Every year in the NRL we see shock moves, players at a club long-term pushed out, coaches arriving and cutting fan favourites, there's not much you don't see in rugby league.

With a stack of talent in the NRL off-contract this year, there'll be another series of surprise club swaps, stars not offered contracts, some offered more than they're worth.

Now I'm not saying these moves WILL happen, but with the way the NRL is shaping for 2022, don't rule any of these off the cards just yet.


1. Kotoni Staggs to the Newcastle Knights

While the tackle-breaking centre claimed this week he wants to remain a Bronco, a big contract can change someone's mind quick. Hailing from Wellington, NSW, Staggs already has a long line of suitors, with Newcastle one of many named so far.

Rumours of a potential $800,000 per season offer from the Knights would deliver the Novocastrians the strongest (literally) centre duo in the NRL, forming a deadly combination with Bradman Best, possibly the Blue's long-term centres.

Brisbane Broncos Training Session
BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 06: Kotoni Staggs passes the ball during a Brisbane Broncos NRL training session at the Clive Berghofer Centre on May 06, 2020 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)


  1. The only one I see possibly happening is Brandon Smith to the Dogs. The rest is fantasy league!

  2. Many were writing about Hughes potentially going to the Warriors. Yet he stayed at Melbourne for less money.
    Maybe Smith to the Dogs, but will believe it when they say that he’s signed the contract.
    Didn’t the Dogs say that Matterson is a priority for their club.

  3. As much as I love the thought of the broncos losing Tom Deardon and then replacing him with Ash Taylor I really don’t see it happening or working well.

    I think halves coming through the Brisbane system often get over hyped. If Deardon walks I think his career ends up looking similar to Ash Taylor’s. If Taylor returns I don’t think he ever gets back to the form of when he first started.
    Have to remember when Taylor and Deardon were coming up through the ranks they were playing under 20’s with Carrigan Haas Riki Fifita Paix Coates Niu and so on and so on. Obviously both players were going to look good in a team loaded with future first graders and rep players.

    I’d really like to see them stick with Deardon and hopefully continue to develop him. I like Billy Walters and would pair him or Croft in the halves with Deardon and move Milford to fullback.

  4. Also like the idea of Luke Brooks leaving West Tigers he’s absolutely garbage and they seem to be building a really nice team.

    Shaun Johnson would be a much better option for them and he’s apparently getting shipped around and not so expensive I hear.
    Also think they should throw Nathan Peats a contract as he doesn’t have one and they lack quality hookers.

    1. Daine Laurie
    2. David Nofoaluma
    3. Joey Leilua
    4. James Roberts
    5. Tommy Talua
    6. Adam Doueihi
    7. Shaun Johnson
    8. James Tamou
    9. Nathan Peats
    10. Alex Twal
    11. Luciano Leilua
    12. Luke Garner
    13. Joe Ofahungue

    14. Jacob Liddle
    15. Zane Musgrove
    16. Thomas Mikaele
    17. Shawn Blore

    It’s like a team full of former rep players mixed with some future rep players. Great size too

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