SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES - MAY 06: Jack De Belin of the Dragons watches on as he leaves the field during the round nine NRL match between the St George Illawarra Dragons and the Melbourne Storm at UOW Jubilee Oval on May 6, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

St George Illawarra Dragons player Jack de Belin has been charged with aggravated sexual assault after an alleged incident on the weekend.

It is understood the incident took place at a unit in Wollongong about 1.30am on Sunday.

At the unit, De Belin and another Dragons player allegedly engaged in a sexual act with a 19-year-old woman.

The 27-year-old Dragons forward voluntarily attended Wollongong Police Station today and was then charged with aggravated sexual assault in company.

The Dragons informed the NRL’s integrity unit of the alleged incident as soon as they became aware of it.

The club released the following statement on their website earlier.

The St George Illawarra Dragons have today been advised that forward Jack de Belin has been charged with sexual assault following an alleged incident in Wollongong on Sunday, December 9.

The club is taking the matter very seriously and have been working with Jack and all relevant authorities, including the police and the NRL Integrity Unit, since this time.

Jack has been provided with welfare support to enable him the time and opportunity to deal with the matter.

As this is a police matter to be considered by the court, the club is not in a position to make any further comment at this time.


  1. I can’t wait to hear the thoughts of danie11e the “Karma-Drama queen” and Priscilla “prissy-drag-queen of Kogarah” (bri$$yDrag0n) on this! There is enough egg on both your faces to make an omelette that could feed a sumo wrestling school.

    • You’re kidding aren’t you? From the club that gave us Brett Stewart and Dylan Walker. Well done kn0b cheese.

      That said if he’s guilty he can go and never show his face again.

    • And explain to me how it’s typical grubby dragons. Of all clubs, you should probably look in the mirror before you speak (aside from the sharks obviously)

      • Love dishing it out but can’t take it hey priscilla? And get your facts right before you open your big fat trap. Stewart was never guilty of anything. And Walker is NOT a rapi$t unlike your team.

        • I dont think this is about a player or a club. NRL is poorly managed.

          Todd G needs to take a stance and just boot them out. You commit sexual assault in the workplace and you’ll get fired but in NRL, you get put into a welfare program and a better deal with another club.

        • “I dont think this is about a player or a club. NRL is poorly managed.”
          WOW. You don’t think this is about a player, as in not about an individuals actions, but rather it’s about an organisation?
          I agree with the “it’s not about a club” part at least.

        • Please, no one actually thinks Stewart was innocent. And just because walker’s incident wasn’t sexual in nature doesn’t make him any more of an upstanding citizen. I’m still waiting to hear how the dragons are a grub team. Opening your fat trap indeed.

        • almighty, I think it was just poorly worded. It is most definitely about the player, I don’t think eagle85 would really think otherwise. I think the reference to the NRL problem is more to do with the punishment. I am all for the players getting the help they need in these cases, but why should the NRL be responsible for that. IF JDB, or any of the other guys are guilty, the NRL needs to make a stand and rub them out of the game (the courts may take this out of their hands obviously if any face jail time). The NRL can guide them towards help if they wish, so long as the player in question is responsible for it. The NRL funded welfare programs should be used for those players who need it, but who have not committed heinous crimes as a result of their demons.

        • “Please, no one actually thinks Stewart was innocent.”

          Perhaps you should try to acquaint yourself with the FACTS before you open your big mouth. The police proved that the allegations were a fabrication as the girl’s story feel to pieces after being questioned. None of the facts matched up, Brett Stewart was totally innocent but still missed a quarter of the season for something he didn’t do because clowns like you with little brain and even fewer facts to support their arguments demanded that Stewart be punished even though the matter had not yet gone to court.

          There is an old saying; “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”. Well Priscilla, you missed another opportunity to remain silent and not expose yourself as a fool. What a clown you are! Keep running your big mouth, you only make my job easier.

        • Not to mention the thousands of dollars he sent on legal fees, the emotional cost to himself, and his family. Yet the parasite who lied, got of scot free.

      • You can ride the pink pony on this one princess. Always quick to bag every other club and now its the squeaky clean drag queens who won’t be able to bury their rubbish on this one if the bloke is guilty. One day you might get it that every club has its moments but I doubt you will. Karma can be a real bitch.

        • Considering your poor excuse of a team has a rap sheet longer than chopper read I wouldn’t be crowing too hard princess. Like I said, if he’s guilty he can hang. Unlike you I don’t defend the un-defendable.

        • Clearly “Priscilla Queen of Kogarah” doesn’t get it bbbj.

