SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 16: Rabbitohs supporters in the crowd cheer during the round 19 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Brisbane Broncos at ANZ Stadium on July 16, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Rugby League’s worst kept secret has been confirmed. Angus Crichton will be leaving South Sydney in 2019 after signing a deal with another club.

Although the Rabbitohs statement did not say where he would be signing, it is all but confirmed he will be headed to Bondi to play for the Sydney Roosters.

Ignoring the question of how the star-studded, all rep Roosters manage to fit Tedesco, Cronk and Crichton into one of the NRL’s best rosters will be the theme for the day. That is another hair thinning argument for another time.

With Crichton signing away, the Bunnies fans now have the absolute pleasure of ‘enjoying’ the single most ridiculous situation in professional rugby league. They get to cheer on their star, young gun weapon, knowing that any development he makes will be enjoyed by their bitter rivals in future years.

That’s right South Sydney fans. Angus Crichton makes a break, offloads and sets up a wonderful try in the early rounds. During the off-season, he’s developed a right foot step to bamboozle the defensive line.

Enjoy it while you can, cause that same star will be busting through your defensive line in 12 months time. For your most hated of bitter rivals no less.

That’s right, the same player your club brought across from rugby union, developed and took a chance on will be cashing in on the start you gave him, and taking a much easier, first-class ticket to glory… at your expense.

Straight up, you can’t blame young Crichton.

If someone drove a truckload of money up to your door and shoved a contract in your face, you’d sign it. I sure would.

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Forget loyalty. Why be loyal when you can jump straight into a jet boat? A jet boat given a much easier route to your destination.

With all due respect to Souths fans, I can’t see the club winning a title in the next few seasons. That’s not having a go, but the set up just isn’t there. New coach, new system. It will take time.

The Roosters, however, look set for a few magical seasons after signing Cooper Cronk and James Tedesco. Add to that the likes of JWH, Napa, Keary, Friend. They’ve also got one of the game’s most exciting youngsters in Latrell Mitchell.

Once again, who wouldn’t sign for the tri-colours?

Souths fans can be angry, but surely they’ll understand. It will be tough, but ultimately the club will move on.

It’s a shame that they now have twelve full months of having the fact Crichton has signed away rubbed in their faces.

How can Souths fans be expected to pay to go and see a young superstar play, knowing he’s already stated that he believes his best chance for a premiership is at the club’s rival?

He will never publicly say that, but in signing for the Roosters, that is exactly what he is saying.

He’ll take the club’s money this season, but has already literally signed a better option. An option that will deliver him his own private island by the sound of it.

Why this ridiculous loophole hasn’t yet been shut is well beyond me. It’s beyond anyone with any sort of sense at all.

For those who will inevitably cry ‘but but but’ I offer you this. The AFL, an organisation at very least on par with the NRL in terms of popularity, money, and viewership, manages just fine.

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You get the off player making a mid-season switch, you even have players stating their intention to move on, but you don’t have Carlton players signing for Collingwood a full 12 months before they’re expected to kit up for their first pre-season training session.

Even juicier if the fact that the Crichton once played for the Roosters, in SG Ball. The Roosters let him move on to the Bunnies, as with their seemingly limitless pit of money, they keep who they want. They let the rest go.

They had no interest in young Angus, yet now that he’s a genuine star, they open their arms, and chequebooks to welcome him back.

How many Souths fans will be rushing out to Crichton’s name embedded on their back of their kids newly unwrapped red and green jerseys after Christmas?

I wouldn’t guess too many.

You can’t blame Angus, he’s doing what he believes is the right thing for his career … and ambitions to literally swim in a pool of hundred dollar bills.

You can’t blame the Bunnies. They did everything they could to hold onto their star.

You certainly can’t blame the Roosters who did what they needed to ensure a star player is wearing their jersey in 2019 and beyond.

Who can you blame? How about the multi-million dollar executives who can’t pull the trigger on fixing this next-level ridiculous?

Why do you ask? Don’t bother. You’ll soon be as bald as all masterful CEO.


  1. Of dear…how ethical is it that despite the bleeding obvious the NRL will simply not stand up to Politis and the other high flying Roosters board….instead they stand by and watch the flagrant cheating taking place and stand proudly and state how the salary cap is ‘working’…Just declare the Roosters premiers for the next 3 years and let the battlers play for the fun of it…

  2. “Ignoring the question of how the star-studded, all rep Roosters manage to fit Tedesco, Cronk and Crichton into one of the NRL’s best rosters will be the theme for the day.”

