SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 16: Aiden Tolman of the Bulldogs is tackled by Dylan Napa of the Roosters during the round two NRL match between the Sydney Roosters and the Canterbury Bulldogs at Allianz Stadium on March 16, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs prop Aiden Tolman’s days at Belmore could be numbered with the forward set to make an immediate switch to a rival club.

Fairfax Media is reporting that Tolman is being pursued by multiple clubs including the Gold Coast Titans and Cronulla Sharks for this season.

With the loss of James Graham and Sam Kasiano, it was thought Tolman would form part of a three prop rotation with NSW and Australian props David Klemmer and Aaron Woods.

That seemed to be the case for the first two rounds of 2018, with Tolman named on the bench.

This hasn’t seemed to stop clubs making inquiries about his availability though and the rumours persist with the Sharks reportedly the frontrunners to sign him should he be granted a release.

It’s said that the Bulldogs have not been shopping Tolman around but would not stand in his way should he ask for a release.

“We’ve had no formal discussions with Aiden’s management about his future,” said Bulldogs CEO Andrew Hill.

“There is always speculation around player movement in our game.”


  1. Dear Aiden

    We do not need your 4th tackle ineffective runs at the dogs. Please try and bend the defensive line at another club because you ain’t doing it at the dogs. Ineffective off the bench in the first 2 games

    How Desmond decided to re-sign you is beyond belief..

    Please Cronulla take him on!!!!!!!!

    • And yet in the Team list article yesterday you are calling for Tolman to be moved from the bench to the starting lock position? Now he my be on the move he’s suddenly become hopeless overnight…….

  2. Dear Doganator,

    You must be a dropkick or a GWS supporter! Many clubs would love this guy. Can play 80 minutes make 12 metres every hit up and make 50+ tackles per game. Your clubs problems are a lot bigger then any individual player. Tolman has been 1 of your best players since he joined the mutts. True supporter you sound like!!!

  3. @ moneyman – Season ticket holder for many year actually. Tell me the last time this block bent the line in a carry? His 4th tackle hit ups killing any attacking chance we may have in the red zone was 1 issue of our attack in 2017.

    Many clubs would love to have him? Already tried to offload him to the Titans with no luck. . Don’t see to many knocking on his door at the moment to take him.

    No one said Tolman was the only problem in our club. But its a good place to start fixing problems .

  4. Totally related lol great statement. All good clubs have a Tolman. Hard work and experiance is hard to replace. Its not all about breaking the line. Remember a bloke by the name of Kasiano? He could break the line but other then that was vulnerable in his 20 minutes per game! Tolman falls in the same catagory as a lillyman-finucane-matulino-prior-debelin…all good solid players with a nice slice of experiance. Like everything in league when the $$$ are right the move will be made. As for the 4th tackle hig up….well not much else is going on with the dogs attack. You guys need to blood your youth…young zac woolford is crying out for a game

  5. Hard worker but doesn’t have much to offer in attack. A workhorse for sure but not the forward we need at the dogs so better for him and the club to part ways. Now to clean up our boring as hell backline. Mbye to fullback is awesome! Hoppa needs to go. Straight swap for Jayden Okunbur from NSW cup. He’s a waste of talent not being used. And then the Morris boys need to go now too. Always been a fan of both even when Brett was at the dragons I used to love watching him play but they are a shadow of what they were before. Wally Lewis’ nephew (think his name is Lachlan) is a great player too. Watching him in he trials and he was awesome. And last spot to Nu Brown. I don’t know how I feel about Jeremy Marshall yet. He’s done nothing with the ball in his first two games and he looks a bit lazy.

  6. Be interesting to see if the Knights are still keen on him. They still have the money and he could be another good leader for them.
    8. Esese
    9. Griffin
    10. Tolman
    11. Guerra
    12. Fitzgibbon
    13. Barnett

    14. Lamb
    15. Lillyman
    16. D Saifiti
    17. Burher

    • Brown has come out and said that the Knights weren’t interested in Tolman when the Dogs were first putting his name out there. They already have Lillyman and Heighington so they wouldn’t need another experienced toiler up front.
      Pangai Jr is their target at the moment I believe.

  7. Roosters might get him yet. He must be a good workhorse player, Tolman has won a premiership with Melbourne and played in two losing grand finals with the Dogs. He must be doing something right. You don’t get to play in three grand finals if your useless. Some players never get a grand final appearance yet Tolman has played three. The Bulldog fans on here condemning him and pointing the finger at him as the down fall of their team need to look at the team as a whole. It doesn’t help having a rookie coach. Just may be they are letting the wrong player depart. Just maybe they need a coach that is experienced to rebuild a team. Cleary is a grand finalist coach and is rebuilding Wests. But to rebuild a team with a rookie coach is like saying you have a one and a half year NRL career and sacked half way through the second year. Roosters have got 400k to spend. If Tolman wants a good crack at a premiership then the Sharks are the wrong chuch.

  8. Well said Kev . After 2 games Pay has worked out he actually needs him to start at lock this week cause no one else is steppin up .He’ll do well to get out of there . Sharks would be a great move and it’s just down the road . Dogs are way off the pace this year .

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