SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 25: Bulldogs coach Des Hasler speaks to the media after the round four NRL match between the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles and the Canterbury Bulldogs at Lottoland on March 25, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Manly have officially appointed former coach Des Hasler to become the club’s new Head Coach on a three-year deal.

Hasler has won premierships as both a player and coach at the Sea Eagles, and returns after leaving the club at the end of the 2011 season.

Manly Chairman Scott Penn spoke highly of Hasler, and was thrilled to announce him as the club’s new coach.

“Des was instrumental in delivering the Club enormous success after the Northern Eagles era. I could not be more confident that he can take the Club back to a new era of success,’’ Penn told the club’s website.

“Des is a Manly man, demands success and will deliver the Club results that our members and fans have come to expect. It is an exciting time for the future of the Club.”

Hasler also spoke on the appointment, and said he wants to make the Sea Eagles a powerhouse of the NRL again.

“Manly has always been a proud club, one that has had an extremely passionate and loyal supporter base,” Hasler told

“We need to reinvigorate all of the ingredients that made Manly the Club that it is, including maintaining the highest possible standards both on and off the field.

“It is imperative that we engage at a high level with all of our members, fans and stakeholders to enable them to share the journey ahead with us. A journey that I know will be a great one.”


  1. Not sure why he would want to return to a club that treated him so poorly and stabbed him in the back. Maybe it is to get revenge on the Penn’s and keep the scum club at the bottom of the table.

    • Kev you’ve got your own revenge artist in Brad Arthur. He left parra went to manly plied his trade there and did his revenge job back at eels. He has certainly done a better job than anyone could have expected in keeping your scum club at the very foot of the ladder.

    • LOL@Bev the spooner

      Imagine following parra for 30 years and winning nothing but spoons lol and he calls Manly a scum club.
      Question Bev.. how many spoons have parra won since 2007?
      Manly have been in 4 gfs won 2 cheated of the other 2 and made the finals 10 years in a row. Parras only highlight was haynes purple patch that carried your team to a gf were you got bashed LOL

      Great Day for Manly fans i told you Des would return!

  2. When you are at the centre link que and your old boss asks what have you been up to…. the decisions get pretty easy.

  3. My intel from a Manly member speaking to a high level insider at Manly is that a massive clean out starts today.

    Conditioner and trainer from 2011, Don Singe is set to return along with Cleal, Toovey, Spud , Lyon and beaver all part of the new look back room.

    My Manly contact knew Des was a done deal almost two weeks ago when they told me and they were right so this latest intel has a high probability of being on the money as well.

    • It appears to be the right move on paper but what concerns me is Des Hasler struggled big time in his last season and a half to get the Bulldogs clicking. They really struggled to get points on the board under his coaching technique. Admittedly Manly have got a few points in them but under the Des regime lets see if they can get the defence right. At 57 perhaps he has run short of ideas like Bennett has and only his past reputation by a desperate club situation has resurrected his career. I remember a few years ago now a similar thing happened to the Roosters when they hired a retired premiership winning coach in Chris Anderson. Poor bloke failed and was sacked during his second year after a thrashing by the hands of Manly. Des had a lot of talent at the Dogs, Manly on paper is only equivalent to about 705 as good a side as those Bulldogs at this stage with their roster. Until the Manly salary cap situation is finalized, I think Manly may still struggle a bit. The key to their success will again be the 5/8 position. Good Luck Des🤑💰💲🤑💰💲🤑💰💲

        • When there are no paragraphs…

          I always make mistakes on mobile devices. I have “old mate’s” issues on phones I think. 😉

      • Woody, I still think a better option would have been to bring Toovey back as coach and give Des a senior assistant and mentoring role above him.

        Best though if Des was not left in charge of handling the salary cap but with the ability to have a voice along with Tooves re player recruitment and retention. “Bob” even agreed with this.

        If my “informat” is on the money tgen Toovey will still have a role along with a supporting cast as I mentioned above with both Cliff Lyons and “Killa” involved in some capacity.

        The latest word from my “contact” is that Manly are looking to poach Jason King from his role with the NRL and bring him back to Brooky in an official capacity.

        Things can only go up from here for the maroon and white army, surely? 😉

        • Toovey is probably next in line, If Hasler can get Manly an 8th position next season then that will be a very good effort, Once Manly can chase players again they can push for a top four spot.

