The New Zealand Warriors have agreed to terms on a deal for Storm young gun Tino Faasuamaleaui, according to Stuff.

The deal is reportedly all but done, with some finer details still needing to be finalised.

The 19-year old is signed with Melbourne until the end of the 2020 season and would need to secure an early release to join Stephen Kearney's side.

The Warriors outbid a number of rival clubs who have been free to table offers since November 1, with the contract said to be worth around $700,000 a-season for four years.

He is touted by many to be the next game-changing forward to come out of the form, following the likes of Jesse Bromwich and Nelson Asofa-Solomona.

When contacted by Stuff, the Warriors refused to comment on the situation.

If given an early release, Faasuamaleaui could feature for the Warriors as soon as the 2020 pre-season. If not, he is set to join them in 2021.

The Storm remain high on the youngster and he could be convinced to stay if given more opportunities next season.

He has a young family living with him in Melbourne.

Warriors recruitment manager Peter O'Sullivan recently told The Herald that he was keen to bring some size into the club.

"We are still not small, we are just not as big as some packs," O'Sullivan told The Herald.

"I could have signed three or four players in the last few months. They would have helped our squad a little bit but because we have only got one spot left in our 30, I didn't want to do that unless we were getting a player that helps our squad a lot.

"Priority wise the hooker was number one, the big edge back rower number two and probably a centre back rower would have been the third option which I really wanted to do. Next priority would be a big middle."


  1. Idiots!!

    Priority one: Get a hooker
    Who’s available on the market:
    Api Koroisau, Andrew McCullogh, Danny Levi, Micheal Lichaa, Reece Robson, Wayne Egan, Issac Luke and Jayden Brailey
    Result: We literally get the worst hooker of the group.

    Priority Two: Get a big backrower?
    Nope don’t need one, we have Tohu Harris, Isiah Pappalii, Adam Blair, Leivaha Pulu and more options.
    What we really need as your second priority is a Big FRONT rower.
    We do have Ah Mau, Paasi, Afoa and Lisone but we struggled all year to lay a good platform and to win the middle third on the field. We rely on our wingers to start sets well which they usually do but we need a leader in the middle like JWH does for the roosters.

    Third Priorty: Centre?
    We literally have Peta Hiku, Patrick Herbert, Gerald Beale, Hayze Perham, Adam Pompey and a bunch of guys that can play that position. I’d say our third priority should be solving the halves long term. CHT and who? Blake Green is old and playing badly, Keirghan? Not sold on him.. Nikorima? Don’t think it’s going to be hugely successful

  2. Swa9amuff1n, your comments make sense to me, re wrong priority.
    That sort of coin can’t be right, surely? $650-700k p.a for a 19 year old forward (as big as he is) with virtually no FG experience. I can’t see that helping with the overall team motivation, especially amongst some of the more experienced players.

  3. Terrible mistake by this young man. He should have signed 2 to 3 year deal with the Storm because Under Bellamy, he would have perfected his skills and would have turned into a world class Rower. Another good prospect destroyed a F*.ing selfish Agent. And Warriors are probably the worst team to go to. Very sad indeed.

  4. Alex seems terribly upset after loosing a potential star. Dont like the way how you talked up Bellamy though. Yiu have just won the li..cker Award for 2019 mate.

  5. @Markmywords …. right on time dude. Great to see you are giving Broosters good value for money at $2 per hour. 😂 😂 Keeps the unemployed ‘Underemployed’ at least. 😂.

    I was just about the post that if not Storm, Tino should have gone to Roosters or the Souths to continue his development. But obviously illiterates like you can only think about li.cking more Brooster 😂

  6. No 2nd prizes Alex you have already wrapped up the li..cker Award for 2019 mate.

    Rooster do not require a flanker. Like Souths everyone is leaving the club in droves. Souths and Melbourne will have had their turn in the top four, both clubs are undoubtedly have choked at their opportunities. See ya

  7. I just read Adams discription of you AlicksRectonalman. Hahahahahahahaha
    Now that name really suites you StormBoy.

  8. You could see something like this coming especially with all the hype about him in the media. Agree Alex he should stick around the storm system a bit longer as it will pay off better for him in the end.

  9. almighty, the numbers aren’t that surprising given they allegedly offered Dylan Brown $850K per year. Unfortunately when you are desperate you pay overs. That wasn’t a dig at the Warriors either swa9amuff1n, just reality. The Eels went though it for years too, paying massive overs to get players to the club, Chris Sandow especially comes to mind. Hopefully you guys can work it out and start building a quality, competitive roster. This guy might be part of that, if the risk pays off.

  10. Ropeable yes the storm are in decline but it is a slow one they’ll still be force for while yet. When Bellamy leaves will be when the dam breaks. Like when Ferguson left Man U their whole aura shattered and they haven’t been the same since

  11. @markmywords …. I didn’t know Adam and you held h.ands and kis.sed in public and made-up. Thanks for letting everyone here know – Fantastic!! 😂 🤣 😂 🤣 …. You two dou.che deserve each other. 😂 🤣

  12. Surely not even the Warriors would pay this much for a guy who has not yet made it as a first grader.

    If so, it will make their retention conversations with their top line players both interesting and expensive.

  13. Priority no2: “Big edge backrower”
    They had the ‘biggest’ in the nrl couple of years back in Shaun Lane .. @ 6 ft 6” 110kg but for whatever reason released him. This kids even “Bigger” @ 6ft 6” & 115kg ! I didn’t see any of his 5 games for the storm this year, but they dominated until finals .. would’ve been very hard to make the 17 .. Solomona Kata couldn’t get 1 game. There was a lot of talk about PayneHaas this time last year .. well, well, well.. now the broncos are laughing

  14. Hey swa9a

    An ELITE centre would certainly help the warriors strike power. Ngani Laumape was only a kid when he was chucked on the wing by McFadden. He’d be the best centre in Rugbyleague if they could resign him to play inside his fellow Tongan Fusitua . Would double as the Tongan Invitational right edge aswell

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