    Yes, IGNORE that question… what question… look there’s another story about the Sea Eagles being $400K over the cap in the same year the Roosters were over the cap by $4.5 mill and won the premiership. THAT’s the way things roll over at Bondi Junction baby! Brown paper bag anyone? No questions asked. 😉

    “Smile and wave boys. Smile and wave.” – Nick Politis

  3. I’d like the NRL to come out and publicly say the Roosters have been audited and they’re happy. I bet they can’t.

    • +100

      WHY have Roosters NEVER been audited? Despite allegations of them being over the cap, most notably by Matthew Johns who claimed they were at least $4.5 mill over the cap back in 2013/2014, yet this has never happened. Surely if this is not the case it would be in the best interest of the gane for the NRL and the Roosters to cone clean about the state of the Roosters current salary cap. Why can’t the salary cap situation (i.e. breakdown) be available online as part of the public record?

      • The problem is Matty Johns was basing it on his opinion, nothing else. I am not saying he wasn’t right, but if the NRL was to make all of their decisions based on the opinions of those in the media…. well, you can imagine the mess that would create. Unfortunately the NRL has proven to be a toothless tiger in relation to enforcing the salary cap, with all major breaches being found only through whistleblowers (or the police in the case of Manly). So unless someone from inside the club comes forward with some credible info, I really can’t see the NRL doing anything here, and the chances of that happening at a club run by Politis would be pretty slim you would think. Don’t get me wrong, I wish all clubs were given sufficient scrutiny by the NRL, especially given my team is one who has been punished, but I really don’t see it happening.

        • I remember the story, Johns sat down and worked it out with a friend who has been involved in balancing the salary cap at a few different clubs and they assisted with a conservative estimate that had the chooks at $4.5 mill over the cap. It wasn’t just Matthew Johns’ opinion. Do I have to be the one to provide links for everything? Someone else can research and post this link surely? I Have even posted it not that long ago on ZT myself.

          While Politis draws breath the Roosters are safe and will never be investigated. All things change though and one day, not too far away, the Roosters will have no more protection than the majority of other clubs that always seem to be monitored closely by the NRL. When Politis is no longer involved with the Roosters and their corporate support dries up the Roosters will be headless chooks and ready for the chop! The time is fast approaching, I can wait.

        • You realise that Matty Johns based his estimates on CURRENT player value, NOT the value of the player when they signed their last contract.

          They had players like RTS and Tupou who signed their last contracts before debuting and becoming international reps within the same period of their basic contract.

          Once RTS ‘current’ contract ran out he was offered a too good to turn down contract by Warriors and the rest is history.

          Other players such as Sam Moa signed as a fringe first grader and also became an international rep in the period of his current contract. (Notice he too has left the club since that smaller contract finished?)

          The list goes on and I can’t be bothered naming all examples but with some research you’ll see how all of it adds up.

          Don’t be so naive and learn actual facts before trying to use them to prove your incorrect, bias, one-eyed point.

        • Roosters roster proves the NRL salary cap isn’t working
          March 26, 2015 9:00pm

          A bloke who runs the roster at another club we haven’t mentioned here was talking me through what he’d be prepared to pay for every player in the Roosters’ top squad if they came on the market.

          Now remember, the salary cap is $6.3 million.

          By this well-informed source’s calculations, it would cost him more than $7.2 million to buy the Roosters’ top 17.

          He said that was being conservative, and not taking into account the real villain, third party agreements (TPAs).

          I asked another club boss for his thoughts. He said NRL rules stipulate when you sign a player you can’t guarantee TPAs. Then he laughed, everyone knows that’s a joke.

          How else do clubs get players to agree if money isn’t guaranteed?


        • Surely you’re not that stupid???

          You just proved yourself wrong and if you can’t see that I’m done responding to you.

          They are talking about current market value NOT what each player is actually being paid.

          You can run this experiment on every premiership winning team and the results would be the same.

          A players worth rises AFTER they win a premiership and a lot of them go on to play rep footy because of their form during that premiership winning season.

          I’d expect you to have a bit more common sense and at least half a brain but again that’s probably a lot to ask for from a Souths fan.

