This is classic 3HATS. A bloke that honestly believes that he is the font off all knowledge and has “inside” info at Souths. He will belittle anyone who disagrees with him or dares even hint at a criticism of the Rabbitohs. He will post in capitals to highlight his arrogance , make statements and when they are usually wrong, hide for a few months.

        • As I said above penso…

          SSTID_1970 January 1, 2017 at 5:49 pm
          “How was that a cheap shot?”

          That was a stretch I agree so I am happy to retract that. But the LOL was provocative. Still you have the right to your opinion. Now enjoy the New Year and take a chill pill

          Everyone here should remember that the poor choices made one grown man (from any club) does not reflect that entire club. The Eels fans have copped a bucket full over the last 12 months so I guess I was trying to poor water on a fire before it started and… wet myself! 🙁

      • Do me a favour, don’t comment on my comments, your NOT GOD
        You have no idea.
        Stop replying to every friggin comment, you are boring.

        • That’s pretty pi.s week if you, tommy ,to identify 3 hats , i have found 3 hats to be most informative about Souths , i have not seen him bag anyone , just him commenting on Souths , he is not rude has far as i’m concerned , but you are, if what you say is right about his name, that should have been kept confidential and you have over stepped the mark.

        • Obviously you have been here 10 minutes. That 3hats is Graham Pow is widely known and his posts are spread across multiple forums and facebook pages. I have not revealed private information but information that is quite public. I invite you to check out older posts, especially ones concerning James Roberts and Dylan Walker where he regularly refers to other contributors as idiots, and insults anyone who dares express a contrary opinion.

          You are entitled to your opinion but I have been posting here more many years and I would suggest few others would consider me rude for calling out a bully.

    • Another pathetic effort to sell a story – have to question the timing of this factless article, 3 weeks after the event.

  1. Here we go again….. so much for my wish for another team to take the negative headlines in 2017…. didn’t take long.

    If he has glassed someone then he deserves to face assault charges for the dog act. Worried for him though with the potential bikie justice.

    • eels47, like I said below, sorry about the “kick in the guts” for all Eels fans to start 2017. There are no facts known about this incident and too many questions left unanswered to pre-judge the kid who may very well have been in a fight for his life for all we know. I don’t think any mitigating circumstances will change the fact that the Eels have already released him but he should look at starting over again back in England (SL) given the nature of the threat against him.

  2. Deadman walking…. deadman walking….

    In re to footy, I’ve heard a few supporters say they wanted Toutai gone so maybe a blessing in disguise…

    • Very true thebatman. I always cringed when I saw him named in the team. Think he would have been a bit further down the pecking order this year though.

    • batman ,why ? You know il fill you in in a little secret ,most of these tattooed roid heads are wimps one on one ,they are tough because they feed each other’s egos and hunt in packs ,if you flog one of em hard enough they don’t come back for seconds , if your a OMCG member ,and you got glasses ,, live with it cause what they do towards society every day of the year pales to a glassing , I personally don’t like OMCG and I therefore find this amusing

      • Without knowing the people involved personally, I can’t say I find someone glassing someone else amusing.

        But I do hope people get served justice for wrongdoings.

        • Hey… each to their own man. If u find it amusing, good for you. Don’t let me rain on your parade.

          You just asked me a question and I told you. I just hope justice is served that’s all. To all parties.

  3. It looks like he’s a dead man walking haha. Don’t even worry about trying to jail him because the bikie will just get him back.

  4. Guys, you seem to have skimmed over this point; “a member of an outlaw motor­cycle gang”. Obviously this character was just quietly drinking their glass of milk and pleaded with Toutai not to hurt him, right? There are always two sides to every story but “character” who join “OUTLAW” motor­cycle gang don’t do so for the poetry readings! By their very nature they are people who court, look for and attract trouble. Often these people are armed and who is to say that this extreme action was not literally in self-defence. Do we even know if there were weapons involved? How many people were involved? Any facts at all?

    “the victim has refused to press charges and has vowed to exact his own revenge against Toutai”

    I don’t think that revenge will be forcing him through a poetry reading!

    “Deadman walking…. deadman walking….”

    batman, if you mean in regards to his NRL career, then to quote your old mat Tooves. “There needs to be an investigation!” first surely? Given the background and character of the “alleged” victim surely this is not an open and shut case. If instead you are being literal in referring to the outlaw bikie’s threat of revenge, then I think we need to show little sensitivity here. I am sure Toutai’s family are concerned enough as it is.

