When Wests Tigers met with Aaron Woods and James Tedesco’s Manager on Tuesday a deadline of 5pm Friday was set to secure certainty for the club.

That deadline has now passed and Wests Tigers is yet to receive any official confirmation from the pair’s manager.

As a result Wests Tigers has removed the current long-term contract offers that were with their Management.

Wests Tigers are proud of everything Aaron and James have achieved and will continue to achieve throughout the season at this club.

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  1. Very poor form.
    For two guys who have been treated so well by their club to act this way is disgraceful.
    If I was Cleary I would be dropping these two to NSW cup for an extended period.

    • And player power at the tigers is not an issue?
      Maybe not any more.
      Conspire to get JT sacked cos they and their manager want their man in charge then bail out when the going gets tough.
      So now that all the players who had the club by the balls are gone (Farah, woods, Tedesco and Moses) maybe the club will be able to restore control to the coach and management like it should be. Ivan should get JT in assistant coach to show he’s in charge

  2. I agree very poor form by both players it goes to show how much respect both the players and the managers have for the club, not that I am a fan of the Tigers.

    • Your not wrong FF2016.
      Milf was tackled and that should have been the end of it as the tackle was complete. The ball then comes lose and another player picks it up and goes over so they awarded that one instead. Then Milf clearly knocks on when he kicked the “winning” field goal and the refs give it to him.
      If you ever need proof that the refs will cheat to hand the Broncos a win then watch tonight’s game.
      Not a Souths supporter but feel sorry for them and their fans as they were clearly cheated out of that one. Take out the bogus try and the knock on field goal and they win.

      • That game was a disgrace, I don’t support Souths either but the on-field ref should be punted and the NRL offer a public apology, just pathetic. The try was bad enough, then to let Milford play on after a clear knock-on to kick the FG, well that’ll do me Rabs.

        Broncs have had a crap load of of this stuff go their way this year, sick of seeing it happen.

  3. What about the knock on aie(milf) Holmsey yes a victory but mate the stats showed everything was there for DCE to show his skill and he produced duck egg , the most overrated over paid player to ever wear the Manly Jersey that effort was woeful
    And how about Ricky Stuart , what a sook, his players are a reflection of him , unsportsmanlike and losers

  4. So tommyknocker, no QLD conspiracy huh? Disallowed try to Souths because G. Burgess was inside the 10 metres but had NO influence in the play (this was let go recently will have to research the game but for the same reason inside the 10 but not involved). Then Milford tackle complete held up ref calls try then ball is stripped and play on called AFTER the tackle! (Also ref called try even though he was unsighted!) Finally the cherry on top the knock on by Milford for the field goal in front of TWO REFS and the BUNKER and no call!!! Forwards passes from Brisbane all night and then one from Farah and the commentators say “Finally one has been picked up!

    I can only imagine the press conference with Bennett if those calls (and the result had gone the other way, which is probably part of the reason they didn’t! Madge needs to stop being politically correct (it is getting Souths nowhere) and he needs to blast the Refs and Bunker.

    George Burgess… WHAT AN IDIOT! Thanks George for finally showing what a shoulder charge looks like! He deserves to be suspended and should be gone for some time! Talakai is useless and should be dumped and Madge needs his head examined leave Cook off for so long and only bringing him on for the last 3 mins with the game in the balance!

    So pissed that the Broncos yet again get everything to go their way and yet show no humility and only crow in interviews after the game. Without Inglis and Reynolds and in the poor form Souths have been in the Broncos should have SMASHED us! As it was Souths were the better team on the field but still lost due to poor/biased agenda based refereeing decisions. Just like SOO for the last 40 years!

    Only interested in responses from tommyknocker, boycee, danford, Jonno and ryan (the only Broncos supporters to date to have shown any intelligence, fairness and a capacity for rational thought! I’m not debating ATM, too pissed and busy away from ZT, need a break!

    • One more point… I don’t care about the technicality of the rule but the Sims try! 5 metres offside but he is allowed to SCORE a try just because someone sticks their leg out but Burgess is within the 10 and does not get involved in the play it it gets taken off us? THAT’s fair! Also was it Milford or Mead who ankle tapped Cody Walker WITHOUT THE BALL when he ran to pick up the ball that lead to the opening Cook try. Watch the reply, that was clearly a professional foul and deserved to be sin binned!

        • Feel for you SSTID but it’s not surprising. The NRL need a strong competitive Broncos side and will do whatever it takes to make that happen including turning a blind eye when they cheat the cap and instructing the refs to cheat to get them the win.

        • I’ve been saying it for ages and the Broncos fans don’t want to hear it but the proof is there game after game year after year. Just look at the license and freedom extended to Papa Smurf! Coaches can’t open their mouths to complain about the refereeing but Bennett can say whatever he wants without fear of censure or repercussions. And don’t get me started on the TPA loophole benefiting the Broncos with the salary cap, Kev? Don’t start me Kev, Don’t start me!

      • SSTID it must be a conspiracy! Really I bet Bennett is a Freemason. Seriously though how special was that loss. I get wet thinking about how all those bunny rabbit fans are crying in their pillows. I just hope the same happens to the Brisbane unicorns next week. You will be able to drown a rabbit in my panties if that happened.

    • Where is official proof that Broncos are cheating the cap, referees are ruling in favour of the Broncos.
      Next Broncos game have an unbiased view on the game. Because being one-eyed is not going to get you anywhere in life

      • I agree with you, the Broncos aren’t cheating on or off the field and I really do wish that people would stop hating on them.

        • People will stop hating them when the stupid NRL get another Brisbane side in the completion. Lets face it they the Broncos where one of the instigators of that ancient super league war and they jumped up and down and cried like spoiled littlie brats until the Crushers got booted from existence. Lets face it every body hated Manly in old days But now Brisbane are hated far more than any Manly side in any era that they played in because of the fact they are a sole side in a capital city. Purely unfair.

    • Agree that the Try should not of been a try however the field goal lead up did not have a knock on and was a fair one pointer. Even Paul Gallen on national TV this morning could not see a knock on. And he hates ANYTHING to do with Queenslanders.

  5. Bennett said he watched the replay and quote ” I didn’t see a bobble”
    Mmmm based on your age Mr B , a doctors appointment is required, his cheesy smile along with Grubious Boyd speaks volumes

  6. How does a ref see a strip with limited line of site yet that field goal not questioned , on Monday when they say they got it wrong is not good enough, the refs ALL OF THEM on the field that night MUST BE STOOD DOWN

  7. The Barry

    Dce and Green are badly underperforming but how good was Hastings when he came on. He was telling everyone their roles getting the pack rolling. He’s going to make a fine Hooker.

  8. cruel for the rabbit toes, how can refs stuff it up so much? burgess was right to tell the ref that he was held up/tackle made..move onto the next phase….. makes you sick knowing that your side soon will cop some poor decisions in the near future…unless these refs get read the riot act… bldy broncs – may as well hand the 2017 premiership over to them now, if they aren’t destroying teams, they find a way to win the close ones! so glad they lost that 2015 GF by 1 pt.

  9. Players only have short footy careers so it is understandable that these top players are running out of time to win a premiership or even just to play semi-final football and must move on to stronger sides rather than keep to a side that continues to chop and change coaches and always seems to be in a rebuilding stage. Good luck to the big three that want out of Dudsville.

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