          I can talk facts with you all day but if you want to continue to be ignorant and plain stupid then it’s a waste of time responding.

          PS can’t wait to see Gus win a premiership in the red, white and blue 😂😂😂

          “Bahahahahahahahahahaha” – STD every time he thinks he says something funny and laughs at himself

        • Also, after reading that ridiculous article, notice how Roosters have lost 7 out of the 11 rep players mentioned?

          So within the space of 2 years they have lost 7 rep players and of the 4 who remain, only Boyd Cordner would be considered a guarantee in rep teams.

          Tupou, Ferguson and JWH’s recent form barely makes them a walk in for NSW, Australia or NZL selection.

          The media should be praising how players can find career best form under Robbo and the training staff.

          Apart from Bellamy and maybe Bennett, there aren’t any other coaches in the past few years that have been able to consistanlty turn average/decent players into rep players.

        • “turn average/decent players into rep players”

          Like James Maloney, SBW, Michael Jennings, Cooper Cronk, James Tedesco, you mean like that? Even Angus Crichton is a walk up starter for NSW in SOO already and will be playing for the Blues in 2018 while he is still a Rabbitoh (unless someone changes his diet and fattens him up like a side of prime Angus beef!) 😉

  4. “brought across from rugby union, developed and took a chance on” He actually was playing SG Ball for the Roosters and was poached as a retaliation for Roosters poaching Nat Butcher.

    • “He actually was playing SG Ball for the Roosters…”

      For ONLY 4 games while his Rugby Union commitments were not jeopardised. He was stilled typed up to the RU. He is NOT a Roosters junior! Nat Butcher IS a Souths junior.

        • I’ve gone to 3chooks website of choice on this one:

          “Crichton played his junior rugby league for the Young Cherrypickers, before switching to rugby union in his senior school years at the Scots College (Sydney). In 2013 he was selected in the New South Wales Schools First XV and the Australian Schoolboys XV.”

          Post the link that proves Crichton played for Bondi United if you can? He was playing RU for Scots College since moving to Sydney and was in between seasons when he asked to train with the Roosters SG Ball side because they were “in the neighbourhood”. Crichton still had commitments with Scots College and was part of the junior development pathways program for Australian RU and had been selected for the Australian Schoolboys XV. I can’t see where he would have had the time or the opportunity to have played elsewhere. So, IF you have done YOUR homework, post the link and prove your case.

  5. It’s Professional sport as it says in the heading, yes there are richer clubs that can get big name players that poorer clubs can’t. But does that mean the richer clubs have to be brought down to the level of the poorer clubs? No it’s professional sport and while third part agreements should be allowed or not ,the fact is that they are and any club would use them if they had the ability so why wouldn’t the clubs who can not use them. And just because the richer clubs buy the so called top players it doesn’t gurrantee a premiership every year either..

    • But clubs can’t have anything, zero, zilch to do with TPA’s. How do ‘richer’ clubs who have the same salary cap keep getting ‘poorer’ clubs best players. I agree some clubs are run a lot more professionally and that reflects in the clubs profit / loss but that can not reflect a clubs ability to ‘attract’ players.

    • Mate it’s not a discussion about which club is RICHER, Souths have more money behind them with their two owners Russell Crowe and James Packer alone plus the limitless corporate sponsors they bring with them and one of the largest memberships. This is about the salary cap and how some clubs adhere to a salary cap while others don’t. Some clubs get caught breaching the salary cap and others don’t and it is always the same “usual suspects”.

      The only way to sort this out is to have ALL TPA’s declared, paid to the NRL and them passed onto players, and counted as part of the salary cap. The itemised breakdown of the cap can then be published on the public record for all to see and then there will be no more dark games in the shadows. Transparency guarantees integrity!

  6. Well the clubs aren’t supposed to have anything to do with the TPA’s FootyFan2016 ,but I think we know they do lol eg James Maloney saying in the media interview that his deal with Penrith was nearly done that the club had to sign off on a ‘deal’ lol. But as I said before the ‘richer’ clubs getting the ‘poorer’ clubs better players doesn’t make them win a premiership. And as for attracting players wouldn’t you rather be in a competitive team like say the Broncos who haven’t won since 2006 but are always in with a chance or a team like the Tigers or the Knights who are now in a rebuilding stage and haven’t played finals for years

    • But how do you rebuild when your best and brightest are pilfered, and I’m not only talking about the Roosters with Chricton, every club does it. Clubs need to be rewarded for junior development so that Tigers and Knights can rebuild.

