SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 23: Brett Morris of the Bulldogs looks dejected after defeat during the round eight NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the Canterbury Bulldogs at ANZ Stadium on April 23, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldog’s winger Brett Morris appears set for a move to Redfern as the Dogs continue to clean out their salary cap, clearing the way for recruits Keiren Foran and Aaron Woods.

Morris debuted for the St. George Illawarra Dragons in 2006, playing 169 games across a nine-year career in the Red V, before switching to Canterbury for the 2015 season. During his three years in the blue and white, injury has plagued the winger, only taking the field for 45 out of a potential 75 games.

Reportedly on $700,000 next year, the Bulldogs are desperate to clear the decks to squeeze in key recruits, Foran and Woods. While they’ve already allowed the exit of fan favourites James Graham, Josh Reynolds and Sam Kasiano, as well as releasing Craig Garvey, Tyrone Phillips and Michael Lichaa, they still remain over the cap.

The exit of Morris to the Rabbitohs would benefit both parties, freeing up the Bulldogs salary cap while also bolstering the Bunnies’ backline.

South Sydney have already announced the signing of Dane Gagai, one of the Maroon’s best players in the 2017 State of Origin series, on a four-year deal. Already possessing internationals Greg Inglis and Alex Johnston, Morris would add some serious strike out wide for South’s, as well as filling the hole left by the departure of Bryson Goodwin and Aaron Gray.

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Morris retired from representative football this year following the State of Origin series, capping off a wonderful rep career. The speedy winger stunningly scored 23 tries for the Kangaroos in just 18 games, playing a massive part in the 2013 World Cup campaign.

South Sydney are desperate for quality outside backs. Since winning the 2014 NRL Premiership, the likes of Lote Tuqiri, Dylan Walker, Aaron Gray, Bryson Goodwin, Kirisome Auva’a, Joel Reddy, Dane Nielsen, Nathan Merritt and Beau Champion. They’ve barely signed anyone in the past few years, focusing on junior development instead of recruitment.

It appears new head coach Anthony Seibold has a different approach, though certainly does still have the club’s juniors in mind. The Rabbitohs re-signed young forwards Sam Johnstone, Ky Rodwell and Lucky Ta’avale on multi-year deals after coming through the club’s Holden Cup side.

It’ll be a bold move for Dean Pay, releasing an international winger in his first week of being a head coach, but the job revolves around bold decisions. The deal is expected to be announced in the coming month, as soon as Canterbury decide how much of his 2018 contract they’ll contribute financially.


  1. He is way over the Hill and Injury Prone, If it happens it would be for 1 year maybe 2.
    Souths do have plenty of Rookies in the Backs but at $700k?
    NO WAY
    At $250k then YES!
    Let the Dogs pay the rest.

    I doubt that it is up to the Dogs on how much they want to pay.
    It is up to the Rabbitohs, we are holding all the Aces.

      • I am warming to the idea of B Moz.coming to Souths.

        Gray was released because of ongoing injury concerns
        The poor bloke has now had 6 long-term knee injuries and 3 short-term knee injuries dating way back to his U18s S.G. Ball days!
        Souths have definitely stood by him since his first injury way back in 2012.
        One in 2014 and another at the end of 2015, again in 2016 and 2 more this season in 2017.
        Even right now he is on the injury list even before reporting to the Sharks on November 1.

        Goodwin was offered a 1-year extension but he went to England for 2 years.

    • Morris is way over the hill yet Souths were prepared to re-sign Bryson Goodwin for another year and he is a year older than Morris! That makes no sense. Also BMoz is also a SOO veteran (Goodwin is not) and has played almost double the games as an international as Goodwin. BMoz is still a good player who looks like he would benefit from moving to a new club. Not unlike Lote Tuqiri who came good at the end of 2014 when Souths needed him most. BMoz is capable of playing a similar role IMO. It all depends on the $$’s. Over $350K is too much, less than that is a bargain.

  2. I just can’t understand how the Dogs can still be struggling with the cap.
    I know they have back ended contracts, and clearly a lot, and I know some, but usually only medium/long term, contracts have built in increases , but usually only in part, to keep pace with cap increases, but:

    The cap is going up close to $2.5 mil. and they’ve brought in Woods at $800k, Foran, for around the same, maybe a bit more, and a few upgrades, Hoppers most notably. They’ve lost a host of players, Reynolds and Graham etc, which freed up more than what they’ve spent on Woods and Foran. I just don’t get how they can still be struggling with the cap.

    Anyway, Morris would be a good pick up if the Doogies are paying the lion share, especially if he can stay relatively injury free.

    • I think a couple of players are on massive overs, Mbye is on close to 800k, same with Klemmer and Jackson, and they also have lichaa on over 600k.

      • Yeah, some on are overs, but how do you go from being at the cap this year, and after bringing in Woods and Foran, less all the players they’ve dropped, are still struggling after the nearly $2.5 mil. Increase in the cap. They’ve dropped Reynolds, Kasiano, Graham, Lichea, and others.