          (Paragraph Reg) Manly is a club like the Roosters who attract players that want a premiership and play rep footy. The Roosters finished first this season and have 9 players in the last two test matches, while Manly finished second last and they provided 5 players. Once the salary cap issues are right Manly will become Manly again and the fans will almost hate them as much as Brisbane. Almost.🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

      • Both I hear in some capacity. They are trying to assemble the “old guard” and the word is since Manly are finally back under maroon and white leadership they are ALL keen to be involved. Both Stewart brothers as well and now Jason King is on their radar. This comes from the top according to my source who has spoken to them directly.

        See my above post to Woody for more details. If they pull this off things look likely to turn around for your mob. I’m hearing not all players are safe. A big broom is coming!

        • Everything you’re saying is sweet music to my ears I just hope you’re not pulling my third leg

        • No mate, I’d need my glasses and they are in the car. 😂😂😂😂

          Seriously, my “contact” a mad Manly fan and member has been speaking regularly in the last 2 weeks to someone at the top of the club’s administrative heirarchy. They are also over the moon about the changes that are coming and heard about all this at least two weeks ago! They honestly told me about Hasler BEFORE it was picked up by the media.

          Apparently Penn had to face a VERY hostile membership group at the last AGM and it was either this or face a revolt and a mass exodus of members.

          My “contact” used to post on this site and “the angry eagle” said from the very beginning that the Baz experiment would end as a train wreck and ruin Manly. He was shouted down and mocked by all Manly supporters here who have now also been calling long and loud for Baz’s head.

          How times change.

        • Thanks Reg i hope your right we need all the manly we can get. Good times ahead glad Des is back iv been calling for it for years

        • I was at the said AGM/members forum and it wasn’t at all hostile. Although quite a lot of people agreed that a Manly Man once again coaching the club was what was needed. Im sure Des will bring in a few of his own. Not sure Toovey will be there though. Hope Im wrong.

        • Has there been a members meeting fronted by Penn and Gorman since the AGM MW78? I might have misconstrued that part of the message. I wasn’t there either after all.

        • The members meeting I attended fronted by Gorman & Penn was about 3 weeks ago at Manly Leagues. Assume we are talking about the same one.

        • The “angry eagle” confirmed this was the meeting and that forum was “tense at times and hostile towards the Penn’s”

          Some of the topics covered were:

          1) future playing ground
          2) upgrade of facilities/ implementation of a high performance scheme
          3) players ( juniors ) retention
          4) salary cap compliance

          6) recruitment of past manly greats ie Killa , king , Stewart’s

          The “angry eagle” asked if you can remember the 5th item.on the agenda?

          This from “the angry eagle”:

          Further news Stewart’s have declined an offer to assist at club level , there’s still some friction as Brett was fit to play in his last year but sidelined (not happy) however “angry eagles “contact at the club” will not stop until BOTH return to club in some capacity

        • Let’s try that again (I clearly can’t do 3 things at once)…

          tense AND at times hostile towards the Penn’s… 👍🏻

        • “Angry Eagle” Breaking News:

          As of today Noel “Crusher” Cleal joins Des assisting with recruitment. Singe and Tooves soon to follow. This is the core Des wants to be surrounded by the rest will be a bonus.

          The club are still working with the Stewart brothers and want them involved with junior recruitment, development and coaching. Brett Stewart needs some time to consider when and if he wants to be involved.

          Des will be 100% responsible for recruitment and retention of players. The responsibility for managing the cap will fall on others in a position of managerial responsibility and they will make sure that Des has the resources he wants without landing the club in hot water with the NRL.

        • Reg,
          If what your saying is true ( certainly not saying it isn’t) his is a perfect outcome for manly.
          Toovey back, even cleal coming back is a good thing..
          People can say it’s goong backwards, but it is what worked and is a massive step forward.
          If we can get the Stewart’s back around he place, oh gee snake could make turbo into a freak of a fullback. Snack was brilliant at organising and defending, the areas turbo needs help the most.
          And gifty would work wonders with Curtis sironen. Would somehow love to e chocs passion back around he place but prob won’t happen…
          Should aim for bottom of top 8 2019 amd posh forwed after that

        • I can’t remember the order of proceedings but obviously the coaching position was a big topic. Penn also admitted that barrett did have to supply his own furniture and clean the gym.