          “I don’t defend the un-defendable”

          Or the indefensible either? I can see you went to “Hillbilly High” in Redneck Red Hill. Yet another example of taxpayers dollars going to waste in the public school education system. Are you Cletus’s cousin? Have you repeated a year at school like Cletus for the last 10 years, always one year away from graduating? Or did you quit school early to run your Pa’s moonshine distillery from the “tatters” you grow in your backyard? LOL

          Keep setting yourself up “prissy-drag-queen”, I’ll keep knocking you down. One more tr0ll destined for the “tr0ll graveyard”. Piñata party everyone! Feel free to have a swing and let’s see if this one is just as empty as all the others.

        • Prissy THE POT dragqueen calling every other kettle black. Ha ha ha. Give us all a break and get back under the boulder from whence you came you 🤡

        • Princess you wouldn’t have the mental horsepower to take me down so stop pretending that you’re a somebody. For starters I went to a private school so no tax payer dollars spent there (so more for your parents dole money) and two I’m from Sydney, not redneck hill, but hey facts aren’t important for the likes of you and your girlfriend manlove78. I know snake was acquitted, but I also know he’s not exactly a clean skin either. As for De Belin, he’s got to be the stupidest person in the Southern Hemisphere for putting himself in that situation, and if he’s guilty then I hope he ends up sharing a cell with Hayne and walker.

    • Not sure who, they weren’t named by Danny “little Weiner” on the 9 news. He did say it was a player from the Dragon’s lower grades.

    • Exactly,to bigger egos that match their income,back to thegood old days you don’t go out cos work is on the next day

      • Exactly, and unlike in the NRL if you mess up you can lose your job. These spoilt fools just don’t appreciate how good they have it or that being famous doesn’t entitle them to live outside the law or with disdain for members of the opposite sex. Even if they are “groupies” that follow them everywhere.

  2. If I learned anything from the Burgess incident last year it’s women tell heinous lies about football players to get money and 15mins. I thought Sam was guilty and would be finishing his career in shame. Then a panel led by a woman known for taking no nonsense stances with player behavior found him to be completely innocent and the claims pure fabrication. JDB could be the same story. This could be anything from ‘regret sex’ (wouldn’t be the 1st time a young woman disgraced herself and woke up regretting everything) to flat out lies. Only time will tell

    • 100%. Remember SKD, Snake, Teo and others who were falsely accused. There is a presumption of innocence – let the law take its course.

      • 38er, as I have often said everyone deserves the benefit of doubt at least until they are proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Police don’t issue arrest warrants without sufficient evidence to base this on or if the severity of the crime is not such that it mandates it.

        You need to remember that the cases of Lodge, Hayne and now De Belin arrest warrants were issued. With Walker one was not. It doesn’t excuse Walker’s behaviour all the same.

        I have never suggested that the behaviour of a player necessarily reflects on a club but rather on themselves. They make choices outside of the clubs control or jurisdiction. They are grown men and need to take responsibility for their own actions. That said, snake, Ben T’eo, Jonathan Thurston and recently Sam Burgess were all innocent but found guilty in the court of public opinion. Later their names were cleared once the facts came out. Brett Stewart missed a quarter of the season over a malicious fabrication that was proven to have no substance or truth so we all have to be careful before judging.

        Even my club the Rabbitohs have their own skeletons in the closet; Greg Inglis, Kirisome Auva’a, Cody Walker, Zane Musgrove (NOT Sam Burgess although SOMEONE ELSE WAS guilty obviously). Just as NO club can be held responsible for the actions of a few rogue players neither can these clubs or their supporters then claim credit for any behaviour that has not lead to similar breaches of conduct. It is one thing for a club to have a code of conduct it is another thing altogether for these young players to adhere to it. At the end of the day, clubs can only educate and lay down the framework of a code of conduct for players to follow. They cannot be expected to be their nannies as well.

        eagle85 has the right idea, the buck stops with the NRL. mighty, again don’t take this point too literally, eagle85 does not mean that it is the NRL’s fault or responsibility when it is clearly the players responsibility to govern their own behaviour but rather it is the NRL’s product and in extreme cases of such unacceptable breaches of conduct they should exercise their executive power to de-register a player and ban them from the game for life if the charges are sufficient to merit such punishment and once the accusation has been proven. If this happened and players knew they would be shown the door (which would need to include the English SL) then these idiots might try a little harder to control themselves as normal functioning members of society.

      • I would agree with that 38er but you might want to pass that message on to your fellow Dragons supporter brissydragon. Priscilla is currently going hard after every other club labelling the problem with the club not the player which, of course, is nonsense and suggests the juvenile state of “prissy-drag-queen’s” underdeveloped brain.