      To answer your question I would honestly play for the club i grew up supporting, as long as they provided a reasonable monetary value that allowed me to provide for family

  7. Why not say to clubs that they have $10 or $12 million to spend, no TPAs. Also set a value system like the AFL does with its draft system. A current Australian player (or played for Australia in the last two years) is worth $X. Same for SOS players. Also a similar value for International players.

    There has to be a better system than what we have now.

  8. Love reading all the negatives, just because the Roosters have influential people in successful business wanting to hop on board. I remember Russel Crowe (Crowing) about his high profile people wanting to be part of South Sydney only a couple of years ago, Why not get Tom Cruise or some of the other stars to sponsor players etc.

    I do agree TPA’s are wrong and bad for the game, BUT where are you same people when the Broncos sign who ever they want, they have more TPA’s in a one Team City then probably half of the other teams combined yet its just you Rooster’s Haters.

    At the end of the day I hope we have got Cricton for 2019 and the game is results based (look at your sacked coach souths) so sponsors want results NOW not down the track or they go elsewhere.

    Until the ban TPA’s you can’t blame the Roosters, Broncos or any other team for being able to attract more than others….

    • This isn’t about TPA’s, it’s about the money the Roosters have paid players under the salary cap (and presumably whether or not this is fair market value). It seems that the Roosters are over the salary cap for a squad of 30 tier 1 players but I would be happy to be proved wrong IF the Roosters could actually give a truthful breakdown of the players payments under the salary cap. Remember this needs to include 30 x tier 1 players.

  9. On the issue at hand, which remains loosely at hand with all the broken hearts, it is below average the system for transfers/signings that we have in the NRL. I don’t know that the AFL system is the best fit for the NRL as many simply suggest but it definitely needs to be changed.

    In saying that it’s far from the only profession where people know they are leaving an extended period of time before actually leaving. In addition Crichton has done the right thing (as have many others before him), by allowing Souths 12+ months to prepare for his departure. You don’t get that in many businesses.

    • Or many businesses that are willing to invest time and money into an employee that they know will be going in 12 months. It cuts both ways. It is a ridiculous situation’ tribalism aside’ and the NRL need to review the whole process. The salary cap, TPA’s, the lack of consistency and transparency, the ability for players to sign so far ahead of time and to leave clubs while still under contract, the idea of market value being established for some players but not for others… it’s a mess!

      The NRL need to look at how the NFL and NBA are run and follow their model which would include a draft for junior players (teams can nominate to keep the best 3 or be compensated with draft picks or salary cap bonuses), an Injured Reserve (IR) list and a set trade window. Details about each teams salary cap breakdown should be part of the public domain. If there was transparency, consistency and an equitable system in place there would be less questions asked about the integrity of the NRL and clubs who do secret deals in shadows.

  10. As a Parra fan, this is the hardest thing for me to say, I genuinely feel sorry for Manly, I still hope they are penalised for cheating the cap, just as we were. However, it is stupid how multiple teams get away with signing anyone they want, without even a journo batting an eye.

    • I have to say as an impartial observer that the Eels supporters are showing a LOT more love for the Sea Eagles than the Sea Eagles supporters showed when the Eels were caught for cheating on the salary cap. Bravo Eels!

      You are right parramatta2014 there is too much inconsistency on the part of the NRL and the lack of transparency only makes things harder to fathom.

  11. Good luck Trent Robinson because if you dont take the flag next year the Roosters board will certainly c0ckahdoodle do u…

  12. Tough one – but if I was the Souths CEO, I would show Critchton the door now or put him in the local comp. Why develop a fairly inexperienced player for another club’s benefit? Paul Green did it with Pogna, Bennet did it with Hodges. South’s back row stocks must be pretty low if they let him stay on in first grade. I’m not a Souths supporter, but I know how passionate they are – this could be a team morale killer.

    • Id sit him on the bench and use him only when you need him – give some other hungry back rowers a chance.