        If they are still over the cap. WOW, they must have seriously back ended deals. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

    • Expect a Swap with Hymel Hunt to the Dogs.
      They are the whispers.
      How much will the Dogs pay is the question?
      Souths will most likely want them to pay $300k to $400k or thereabouts.
      BMOZ is on a reported $700k.
      Hymel Hunt would be on about $200k, I would think.

  3. Good news for dragons fans, hoped rumours of him coming back weren’t true. Sucked in, shafted the dragons to be with his widdle brother and now ends up apart again. Too many injuries to be of much value above $200K.

    • Yes Daffy, a sad tail end to a career for a Dragons’ great in BMoz. Time has caught up with him – and his brother.

  4. Hardy har har har , another year of laughs , what happened scoop ? Thought you were the “man” at Soufs , I think you get your info like the rest of us

    • Souths would be fools to trade Hymel Hunt for BMoz. AJ and Campbell Graham should be on the wings unless AJ plays FB and Inglis moves to the centres due to his dodgy knee. In that case (for $350K tops) BMoz would be a good signing. Souths would be better served putting that money towards keeping Gus (Crichton). He should be the Bunnies top priority at present. I’d be shattered if he left (especially if it was as a result of the bludgeoning of Madge!)

    • Tyrone Phillips has played been at the Dogs for 4 seasons having only played in 6 games in First Grade.
      He debuted in Rd 11 2015, yet only played just the 6 games, 5 in 2016. scored 4 trys!
      Since he has been at the Dogs players have come and gone yet he is stuck in Reserve Grade, WHY?

      Despite Injuries at the Dogs in First Grade he did not play a single game in First Grade this season, WHY NOT?
      Just maybe he is not up to First Grade Standard?

      I haven’t seen many of his games in the Reggies to make an informed opinion on him.

      • Roberts was not given much of a chance at the dogs, perhaps my memory of him was when he was playing at Souths.

    • Souths should have gone after Jerome Hughes before he resigned with the Storm. If Slater plays again in 2018 Hughes won’t see any game time. Of course first choice would be Munster but there is a long line of clubs interested and the Storm have him locked away. AJ started looking comfortable at FB late in the season (until then I had my doubts). Inglis will play FB in any case the coach has already confirmed this. The truth is he should be playing in the centres now. His knee is dodgy and FB will only expose this if it is an issue.

      Can’t wait for Mawene Hirote and Tyrone Taukamo to develop, they will be guns! Unfortunately Braidon Burns has a lot of work to do but he is still young and learning. Robert Jennings shows promise but really needs to work on his defense.

      If 3hats is correct and Campbell Graham is a “natural centre” then at this point of his career he is still best suited to the wing. Corey Oates is a “natural second rower” but is killing it on the wing. His height and strength gives him a great advantage especially with the ball in the air. If Souths kick to the corners is there anyone who will be able to get over Graham to get the ball? He is 197 cm (6 ft 6 in)!!!

      As I said my overwhelming concern at the moment is “Gus” (Angus Crichton). I would be twice as upset if left as I would have been if Damien Cook had left this time last year.

      3hats is right about the lack of experience but what a gun side Souths will have in the next few years if we retain all these kids!

      • Also Josh Addo-Carr would look good in cardinal and myrtle. Despite 3hats’ insistence that he is a Sharks junior, he played most of his junior football as a Souths junior.

        To quote 3hats favourite source (Wikipedia):

        “Addo-Carr played his junior rugby league for the La Perouse Panthers and Moore Park. He was then signed by the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks.”

  5. The main issue is that out of the 11 players contracted by Souths in the Backs 1 to 5…
    8 of them are Rookies.
    Souths have a shortage of Natural Wingers
    While Jennings and Graham are always mentioned as Wingers they are in fact natural Centres who can play on the wing as there is no one else!
    Even Alex Johnston is a Natural Fullback playing on the Wing.

    BMOZ while 31 and he didn’t look all that flash at the Dogs, he still has something to offer.
    The Dogs just didn’t give him enough ball.
    At Souths, traditionally we always play to our wingers and scoring in the corner is no issue at Souths as Reynolds always turns 4 points into 6,

    Experience: (V) Veteran, (DR) Yet to Debut
    (R) Rookie, less than 3 years in First Grade and/or 40 games
    FULLBACKS: (2)
    Greg Inglis (V) {241 games}
    Jesse Arthars (DR)
    WINGERS: (3) We need 1 More player.
    Alex Johnston, {83 games}
    Richie Kennar, (R) {9 games}
    Tyrone Taukamo (DR)
    CENTRES: (6)
    Dane Gagai {134games}
    Hymel Hunt (R) {29 games}
    Robert Jennings (R) {18 games}
    Braidon Burns (R) {10 games}
    Campbell Graham (R) {5 games}
    Mawene Hirote (DR)

    NOTE: Richie Kennar from the Dogs has not as yet been officially confirmed as a signing but reports are that he has done so
    Just awaiting Official Confirmation!

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