        • Oh really genius? So clubs like manly and Cronulla don’t have bad track records with player and officials behaviour? I write you a list but I’d need a new phone by the time I was done. One dragons player steps on his d!ck and special needs children like you come out of the woodwork and throw around comments like grub club? Give me a break.

    • @SSTID typical biased south fan, it took for it to happen to a player in your team before you realise it’s been going on for years, don’t get me wrong there have been players that have done bad things, but they shouldn’t be plastered all over the news until proven guilty. Because even if they proven innocent there still the single brain cell people that still label them “bad”

  3. The NRL supposedly runs educational programs around drugs, booze, drink driving, domestic violence, etc. I understand that the latest issues probably represent less than 1% of players – but the real worry is that all these recent cases (Hayne, Inglis, Burgess, Walker, DeBelin – all allegedly of course) – these are high profile rep players and have been promoted as role models by their clubs, state and country (OK, maybe not Walker). They think the rules don’t apply to them. What the hell do their wives, girlfriend, sisters and mothers think? I’ve loved rugby league for over 30 years, but the relationship is getting hard to maintain.

    • “What the hell do their wives, girlfriend, sisters and mothers think?”

      Very good point and why couldn’t these individuals think of all of the aforementioned BEFORE behaving in such a disgraceful manner that they would have never wished on any female who is dear to them.

      “I’ve loved rugby league for over 30 years, but the relationship is getting hard to maintain.”

      I know where you are coming from and I am growing more and more disenchanted with the game each year. The criminal behaviour of a small number of players who are then still allowed to play the game only magnifies my misgivings about where this game is heading and whether it will survive into the future.

      For the record though mate, Sam Burgess was proven not guilty of the charges laid against him but clearly, someone else was. Why this was not investigated further is beyond me. It is also beyond me why a Roosters employee would involve herself in such a situation in the first place given the history between the clubs and the fact that it was a very unprofessional thing to be doing in the first place. It smells of a setup to me and I feel she was not acting alone. Irrespective though the players involved should have known and behaved better. Even involving themselves in the first place was a grave mistake and error of judgement.

      It really beggars belief that players like Jame Roberts can have a serial history of assault against women and not serve even a one-week suspension but George Burgess can be given a two-match ban for contrary conduct for throwing a half-empty water bottle from the sideline without any real intent and it missed by 3 or 4 metres! Seriously? The NRL need to start suspending and de-registering players for this kind of abhorrent off-field conduct or things will never change.

  4. After what has been occurring during the past months I highly doubt that this woman would be making up a story. Everybody knows about the culture of a footballer and how woman throw themselves at the players. But everything has to be by the law of the land, if these players think they can treat ALL woman like trash then punishment by the courts and the NRL must be harsh.

    These crimes have nothing to do with the NRL, it has everything to do with players choices. Why do players go out to night clubs and get drunk pick up woman when they have a woman at home pregnant doing the right thing in life and giving the man that they love a baby while this player commits a criminal sexual offence. Lock them up and never let them back into our sport again.👮‍♂️👮‍♀️🚓🚔👮‍♀️👮‍♂️🚓🚔👮‍♂️

    • Lock them up for what? being assholes? if you start locking people up for being an asshole, a large portion of the population will end up behind bars

  5. After well past half a century as a footy fan im finding it difficult to believe that suddenly every player (even the high profile ones that have idiots with cameras follow them everywhere) are suddenly all sex mad violent crazy men. I don’t expect them to be angels but I don’t expect that their genuine crime and wrongdoing percentile would be any higher than any other grouping of 1000 individuals. Im with SSTID in thinking that the skewed deviation from the norm suggests skulduggery on someones part. The instant news that comes with digital comms combined with click bait writers of ZERO INTEGRITY just mean that so much speculative nonsense gets printed. There was a time when if you started even discussing this rubbish/innuendo/speculation with your mates at smoko you would have been told you were an old woman and made to quieten down and get a grip. The moral high ground is often a slippery slope in truth

  6. I read the report, it sounds a tad bogus to me.

    Her complaint was she was with 2 footballers, who is the 2nd player?

    Her complaint was she was in a Taxi going to another nightclub and ended up at an apartment where an assault allegedly happened.

    It is very simple, she knew exactly what was going on.

    WHY did she go up to the apartment in the first place?

    WHY didn’t she just stay in the taxi and go home or anywhere else?
    Women/Girls never go out alone, where was her friend?
    She probably hooked up with someone else!

    • It does sound a bit dodgy and De Belin doesn’t seem the type but then again, they should have known better than to put themselves in that situation. With all that’s been going on lately did they not think that they wouldn’t end up on the front pages by doing something like that.

