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Queensland has announced their side for the State of Origin decider on July 10, with two debutants named.

Corey Norman and Christian Welch will make their Origin debuts in Sydney next week, with Dylan Napa and Jarrod Wallace dropped for the final game.

Will Chambers Melbourne Storm
Daly Cherry-Evans (c) Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
David Fifita Brisbane Broncos
Dane Gagai South Sydney Rabbitohs
Matt Gillett Brisbane Broncos
Tim Glasby Newcastle Knights
Ben Hunt St George Illawarra Dragons
Felise Kaufusi Melbourne Storm
Moses Mbye Wests Tigers
Josh McGuire North Queensland Cowboys
Michael Morgan North Queensland Cowboys
Cameron Munster Melbourne Storm
Corey Norman St George Illawarra Dragons
Corey Oates Brisbane Broncos
Joe Ofahengaue Brisbane Broncos
Josh Papalii Canberra Raiders
Christian Welch Melbourne Storm


  1. Congrats Corey Norman. Deserves a crack at Origin and has been pretty good for the dragons this year

  2. That’s all folks. For me, QLD are goneskies for this year.

    When you’re picking Corey Norman for origin – you’re gone. He just doesn’t strike me as a big game player. A good player – but not a player that you need in origin. He probably deserves a shot – but it’s a far cry from having someone like Slater or Ponga, back there.

    Picking Welch and Ofahengaue is definitely the right move, though. Both very mobile, should have much better go forward.

    Right now, though – QLD are very much down. They’re carrying Morgan in the centres, who just isn’t a good centre (defensively he gets his work done but he doesn’t have much in that position).

    Not saying they can’t win – saying they won’t.

  3. Norman at FB is a much better option than Morgan or Mbye in my opinion. Maybe Munster to 1 and Norman to 6 is the better option

  4. Seriously ZT?
    There was nothing offensive in that reply to redv13, and it was about RL, yet it doesn’t make it through.
    That was 1 of the very few posts I’ve made lately because most the “regulars” who make interesting/informed comments have either stopped posting altogether or rarely post anymore.
    Meanwhile most posts (that get through) come from the same (very) few people, many of which are “offensive”, even if your filters don’t pick it up, usually have nothing/very little to do RL, and on numerous occasions are childish attempts at “humour” targeting a few of your “regulars” that post about RL, and people that (usually) make worthwhile contributions to a RL site.

  5. Well said champ. I still visit the site every day and post occasionally but to be honest I got sick of the personal attacks on people by keyboard warriors or the bagging of NRL players, at least they made the NRL I and most of the contributors to ZT wouldn’t have.

  6. Agreed. I don’t post often anymore as most of the comments have very little to do with RL. This used to be a great site to get RL news and have a chat with others who love the game.

    mighty, I think you will find the use of the word cir”c um”stance and the like is now banned after some pretty ordinary comments made a months ago.

  7. You’re joking, because that’s the word, or perhaps only 1 of them, that I used.
    Bad Mighty / naughty Mighty, fancy trying to use a word like that on a public forum.
    But if we’re going to “filter” normally harmless words, may I suggest “transit” and/or “lounge”?
    Better yet, maybe rather than “blanket filtering” any “harmless words” you (ZT) use the word/s that appear at the top of every post in bold as the first filter, thereby allowing those that “post responsibly” to continue to do so?
    P.S, thanks cmonthe(no, can’t say it in that context – just kidding) and Eels.

  8. Alright, back to the subject of my original post.
    Firstly, congrats to Norman. I like him, rate him, and he’s still 1 of my favourite players to watch when he’s on song (unless he’s playing against Parra, and now NSW).
    I agree he’s a better option than Morgan, but I’m not so sure he’s a better option than Mbye at FB. That said, I doubt he’d be in the squad if Qld were considering either Morgan or Mbye at FB.
    All things being equal I think Munster at FB and Norman at 5/8 would be the better option, but “given the situation Qld are in” (so as not to use the naughty word) running him at FB would be less disruptive to the team. That said, that will make it an extra tough gig for him (first origin, out of position, odds stacked against them, and only half tongue in cheek, DCE as captain).

  9. P.S.S, whilst I was posting my response to cmonthe……s I was reminded of a (what I thought was) very funny comment a former very regular poster on ZT made on another forum a couple of years back.
    Eels, you may remember this one, he said, and made a whole (novel length) speech about at least he was open, and brave enough etc to display what team he supports to someone that posted as “godragonsgo”.
    Or maybe, just maybe, remembering that (and still getting a chuckle from it) just highlights how warped my sense of humour is.

  10. I don’t think either Glasby or Wallace should ever have been picked. Good clubbies but that’s about the extent of it. I would have stuck with Hess and brought Welch in and found a place for Napa. We got bashed in the forwards last game, Glasby and Wallace were well off the pace.

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