  13. Suechi and Pedro agree with your comments, no use adding to his experience, bung him on the bench in reggies for the season, but i’ll be honest, am thinking seriously about not supporting the game any longer , just can’t handle what is going on even if it wasn’t Souths involved, Crichton will be the first ever player, in this case a Souths player, that will be booed when he takes the field, i know i would do it, him

    • Cmon Penso , Souths are bigger than Angus , could be worse bro you could have signed Pearce or Carney , or Packer or that animal that broncs picked up , I’d play Angus , I’d whip him like a bull , stick him in the front row , change his diet , sabotage , send him to Easts busted like Sharkies did to Broncs 😂😂😂 , the DONT say Easts are pride of the league ! Nor do they call them the Silvertails 😂😂😂😂 There detested , I’m only angry cause there hated more than Manly 😂😂😂😂👍 Easts are 💩 , everyone knows it says it believes it

      • “I’d play Angus , I’d whip him like a bull , stick him in the front row , change his diet”

        Hahahahaha Fatty Angus, prine beef! I like the idea of that. Give tgem 2 Angus’s for the price of one! 👍

      • MW47, thanks for the kind comments, I am sorry to highlight the fact Easts are the most disliked club in the NRL by a wide margin but will try to hate Manly to if it suits, ha ha, anyway i still reckon he should not be selected for first grade at all, i noticed no comments on my theory that Fittler may have been part of this, Crichton did wait to decide which club only after Fittler was announced has coach of the blues, would not put it pass Easts to do that.

        Some of those arrogant Easts supporter posts is typical of their attitude , couldn’t care less about the game, trouble is they will never experience the feeling of bringing up juniors and then seeing them stolen by other clubs cause they have never had juniors, i know caused i played in the Easts juniors when they had a small 8 team comp, why they have not been relocated is a mystery and the reason why juniors did not become exempt from the cap years ago was due to Easts Polite’s objection, if they had not done that and made to invest in juniors we would now have more loyalty in league.

        • Ask Mitchell Pearce if he thinks there is any loyalty at the Roosters, or club captain Jake Friend who got shopped around to clear cap room for Cronk. So if the Roosters had to release a player (Pearce) to clear room under the cap for Cronk how could they afford to sign Crichton for $950K after only releasing Nikorima ($350K)?

    • Penso I don’t know what you earn so I’ll just use the figure that I’m on 150k pa for this exercise so if another company was to offer me 275k pa for the same job should I stay or should I go. Remember it is job for the league players and I guarantee that all the souths boys would want in the team full stop.

      • Crichton would not be getting that much more than Souths offered unless it’s a million a season and surely Easts cannot afford that under the cap, i still maintain Fittler had something to do with this.

  14. “Why not say to clubs that they have $10 or $12 million to spend, no TPAs.”

    tommy has made that argument in the past chalky, it would be deemed a restraint of trade and players would take the NRL to court. Not a good look for the game. The law is an ass and common sense it’s victim.

    A proper draft system is the best thing for the game (modeled on the NFL and NBA) but the NRL players don’t want it and Terry Hill has already set a precedent that killed this idea years ago. It was a mistake. Even the Americans realise if they want to earn the BIG $$’s they have to be prepared to go where the highest bidder resides and not quibble about moving their family around. No one is forcing them to play the game they are able to earn a living by some other means it is their choice to play or not. If someone in the real world worked for a company that moved to the other side of the country they would have to make a choice, they would not be forced to move interstate but they would also not get to keep their job. Continually though we see players wanting to have EVERYTHING their own way and are rarely prepared to compromise.

    What we are faced with is a generation of greedy, short sighted, self-interested players that are willing to suck the very marrow out of the bones of the game and leave nothing for the future. They care not for whether or not the game can afford this or is capable of generating the revenue to meet their ever growing salary demands. They also don’t care that players 10 times their worth played for nothing in the past and built the game they are now earning a comfortable living playing.

    The simple truth is that major changes need to be made to the game and fast. The rules need to be reviewed and simplified and not left open to inconsistent interpretations. They also need to be safe guarded against abuse from cynical coaching. One referee and limited use of the bunker seems to work best and there needs to be a player and junior draft system with a defined and policed salary cap system inclusive of TPA’s. Also there needs to be another 2 teams in QLD, 3 less teams in Sydney (or 2 less teams if NZ get cut) and a team in Perth. That will still leave a 16 team competition. These changes are all necessary for the survival and growth of the game but the current NRL administration are spineless Medusozoa and none of the above will ever eventuate.