          Penn also advised the club needs another $15m in funding in addition to the $20 on table from govt to build the centre of excellence at the southern end of the ground.

          Max Krillich also confirmed the leagues club is extending their lease for next 3 yrs at currenr premises. They were due to move out next year.

          If toovey comes back that would be amazing. Im not sure that DCE will be too pleased with having the stewart brothers and choc around the club though.

        • “Im not sure that DCE will be too pleased with having the stewart brothers and choc around the club though.”

          Then DCE will have to just console himself counting his $1.3 mill a season and shut the f@#k up.

          I don’t think Des will let a little prima donna hold the club to ransom with tantrums and hissy fits do you? With Des at the helm and Toovey back in the mix Manly finally appear to have found their backbone. I don’t think they would throw all that away for an over paid jelly fish with a neck too long to be a goose but too short to be a giraffe.

        • At this point there is no official word that it will happen but all parties seem to want it to happen and clearly Toovey is a man that will put the club before his own ego and assist in any way he is asked to, which includes taking a back seat to Des. Like Madge at Souths, Toovey clearly deserved better than he received. It would be good for his sake and the dozens of Sea Eagles fans to see him back involved at the club again. Did I say dozens? That must have been autocorrect. I meant hundreds. 😉👍

        • “Angry Eagle” Breaking News:

          “Brent Kite and Matt Ballin have put up their hand to join Des. They have approached the club, they weren’t sourced or head hunted first.”

  4. Manly, you’ve definitely ungraded your coach big time, so that’s a big plus (for you), but I think some of the thoughts/comments around that seem overly simplistic, and not because of your facilities.
    I don’t think Des is going to be able to do a great deal about 1 of the core problems, at least not in the short term. The core problem being how much is tied in the top half a dozen players.
    Des has been successful, in part at least, because he had top players accepting the lower end of “fair” value, as per his previous Manly days, or the lower end of “fair” value, as per backended contracts in the early days at the dogs, but he’s coming back to Manly and you already have your top players at, or exceeding “fair” value, plus a little prune in the cap.
    I think you’ll do better than 2018, but will probably still be bottom 4 for 2019.

    • Im expecting us to reach top 8 or thereabouts. We have a good team and good forward pack though lane will be missed.. we reached top 4 last season when we had a good run with injuries which crippled us this season. Barrett refused to drop players costing us games and had no clue on how to use the bench. Fingers crossed des has him mowing the lawns hahaha he stuffed his career so badly who will hire him now? Zoolander the quiter blamed all but himself and credit to your bush coach who took the blame for the horrible season at least he had the stones. Its good des doesn’t want a bar of him or cartwheel

    • I think Manly should have the team to push for top 8. The number 6 will be key again, as will be replacing Lane, but i definitely see them better than bottom 4. Then, as contracts expire and des can build his own team, it pains me to say that the core is there to build a perennial top 4 team again.

    • Honestly I’m more concerned with how the Rabbitohs recover after Seibold was interviewed by the Broncos and he is now waiting to see if he gets offered the role as Broncos head coach to replace Bennett.

      How do Souths build their 2019 campaign on shifting sands and uncertainty around who will be their head coach in 2019/2020? Either way it’s a bust for the Rabbitohs and an untenable situation going forward if after only just one year our coach is already eyeing other positions.

      The only hope for any stability at Souths under Seibold is that talk of his interview with the Broncos is misinformed and Seibold has not been in contact with them. Otherwise Souths can’t afford to be caught out and need to begins talks with Jason Demetriou ASAP.

      As for how things will go with the Sea Eagles, well surely they can’t be any worse than 2018? Manly always have thrived when they have kept things “in-house” and it was a big mistake departing from that successful formula but they have addressed that now so things look positive from here I think.

      • Heard Furner is out plan B – he has a get out clause of his UK gig if he’s able to land a NRL head coach role…. if it’s true, suppose I’m undecided if it’s a good plan B ???

        • That’s not a “Plan B”. That is far further down the alphabet of options.

          Madge won’t do an Ivan Cleary IMO and he is still one of the best coaches available. Just look at what he has done for the Kiwis in such a short time.

          For me it’s Seibold 1st, Demetriou 2nd and daylight 3rd and if Bennett ever comes to Souths I’ll go back to school with “Cletus the Red Flea” at “Cootie High”.

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