    In any case, it was the last thing the Eels needed to start the New Year. As this happened in early Decemeber I question the wisdom of the timing in releasing this statement if in fact the Eels new about this in advance. You would think they would have been eager to leave all the bad news headlines behind them and start 2017 with a clean slate. I feel genuinely sorry for all the Eels fans who have to start their New Year (filled with hope and optimism) to read this.

    Before others here take cheap shots at the Eels just remember it could have been any other club. The action of one individual does not represent an entire organisation.

    Happy New Year ZT

    • No offence mate but if you want to be sensitive, that’s your call. I don’t need a moral compass advising me to show sensitivity to a guy (or his family) who glasses someone else.

      The guys a clown for doing what he did and one way or another he’ll pay a punishment I’d say.

      On another note, Happy New Year to all.

    • Apparently something was said about a members of Toutai’s family. Not sure of the exact details, but whatever they are glassing someone is not on under any circumstances, unless he literally had no other option to defend himself, it is a dog act.

      And no all bikes are in it for violence. In my younger days I worked in a pub that was frequented by members of the Rebels. I was introduced to them by one of the security guards and they were good blokes who just wanted a few quiet beers with their mates. I am not saying they are all like this, but in my experience it was the younger guys wanting to make a name for themselves that caused problems, and more often than not the older guys would pull them into line.

    • Fair enough batman but at the time this article was released there wasn’t much in the way of factual information about the actual events and if someone’s life is being threatened then that is as serious as it gets and not amusing in my books. After hearing eelsalmighty’s update about the facts of the case I agree that he is an idiot and over stepped the mark by a long way. He will be rubbed out of playing in the NRL accordingly. To be fair I did post this before eelsalmighty’s update. I still feel though that a threat to his life (with the real chance it will be backed up) is more than he deserves I would have thought, and not something to be laughed at. We will have to agree to disagree on this one then. No point taking the gloves off on this when the new season hasn’t even started.

      As eels47 says; “Apparently something was said about a members of Toutai’s family… glassing someone is not on under any circumstances, unless he literally had no other option to defend himself, it is a dog act.”

      I agree. Do we even know if weapons were involved? Also was Toutai initiating violence or was he retaliating? If it was he initiated this just over his family being called names then there is no excuse and no defence.

      • “Also was Toutai initiating violence or was he retaliating?”

        To clarify, that isn’t an excuse for glassing someone but if he was being attacked with a knife for example then one is as bad as the other. Fair enough?

        • Haven’t heard anywhere his life has been threatened.

          Just that the guy refused to press charges and vowed to exact his own revenge. Whether he follows thru is guesswork. The threat alone probably has him pooping his pants.

          If you glass someone, be prepared to be glassed back. That’s the sort of motto I’d live by.

          Just another brainless NRL player who didn’t realise the great opportunities he had in front of him. Glasses someone and deserves punishment for it.

        • thebatman

          “Haven’t heard anywhere his life has been threatened.”

          When an member of an outlaw bikie gang says they “are going to get even” it usually ends on the news with an arrest and a body bag. But perhaps I let my imagination run wild on this one. 😉

        • Yeah think your living in Summer Bay…..

          Can’t say I watch the show well enough to know the characters so I can’t place u, but I know Silvertails47 is definitely Alf Stewart….

        • “but I know Silvertails47 is definitely Alf Stewart….”

          In fine form already this year batman. Are we ready to make another movie already? 😉

  5. Happy New Year everyone!
    Not an ideal start to the year with yet another negative headline, here’s hoping there won’t be anymore.
    As for Toutai, he should have known better than to put himself in a position to either be attacked or attack anyone that looks/smells like a criminal. I hope for his sake he doesn’t pay a heavy price for this mistake.

    • “he should have known better than to put himself in a position to either be attacked or attack anyone that looks/smells like a criminal.”

      Agreed. It is a timely reminder for all NRL players to think about putting themselves in scandals way. Certain players who associate with these dangerous characters should also rethink their choice of associates or their choice of career.

  6. Happy new year my fellow ZT users! Can’t wait for the arvo, got a party to go to haha. Btw, GO THE DOGS, 2017 premiers you heard it here first.

      • Nope, I’m not celebrating it a day late haha. Also, I’m not drunk at all, but I will be later tonight. The Dogs will be the premiers over the Eels and Souths you can take that to the bank!

        • “The Dogs will be the premiers over the Eels and Souths you can take that to the bank!”

          No I think Souths will take it to the Dogs instead when they meet in Round 7. 😉

  7. It’s sad.
    I believe Vai hit the bikie over the head with a glass because he was bagging out Vai’s family. Probably a case of stir the NRL player up because he can’t retaliate, well not without paying a hefty price anyway.
    I doubt he’ll get an NRL contract for this year now, so he should go to SL.
    Good luck to him.

