The 2024 NRLW season is getting closer and closer, and with that, the ten teams have decided to bring in new players to upgrade their squad.

While no team has confirmed all 24 players in their squad, several star players have already moved clubs. Keilee Joseph, Jasmine Strange and Dally M Winger of the Year Jakiya Whitfeld headline the player movements.

Zero TackleĀ examines all the player movements for the 2024 NRLW season.


Brisbane Broncos NRLW

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2024 SQUAD

Ali Brigginshaw, Annetta-Claudia Nu'uausala, Ashleigh Werner, Brianna Clark, Chelsea Lenarduzzi, Destiny Brill, Gayle Broughton, Hannah Larsson, Hayley Maddick, Jada Ferguson, Jasmine Fogavini, Julia Robinson, Keilee Joseph, Lauren Dam, Mariah Denman, Mele Hufanga, Romy Teitzel, Shenae Ciesiolka, Stacey Waaka, Skyla Adams, Tazmin Gray, Tafito Lafaele

Likely Round 1 NRLW Team

1. Hayley Maddick
2. Julia Robinson
3. Mele Hufanga
4. Shenae Ciesiolka
5. Ashleigh Werner
6. Gayle Broughton
7. Ali Brigginshaw (c)
8. Annetta-Claudia Nu'uausala
9. Destiny Brill
10. Chelsea Lenarduzzi
11. Tazmin Gray
12. Romy Teitzel
13. Keilee Joseph

14. Jada Ferguson
15. Jasmine Fogavini
16. Brianna Clark
17. Mariah Denman

18. Hannah Larsson
19. Tafito Lafaele
20. Lauren Dam
21. Stacey Waaka
22. Skyla Adams
23. Lavinia Gould
24. Bree Spreadborough

2024 Development List

1. Shaylee Joseph
2. Montaya Hudson
3. Shalom Sauaso
4. Reegan Hicks



  1. Come on Scotty sign some better players go after some real talent this coming season, and some bigger forwards. Team wasn’t to bad last year but this is a team that won 3 GF in a row an it’s been a bit off that tempo since then. Losing our fB , 5/8 and 1 of the best front rowers in nrlw it’s been a bit of a up hill battle, without U and the Bronx going after better players. The next thing comes players with good fitness and thats what I seen last year was a lot of girl not really that fit.

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