Anthony Seilbold has unloaded on the referee's decision not to award his team a penalty after Reuben Garrick was taken out with a dangerous tackle in a fiery post-match press conference.

In a controversial decision that ended the Sea Eagles' season and any chances of them making the finals, Anthony Seibold has addressed the incident that saw the New Zealand Warriors not get penalised for dangerous contact on fullback Reuben Garrick.

With scores locked up at 22-22 and less than ten minutes to go in the clash, Manly skipper Daly Cherry-Evans attempted a field goal to give them the nudge to go ahead in the match. Instead, his attempt was charged down, and the ball bounced back to Garrick. It was then that Warriors fullback Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad collided with his legs, effectively taking him out.


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“It was ridiculous, it was absolutely ridiculous,” Seibold stated about the incident after the game.

“That's a penalty every day of the week. The rule says it's not because the ball bounced and wasn't a kick but how many times do we pull tackles up for a slight crusher or give the penalty for someone slipping up from chest to jaw?

“Fair dinkum, let's be serious.

“So we go two points in front, they get the ball back, Reuben can't run — we make a poor defensive error — but our fullback can't run and we're saying it's not a dangerous tackle. I reckon it's ridiculous... And it's two weeks in a row.”

“I'll get a phone call from (referee coach) Dave Fairleigh or somebody from the NRL tomorrow and they'll apologise or (say) ‘that's the correct decision', or ‘it wasn't a dangerous tackle'.

“It was a dangerous tackle — he's injured. He couldn't finish the game and it's our season on the line so I am pi**ed off about it.

“But our CEO will cop a call from (NRL head of football) Graham Annesley and Graham will come out on Monday and they'll go through it, but that is a dead-set penalty."

GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - MAY 10: CEO Graham Annesley speaks to media during a Gold Coast Titans NRL training session on May 10, 2017 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

“It's two weeks in a row we've gotten dud decisions. Two weeks in a row against top four teams and you need a bounce of the ball, you need a call to go your way.”

“I couldn't be more proud of the boys. They fought hard but ultimately we weren't good enough. The growth for us is to handle some of those decisions but it should've been two in front with six to go.

“I'm just sick of it because I bite my tongue. I'm not a coach that comes out and has a whinge but I'm sick of it.

“It is concerning for me because I don't understand the rules anymore. We give a penalty away for the slightest slip up from chest to chin or the slightest bit of weight on somebody's neck. It's ridiculous.

“I can't wait to talk to Dave Fairleigh or Graham Annesley or whoever is going to give me a call tomorrow — I can't wait.”