    • “Vai hit the bikie over the head with a glass because he was bagging out Vai’s family”

      If that is the truth eelsalmighty then he is an idiot. Unless there was an immediate threat to himself or his family, then words alone are no excuse for this.

      Why do these players go out into public drinking areas at night alone or in small groups and make themselves a target to idiots with a chip on their shoulder and nothing to look forward to in life? Either go out as a club (i.e. full team) with officials to chaperone or stay away all together. And yes THAT didn’t save Souths when they were over in the US following their premiership win in 2014 but it should have! If Sutton had had enough to drink that he was being denied service someone from the club should have stepped in and ended the night before this got out of hand.

      “I doubt he’ll get an NRL contract for this year now, so he should go to SL”

      Agreed, especially given the threat made against him. With luck this character and his mates have a police record and won’t be allowed into the UK.

      • SSTID , sometimes in life YOU need a smack in the mouth ,,, how it’s delivered can be an issue , personal y’all considered I’d have used a metal implement cause glass is going easy , like I said above ,a OMCG tough guy got cracked ,,,, ha haha

        • silvertail47

          “SSTID , sometimes in life YOU need a smack in the mouth”

          Go on, I’ve got my face up to the monitor, take your best shot! LOL

          Seriously though, you are right. If the guy initiated violence just because of a “your momma…” joke then he is a head case! If he chose to glass someone (or bring a weapon into a fight) just because he felt insulted or because the guy stood up to him then he deserves what he gets. And yes, some of these guys lift weights, get big and think they are superman and expect other people to be intimidated, but plenty don’t and get picked by drunk clowns who have a chip on their shoulder and something to prove. The truth is we don’t know the facts and that was the point I was trying to make.

          For the record, I got into plenty of fights growing up in Redfern, I never started one but soon developed a reputation not to be messed with. As a result that lends itself to breathing room from the usual bullies. And I NEVER took a weapon into a fight, although I once faced down a burglar outside my home (in Bankstown) who pulled a knife but ran when I approached him and told him he would get one shot before it became part of him.

          Stand down st47, we don’t need to go into the Octagon over this. I’m not going to be your mixed martial arts Ronda Rousey punching bag! LOL

        • Not fishing here bro , but I will say OMCG are scum , bottom feeding scum , there pure existence is based around manipulation ,bulling ,meth and the misery of human kind ,OMCG are tip rats ,tattoo themselves to create fear yet they don’t realise all they’ve done is make it easier for normal people to spot them ,SCUM

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        • @ST47 – did u miss the bit that indicated it wasn’t ME being “motional”????

          I was quoting YOUR MATE. Learn to read, fool.

          &, seriously, like everyone else, I have a go at times & u, in your absolutely minimal wisdom, of clearly single digit IQ, choose to comment on my menstrual cycle in
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        • So danielle, I guess you have broken the truce again! Just as you attacked me through accessing my family (via my daughter and my parenting) and what do we know about you in return? Again what is it that you actually contribute here without creating trouble? Listen daniel/danielle, or whoever you really are, why don’t you just p!ss off because you contribute absolutely nothing to this site!

          What I posted in response to 3hats was online for all to see without you having to SPAM this article. So who is the sook really? I’m through with you and your buddy so get back on your own side of “the fence” or leave. I will not validate your presence here any longer. No one has any real engagement or involvement with you and I have looked at your long sad and pathetic history, you don’t change and are clearly not worth the effort.

        • btw, danielle, thank you for proving my point!

          “I think it is a shame that there are people here who abuse the trust others have shown in using personal information shared in trust and in the spirit of creating a real like minded community on ZT”

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        • danielle

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          And I’m not surprised!

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          Again pure class danielle, thank you for revealing to all here the true snake you are. So here it is:

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          Carry on with your carnage of ZT danielle if you can’t be constructive be destructive right? I’ve asked ZT to look into you and your posts so hopefully soon you will be redirected to Reader’s Digest forum where you belong.

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        • agree st47, these guy’s live by the sword, the bikie doesn’t want police action , he claims he will handle it his way, so , it begs the question, why has Parra decided to release this player when no police charges are pending.

        • The cowards at Parra are scared 100 tough guys will show up and cause trouble , but the real truth is they are more likely to have one of there little druggie minions do there dirty work , I guess Parra don’t want trouble

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        • Just ignore her silvertail47. She thrives on the attention. No one else here has a clue who she is and she never makes comments relevant to this site, the game or the articles posted. I’m done playing with this pest. I have reported “her” to ZT and I will let them sort this out. Hopefully tighter moderation is the way to go. With a mouth like hers I’m just glad she never taught my kids! Probably why she got the sack!