    • TPA’s are gone , with it Easts ability to field a competitive side , add to that the broncos , but Easts for 1 have a massive dilemma, in my lifetime I will see the financial collapse of this side , it’s on borrowed time , firstly from a perspective that the NRL cannot survive under the current model , secondly when TPA’s are finally brought to heal they will come to the realisation that the only reason they can attract a player is because of there ability to manipulate TPA’s , they have no fans , no home ground no juniorbase , no culture , there stale and boring , the futures looking exciting

      • The NRL will not be able to end TPA’s mate. Players will strike and take the NRL to court for breach of trade. The NRL need to make the registration of all NRL contracts conditional upon all other income being received by the player being declared, passed through the NRL to be registered and included against the clubs salary cap. Any breaches would see players suspended and player managers banned from involvement with NRL clubs. If players were not willing to abide by these terms then they would be free not to sign and go to another code if needs be. Do you really think that the NRL would be prepared to play chicken and not blink to see this through?

        All TPA’s need to be registered through the NRL and then cleared into players accounts. These TPA’s should then be counted against the clubs salary cap. It is the ONLY way I can see for this to work.

      • Mate, I thought I saw a maki shark! They are like mako sharks only they have no teeth, only gums and they flap them about in an attempt to annoy and confuse their intended prey. They are just bottom feeders that belong at the bottom of the food chain. Like a shooting star, they don’t last long and most people never even get to see them so I guess I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. LOL

        • Mud marlin mate 😂😂😂😂European carp 😂😂😂😂 you use corn as bait 😂😂😂😂😂😂corn 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. Ouch , can’t hold a debate so you resort to gutter intelligence, so tells us educated one
    Why are Souths scum ?
    Secondly be nice because for the NRL to survive it must make some serious changes that will affect both Souths and Easts , from a membership perspective Souths monster Easts , marketing your not in the same league so should the day come be careful because I can see the cardinal and mertle jersey and if your lucky there may be some blue in there socks 😂😂😂😂 fancy a pathetic Easts fan calling South Sydney scum , you need to grow up , your a classic example of an eastern suburbs tossa

    • Valid points , however, your clubs systematic abuse of the cap is not reflective when you look into your trophy cabinet , especially over the last 20 years , your return is laughable ! Add a spoon to that also , your cheats and bad ones at that ! It not only makes me smile but laugh your Club has no culture, no juniors no fans no home ground , see money can’t buy you anything 😂😂😂😂

      • Does it make him smile do you think when old “rocky” remembers that the Rabbitohs have won 21 premierships and have never had to rort the cap to get one? The Roosters were over the cap at least from 2013 – 2015 and only got one GF win in that time. Like you said a poor return for the investment. Besides that win in 2013 doesn’t count, just like the Storm premierships that got stripped years after the fact, it’s only a matter of time!

        • But only 1 premiership has come in the last 45 years 😂😂😂

          And like previously stated, Souths bought their only premiership in that time.

          To summaries: signing already international and state of origin rep players like Inglis, Burgess, Te’o etc as well as the other Burgess brothers (when they could actually hold onto the ball) who were all critical to their only premiership success in almost 50 years.

          That’s just the way the game is and how sport works in general both in this country and overseas.

        • Souths were under the salary cap when they won their premiership in 2014 while the Roosters were over the cap in 2013. So Souths prem counts and tge Roosters doesn’t!

          No soup for you! 😂😂😂

        • “Souths were under the salary cap when they won their premiership in 2014 while the Roosters were over the cap in 2013. So Souths prem counts and tge Roosters doesn’t!”

          So post your link (URL) that proves the Roosters cheated the cap and just like the storm, there 2013 prem was stripped.

          “I will wait for you to post your supporting reference before commenting further”

        • Hey SSTID or anyone else who can honestly answer this. Does anyone have any actual physical proof of the Roosters cheating? Are you just applying a dollar value and then adding it up to give team value or have you seen actual contracts?

        • @bromelcow. Of course he knows, because he has links to support what he writes.

          December 19, 2017 at 2:16 pm
          Just calling them on their BS, they never post links to support their crap assertions and some here might start to buy into their lies.


        • @ kefe

          Why the salty change in attitude towards me mate? Have I done anything to you? Any reason in particular you single me out when so many others here are voicing the same opinion?

          You are a Sharks supporter yes? Have I bagged the Sharks or trodden on your toes? So why are you getting involved in a turf war between Rabbits and Roosters?