      This is a bit of a wait and see. Unlike walker there are no other witnesses and Hayne left physical evidence (don’t know if that’s the case here). I’d like to see what the actual evidence is before making a judgment.

      • That first paragraph sums up my thoughts on this situation to a tee. Innocent or guilty, he should not have placed himself in that situation to start with. And with pre season training back, why was he out at 1:30am.

        On the Hayne one, unless I have missed something, he has already said that he was there, but has said he is not guilty of sexual assault. So, the physical evidence, odes not prove he did anything wrong, it only proves he was there. Again, though, he put himself in that situation in the first place, and particularly given the US case, he should have known better too.

      • @ Brissydragon

        “No one thought Stewart was innocent”…You fwit…Only the court, police and witnesses if you want to do your research, the fact you link Brissy and dragqueen says it all, talk about glass houses De Belin, Michael Beattie, and the famous Graeme Langlands, not to mention Skull your number one supporter…imbecile

        • And your team is who…

          Ha, langlands and Beattie. Talk about having to go back in a time machine to find something worth talking about. Not to mention the skull was banned 30 years ago. Come up with something relevant genius, otherwise crawl back under your rock. And if the cops thought Stewart was innocent then why did they charge him? Heaven forbid you should actually use your brain champ.

        • “And if the cops thought Stewart was innocent then why did they charge him?”. Because the initial evidence, largely based around the testimony of the alleged victim, was enough to charge him. Once that evidence was tested in a court of law, it was found that the story from the girl and her father were fabricated. It happens all the time, police charge people on the basis of initial evidence, only for the person to be found not guilty.

          You are calling for more evidence on the JDB case, but based on your logic he is already guilty as police have laid charges against him.

  7. So it seems we need to go through it all again hey. None of us know the full story, and JDB is innocent until proven guilty.

    If guilty then I hope he cops the full brunt of the law, same as with Walker and Hayne, but until these guys are actually found guilty, everyone constantly calling them woman beaters, rap!sts etc does nothing for anybody. Ask someone like Snake, or Ben Teo, the stigma will never leave them, guilty or innocent.

    • some here just love the see their words in print and don’t understand what should happen in the real world and make stuff up to suit their agendas or misguided beliefs.
      Regardless of what happened in any of these situations the players have enough education to understand the ramifications of their actions and that by putting themselves in the situation they are putting themselves at risk.
      The courts will ultimately determine whether they are guilty or not guilty – and not guilty is not always innocent either.
      Its fairly simple hey – don’t do dumb $h1t and you wont put yourself in compromising situations.

    • Well said eels47 …as opposed to the hypocrisy of Brissydragon…the time machine shows you have a long history of being grubs…I think you are Skull!

    • deserteagle
      Great idea….but you know they will still hate us as much. Now Des is back I can’t wait to see his post match press conferences. Always entertaining.

  8. Apparently, according to certain tabloid, she unfortunately found herself in a cab with the 2 said gronks & thought they were going to another club.
    Instead, they arrived at 2 said gronks apartment block to grab something. Whilst there, she decided to use the toilet & when she came out, PRESTO!! the 2 said deviant gronks were naked & sexually assaulted her.

  9. I note the usual suspects of dragon haters have all come out from under their rocks.

    Seriously, this site is good for the signings info but all these haters diatribes are just plain boring

    • Take it easy tiger. I’m no Dragons hater, I’m a tr0ll hater and a brissydragon hater in particular. For too long now this clown has tr0lled other supporters on this site like (Redv9O) who Reg buried. Take any comments by me about your beloved Dragons with a grain of salt which I will use to rub into the open wounds of Priscilla, “Queen of imbeciles” until they crawl into a corner and remain silent.

      • Never gonna happen princess. You’re a flea and wouldn’t have a hope
        In hell of getting the better of me.

  10. Blame the individual for the charge/crime (allegedly)….Not the club or its supporters. Saints have a very proud history. Don’t let a player and their poor behaviour damage a clubs history or success.

  11. The other saints player has been named, Callan Sinclair, but he has not been charged.
    That’s telling me he might be offered a plea deal.
    If Sinclair’s story matches the girls, JDB is in a world of trouble.
    JBDs partner is 20 weeks pregnant.

  12. Yeah its bull$hit, the media can’t even report it properly. It’s the least they could do for the club. 1 huge problem not 2. Absolutely gutted

  13. Even if he didn’t commit the crime . It shows what a great bloke he is. He has a pregnant girlfriend at home . Yet he’s out clubbing & looking for more women.
    What a Merry Christmas it is for her.

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