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        • “u are slowly killing ZT with ur in-house, matey garbage.”

          While it may not be to everyone’s taste (and I admit I can over indulge at times) but there are plenty here who join in and enjoy the humour and the banter. I have had a LOT of positive feedback since coming on to ZT, have you? For the record people have joined in on the humour and shown their appreciation, particularly during the off season when everyone is bored and waiting for the season to start again.

          I think you are just p!ssed because not only can you not join in the discussions on RL in a relevant way but you are incapable of providing any humour or interest to the site. Let’s face it, you are a light weight and that kills you! That is the real problem.

          We also post and talk about RL and the articles being published. Do you? We share an opinion and make points relevant to the game and the article, do you?

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        • “we are SUPPOSED to be commenting on footy”

          Yet you NEVER do!

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          WHAT have you learned? I would be fascinated to know ANY insights you have into RL.
          “So proud u reported me.”

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          “ZT was great before u pissed on it”

          No I read your contributions and would be happy to repost dozens of times you were smacked down and called out for being the negative, self-opinionated troll that you are!

          Re the history with p14, things only soured there at the end when they thought they could take one swing after another against my team and not be called on it. Prior to that there were plenty of posts back and forwards where things were positive and on topic. Stop trying to call out others to come and join your crusade! Just like you, they also insisted on having the last word. So be my guest but leave my family out of it…

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        • Happy to give u access. Look up honours degree 1995, I’ll pay for the transcript…still trying to work around women?

        • So as long as you know someone called danielle who has this degree then it could still easily be bogus! If you have such qualifications you certainly don’t show any evidence of an advanced education.

          “still trying to work around women?”

          Not sure you qualify based on the women I have known throughout my life. They wouldn’t be interested in swearing like a drunk sailor or trying to instigate and then perpetuate fights with men. If you had ANY class you would not have sunken to the depths you seem well accustomed to.

        • Face it danielle, you LOVE the attention. Wouldn’t it just be easier and best for all of ZT if you and p14 stay on your side of the fence and st47 and I stay on ours?

          I will be waiting to see what positive contributions you are capable of making here (and criticising and attacking others or making snide little sniping comments don’t count). Perhaps you will try to quote some more Shakespeare to impress everyone, but for goodness sake research it first if you don’t know it. You butchered your last effort and quite frankly, it was embarrassing and not what I would expect from a former English teacher!

        • Guys guys guys,

          Everyone take a chill pill.

          Everyone’s entitled to an opinion as this is a public Rugby League forum. This isn’t a place where anyone can dictate who stays and who goes (that’s for ZT to do).

          Let’s all try and be adults and keep the insults to footy banter only. Anything more isn’t funny and in fact it’s kind of ridiculous and sad.

          This is a footy forum.

          No body cares what he said she said so get over it, keep the personal stuff out of here and get back on point…. footy related articles.

          Far too much personal stuff of late. Possibly the offseason but thats no excuse for personal attacks. If it continues it really isn’t worth being here.

          Footy. Fffoooooottttyyy.

        • I agree thebatman. I was enjoying this article yesterday but the wake up this morning to see all of this. All of these personal attacks are not needed. Let’s keep it to footy and friendly banter, the reason most of us are on here.

      • Stimo how about the gangs get out of our country ,what is the bloke supposed to do “ahh excuse me mr I’ve got tattoos all over me ,wear violence studs on my knuckles and have 50 of my brothers with me ! ” I’ve got issues with what you’ve said about my family !” All you would get is a grunt and a smack in the mouth , all the kid did was what was probably coming his way , good on him he got one on a scum bag , and spare me the humanity but their the rats of human kind ,,,

      • stimo is right st47. It would be much safer and easier for him to go back to SL and ride this one out OS. You are right st47 these guys are “mostly” scum bags but if you are actually in danger (and particularly if you have a family to protect) it is not the time to face this sort of challenge head on.

        • Mmmm , did I miss something ? Was he advised of such personal threats ? If that’s the case different game , still doesn’t change my opinion ,,,, 1% er’ , it’s more a score on there intel , but you have a valid point esp if you are family man ,

  8. Vai “Feet For Hands” Toutai is no big loss.
    Was only ever going to play for Parra next year if they had 5 or 6 injuries in the backline.