          You tend to laugh a lot I have noticed, sometimes it is the ONLY thing you post but I can’t recall you ever making a positive, insightful or original contribution to this forum ever.

          It’s easy to throw stones from the sidelines and stir the pot but to stand up and say something relevant and original takes a bit more effort.

          As for posting supporting links… have you? Have any of the Roosters curmudgeons? Who else on this site has posted more links in support of arguments than me?

          I’m not feeling the love kefe and there was a time your posts to me showed a lot more respect. I guess times change.

        • Aaahhhhhhhhh, dancing around the questions, I see. I don’t want no sob story! I want to see the link…..

          “So post your link (URL) that proves the Roosters cheated the cap and just like the storm, there 2013 prem was”

        • @ bromelcow

          Mate you know the answer to your own question so why ask it. Why should these deals be done in secret and hidden from all stakeholders (which includes supporters of all clubs and the media)? The NFL and NBA (even soccer) publish player salaries and in the NFL and the NBA the salary cap situation for each franchise is not hidden behind a veil of secrecy. I think ALL teams should be audited each year as part of the process of investing in the integrity of the sport. This will not come cheap but it is important for the game to survive going forward along with a raft of measures to improve the game that I have gone over but no one here cares to discuss (except for mighty and in the past tommy).

        • Did you answer my questions kefe? Why the change? Why is any of this your concern? Where are the supporting links from others here? Not just for this issue but many, many others. Where is YOUR contribution to this forum beyond your mock laughter and derision? Time for YOU to put up or shut up. I have posted plenty and backed it up with solid arguments and links to supporting references. I won’t be forced into a corner by a piss ant with zero credibility on this site. So how about you show us what YOU have kefe? Or should I call you “giggles”?

        • “Did you answer my questions kefe?”

          Aaaahhhhhhhh, the old I’ll answer your question with another question. Then the old you haven’t answered my question, because I’m unable to provide a link to what I have stated. Hahahahahahahaha, that’s what I thought.

          “Where is YOUR contribution to this forum beyond your mock laughter and derision?”

          Was here waaaayyyyy before you started flooding this site with your utter Büllshït boy!

          “I have posted plenty and backed it up with solid arguments and links to supporting references.”

          Yet you can’t provide me with a link for these claims.

          “I won’t be forced into a corner by a piss ant with ZeRo CrEdIbIiTy on this site”

          Good on you 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾for thinking you have credibility on this site. Here’s a gold star⭐️

          “Or should I call you “giggles”?”

          Call me what you want? YOU give the dumbest nicknames! So which one is it STD or STI? I’m guessing the extra S before the STID is because you have a stutter?

        • You need to chill out kefe , it’s one thing arguing a point another making it personal which may I add is easy from behind a keyboard, I don’t believe for one second you could back your mouth because of how loose it is , what my experience tells me is blokes like you don’t have the courage to express themselves the way you are when in presence of there chosen target , so be nice, there’s nothing tough about what your posting , your just proving how gutless you really are

        • @ SSTID_1970

          Hey mate, sorry for the late reply. (work)

          Actually, I don’t know the answer. But some comments on this forum lead me to believe you guys know a lot more than the NRL and the media. I just find it hard to believe that any club would risk it now.

        • Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…. Classic kefe. Just can’t hold up an argument without hitting those 2 keys or calling someone something vulgar. No imagination, no intelligence, no originality, zero contribution.

        • Fair enough bromelcow. We can each have our own opinions agree to disagree without laughing at each other hey kefe?

          kefe: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

          bromelcow, the tribalism and turf war between the Rabbitohs and the Roosters goes back to the beginning of the game. I know well enough not to get in between Sea Eagles and Eels supporters and their rivalry, some people just don’t seem to have the same sensitivities towards a “difference of opinion” between Rabbitohs (RIGHT) and Roosters supporters (WRONG). Simples! Don’t take anything to heart. It’s meant for the Roosters. 😉

        • @ kefe

          Let me see “giggles” (inoffensive but sums you up well) vs “STD” (juvenile, offensive, unoriginal and pathetic).

          “Was here waaaayyyyy before you started flooding this site… boy!”

