Last week I broke down who I believe should run out in the Blues halves for Origin 1.

To be brutally honest, it doesn't really matter who you name if your forward pack gets dominated.

The elite level halves ultimately find a way but far more often than not, the state whose pack win the battle, win the game.

With that said, Michael Maguire has no shortage of options in his engine room and out wide. Getting the selections right though is another story.

Below are the players in the running to start in the Blues pack as well as who I expect to run out come Origin 1:

Payne Haas

As automatic a selection as we have ever seen an Origin level. Haas, if fit, will be selected and will start.

The game's premier prop, the Broncos monster has dominated at all levels of the game. He will lead the Blues pack into Origin One.

The only question here is how many minutes does he play?

Does Maguire match his massive club minutes and rotate around him or does he limit his minutes in search of maximum impact?

Haas is an absolute linchpin in the Blues efforts to claim an early series lead.

Junior Paulo

Full disclosure, I wouldn't be picking Junior Paulo for Game One. I don't believe his form warrants selection but he has been a mainstay for so long that I can't see him being overlooked.

I certainly wouldn't start him.

I'd be looking toward a firebrand the likes of Mitch Barnett, Taniela Paseka and Terrell May.

Paulo will not let you down, and I expect him to be named starting prop and shifted late as has become tradition with the Eels.

I would not begrudge him the position but surely Maguire looks at the form line here.

Jake Trbojevic

I'm almost certain we'll see Jake Trbojevic in the side somewhere. My guess is he'll be named on the bench and shift late to start.

You know what you're going to get with the older Trbojevic brother.

He will make a mountain of tackles, run hard and provide a wealth of experience.

Much like with Paulo though, I'd be so tempted to throw a debutant out there with the strict instructions to rip in!

Jake is a near automatic selection but I believe if you took a poll on which player the QLDers would rather take, Trbojevic would place much higher than the aforementioned Barnett, Paseka and May.

Angus Crichton

In the pre-season Angus Crichton was playing NSW Cup, was headed for Rugby and largely forgotten.

As of time of writing he is the form second rower of the competition and an absolute automatic selection for Origin One.

He'll take up his spot on the left edge in a spot he had previously made his own. As a Blues fan it is good to have him back.

Chrichton is an attacking weapon and a weapon in defence. There is no world in which he can be overlooked for that left second rower spot.

Only injury can deny him a return to the Sky Blue jersey he has represented so well previously.

What an incredible return to form.

Liam Martin

The Panthers wrecking ball will be in the squad somewhere. I'm controversially going to overlook him in a starting role though.

Martin's form has been good. Probably better than good, but there's a right edge back rower who has been banging every door down all season.

In no way would I begrudge Martin a spot should he get picked. He's done the job before for the Blues and Kangaroos.

His club partnership with Nathan Cleary won't come into consideration given his halfback's injury and this may ultimately cost him.

Look for Martin's name in the bench rotation, but there's a big chance he'll start on the night over the less experienced option I'd be backing.

Haumole Olakau'atu

Prior to his suspension the Manly second rower was at the shortest of odds to make his Origin debut.

I'd say that even taking the suspension into consideration that he must be selected on the right side for the Blues.

Olakau'atu is a genuine game breaker. The Blues need as many as they can fit in the 17.

Not to say Martin can't be, but I'm back the Manly giant to break the game open with an early run.

His form has been blistering and his defence more than solid. A brain snap aside, his season has been close to flawless.

Likely the line up across from David Fifita, it will be an almighty task to keep the Titan superstar quiet but one which Olakau'atu can complete.

A second row combination of Crichton and Olakau'atu could provide the Blues with a one, two power punch that other options just can't.

Isaah Yeo

Yeo is the premier lock in the competition and has been for a number of years now.

I maintain his best role, in Origin, is coming off the bench and relying more on his running game other than the passing game that dominates his club role.

Cam Murray is the perfect Origin lock. The second he went down injured though, Yeo's spot was written in stone.

Truthfully it probably was regardless of Murray's role, form and the success that move proved in Origin Three last year.

I expect Yeo's role to be far different under Maguire than it was under Fittler. That is a good thing.

The only, even possible change I can see here is if they shift Jake Trbojevic to lock and have Yeo come off the bench in favour of a bigger starting prop.

With Murray out, just pick the obvious in Yeo.


Payne Haas and Isaah Yeo will make up two thirds of the starting middle, that is without question.

I believe the Blues will run with Jake Trbojevic out to start. He's done the job before at all levels. It makes the world of sense... I suppose.

Personally, I'm picking the two biggest, most aggressive props, feeding them raw meat all week and challenging them to run over the top of their QLD counterparts.

Haas and Paseka. 20-25 minutes. All out!

Crichton and Olakau'atu (pre-suspension) are the form second rowers of the competition and simply must be picked.

I think the big shocks will come on the bench. More on that early next week.