  9. So here’s the bigger issue and points out how bad Parramatta has been running the club.

    Key point 1: Vai Toutai hits a bikie (OMCG member) for bagging his family or something similar and then gets his contract torn up.
    Subjective thought: not all but many bikies don’t carry on in public in an orderly manner.

    Key point 2: Corey Norman can wine and dine and every carry drugs for bikies but gets a ban for 7 or 8 games.
    Subjective thought: Norman isn’t that great, he’s a good player but not someone i would give a leave pass to, he’s not JT, DCE, Cronk or Milford.

    If Para is going to part ways with Vai, then do the same with Corey – who care’s who’s the better player, the club should be setting a strong discipline across the board.

    my 2 cents – happy new year all – looking forward to a good season of footy insteand of this cr@p

    • Agree spot on. NRL needs to be alot harsher on players, and not leave it to clubs. NRL Integrity Commission is the right idea, it’s just a bit toothless. But I’ve been harping on this ever since Carney was playing up at Canberra, I don’t expect it to change now, they’re even considering letting Carney come back (to NRL, not Raiders).

    • eagle85 , NRL should sack anyone involved or associated with OMCG or any crime groups , to bad your out ,and if your dads chapter prez tough luck ! there needs to be standards in everything we do , even sport , Norman should have been sacked along time ago ,

        • Corey Norman was born in Brisbane, went to Keebra Park High on the Gold Coast and came through the Broncos under 20’s. He is of Māori descent and is eligible to represent New Zealand.

      • Apart from them being QLD’ers, you missed out another half that I put in that list as I’m not solely comparing DCE to Cronk and JT only.

    • eagle85
      Firstly his contract wasn’t torn up.
      If you actually read the article you will see that the Eels and Vai agreed to a mutual release from his contract.

      secondly Norman wasn’t carrying drugs for bikies. He had one tablet that was an illegal drug and one that, all though not illegal, is on the NRL banned substance list.
      As if you would rip up his contract for that. He got banned for 8 games, which in my opinion was very harsh, but what can you do.
      As for your assessment of him not being good enough, he was only a point behind the eventual Dally M winners and going on the form he was in, he probably would have won it.
      Going on this years form he is no JT or Cronk but was just ahead of Milford and well ahead of DCE.

      • DCE over Norman any day, Norman is a great player but DCE has done amazing things and hasn’t even reached his potential yet. He has won dally m halfback of the year, dally m rookie of the year, Clive Churchill in a losing side and won a premiership and is only 27. DCE is a better player than Milford and Norman from what he has achieved in his career so far. Sure he’s not in the form of Norman and Milford at the moment but he has had injuries and a poor team to work with in the last 2 year but when all 3 of those guys are in form DCE is the pick of the bunch.

      • @ Kev

        Mutually agreed/torn up – same thing these days but if you need sugar coating than i’m happy to say that both the player and the club decided to stop holding hands and break up with a kiss at the end to say good bye – wake up champ!

        if you’re really a fan of Parra and Norman – you would know that he wasn’t carrying 1 pill only. He was carrying MDMA caps and Daizapam (to relax your muscles). the latter drug is common in sports but used with a diuretic – and 8 games wasn’t enough. He knew what he was doing was plain stupid.

        I don’t look at players on yearly form because most players play more than 1 season, it might be subjective of me but i give players credit for their career up-to-date.

    • I was waiting for someone to say something like this…. Parra started an investigation into the incident then Vai asked for a release, which was granted. Hardly having his contract torn up.

  10. i dont understand why the NRL dont make it when a player signs a contract for it to be approved by them there is curtain clauses in place ,one they cant play super league till the date there contract would be up if they have acted in a way the NRL dont see fit,maybe players would think a bit about there actions.In saying that id like to know a lil more about full facts before making judgement on this.The media seems to love to use the term BIKIE or OMCG .Over the years iv known quite afew well and yes some id be very scared to cross certain ones as certain so called average Jo’s id be scared to cross.The trouble with so called bikies today is certain clubs will accept nom’s from any wanka with a bit of ink on the juice.Why has nobody on here asked why is it in the paper and not sorted by now between those involved

    • Good in theory, the SL clause, but SL would have to agree to enforce it.

      Perhaps now with the Segeyaro drama is a good time to try and get the codes to unite and back each other up.

  11. another cheats player gone … watch for there season to crumble again although he wasnt anything special but another winger gone wasnt he radradrtas replacement …believe that

    • Believe that your an idiot, manly scum. We still pumped your goofy team 5 straight. Ouch that would have hurt watching the luckless eels smash your dumb ass team. Manly to miss finals again…
      Believe that…

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