          And I read this forum for at least 2 years before I started posting and I don’t remember you at all. The profiles that made me want to get involved were: chalky, pedro and tommyknocker. Maldron/flake with chips and ronald-m also made me want to post but for different reasons though once I started posting ronald-m was OK. You are invisible. An invisible laughing Hyena with an aggressive attitude and a bad mouth. You call me “boy” as if to claim some kind of seniority over me, well if you are well north of your half century then perhaps you are but you behave like a young punk. You show NO maturity or wisdom at all and no intelligence either. Resorting to likening my profile name to a venereal disease is I am certain something you would be ashamed to show your closer relations.

          I can take an argument or rebuke if deserved (like my hand-grenade misstep), I’m not a sook and I have a chin. But at least be original, use SOME wit and imagination and try not to be VULGAR as there may be kids (perhaps with more maturity than yourself) who read these forums. Grow up kefe and stop thinking you amount to anything here just because you have been standing in line a long time. I am sure there are many here who wouldn’t even know who you are.

          As for over posting, I will take that on board but it always appears to be the same “usual suspects” that contribute the most here and when we all fall silent this place becomes a ghost town. Perhaps THAT is what you are, a ghost? Well, you don’t scare me Hardy Har Har. Give my regards to Lippy the Lion.

        • Kefe , in many parts of the world kefe is known as a meatball 😂 only on this occasion it’s missing the meat , so your primarily made up of vegetable matter , zucchini, carrots , potato 😂 your a potato 😂😂😂😂 oh no that makes you an angry vegetable 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 kefe the vege

        • It means something else altogether in Samoan. Talk about abusing your culture. What a class act! I just bet those closest to you wouldn’t be laughing at your choice of name would they you invisible Hyena?

        • Aaahhhhhhhh, it’s the person that’s discovered how to use emojis. That material you just provided us with. Gold!

          Hmmmmmm, l’m a bit worried about you though. “Meatball” “zucchini” “carrots” “potato”

          You disgust me, talking about your veggie fetish on a RL league site. Horrible individual

          “kefe the vege” you get a gold star too⭐️

  16. SSTID_1970 December 19, 2017 at 11:36

    SSTID_1970 December 19, 2017 at 11:43 pm

    SSTID_1970 December 20, 2017 at 12:04 am

    SSTID_1970 December 20, 2017 at 6:55 am

    4 responses and you can not still answer or provide a link (URL) that proves the Roosters cheated the cap and just like the storm, there 2013 prem was stripped.

    • WHAT do I owe a tr0ll like you? A parasite that has contributed nothing to this forum.

      Read my repky to bromelcow and others. My answer is there and I have posted enough links on this in the past.

      From tomorrow I will be on holidays and will be able to give you the special attention you desperately crave. Be patient.

      • “WHAT do I owe a tr0ll like you? A parasite that has contributed nothing to this forum.”

        SSTID_1970 December 19, 2017 at 11:08 pm

        SSTID_1970 December 19, 2017 at 11:08 pm

        SSTID_1970 December 19, 2017 at 11:09 pm

        SSTID_1970 December 19, 2017 at 11:19 pm

        SSTID_1970 December 20, 2017 at 12:46 am

        SSTID_1970 December 20, 2017 at 12:53 am

        SSTID_1970 December 20, 2017 at 7:07 am

        “From tomorrow I will be on holidays and will be able to give you the special attention you desperately crave. Be patient.”

        You seem to be giving me a lot of attention already! Hahahahahaha

        • “From tomorrow I will be on holidays and will be able to give you the special attention”

          Hahahahahahaha, get a life you sad sad man

        • Hahahahaha you don’t seem to have much of one yourself bra’ but at least I’ve managed to coax more words out of you than I have seen for your entire time on ZT you “squatter” KEFE! (and I mean that in your native tongue).

          Cheers, no I have to work, holidays from tomorrow minha Piñata!

      • “From tomorrow I will be on holidays and will be able to give you the special attention you desperately crave. Be patient.”

        “Cheers, no I have to work, holidays from tomorrow minha Piñata!”

        Hahahahahahaha, which is it? Your looking shaky out here

        • Am I… KEFE! You still have not made a single positive, relevant contribution to this forum… KEFE! kefe why don’t you go and KEFE! LOL

          Touching to see what a “groupie” you have become… KEFE! So much fun to come, be patient. There’s a good kefe, good kefe, yes you are, yes you are. Now roll over and sit! Good boy. Bahahahahahahahahahahaha

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