GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 05: Darius Boyd of the broncos in action during the round 22 NRL match between the Gold Coast Titans and the Brisbane Broncos at Cbus Super Stadium on August 5, 2017 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Jason O'Brien/Getty Images)

The Brisbane Broncos and Gold Coast Titans have both finalised their lineups for tonight’s match at Suncorp Stadium.

2018-03-31T06:30:00ZAllianz Stadium
Team list not yet available
Team list not yet available


  1. Titans are in front but the refs are doing there best to hand the game to the Donkeys…..
    A fair try disallowed to the Titans. It was sent upstairs and in the replay i was clearly a fair try but they were denied and the Donkeys were handed a penalty.
    If the corrupt refs weren’t keeping the Donkeys in it the Titans would be in front by 20+

    • Not as much as what you guys paid for DCE. It’s one thing to beat up on the Raiders and eels (because they’re both going awesome ATM) but I seriously doubt the she eagles will be troubling too many top tier teams.

      That said, good to see the donkeys cop it at home (regardless of how much help the refs have them). They’re seriously going to struggle this year. A pair of halves who aren’t playmakers and don’t compliment each other, a forward pack that wouldn’t scare anyone and their best player is a crock.

      As for the Titans, they actually weren’t as crap as the scoreboard might indicate last week. They actually gave the dragons a bit of a run until the dragons kicked into gear. Still don’t think they’ll make the 8 but I wouldn’t be surprised if the donkeys didn’t either.

      • I think 1 million for a centre was a questionable move.
        You need to spend 1 mill + for a quality hb these days.
        Dce is earning his keep atm.

        • DCE has never earnt the money he is on, only a manly fan would try and convince someone of that. I agree bird isn’t worth the money he’s on either but he was supposed to be playing 5/8 or fullback and then Bennett puts him in the centres. Poor management like that is why the donkeys won’t win a title for years to come.

  2. The Broncos won’t make the eight. Nikorima and Milford can’t play together. Not being able to sign Ash Taylor has set them back years and years.

    • This is hard to watch as a Broncos supporter. It is not the loss or even the performance and errors, those things happen. Teams go through ups and downs and overall Brisbane have had more ups than downs and maybe this is their time to struggle for a little bit. It is the lack of effort that grates. This was most evident when Sami scored in the corner and was allowed to run under the posts. If not for a little luck Brisbane could be 0 and 4.

      Like most supporters I can tolerate losses IF you think the lads are having a dig. Look at Newcastle over the last few years. Despite their losses few would accuse them of not having a dig. Some of these Broncos are lacking the effort and dedication required of professional sportsmen.

  3. This has to be Bennett’s last year.

    Boyd shouldn’t even be there next week. He’s legs are gone. The slowest, softest fullback in the comp.

    McCullough to captain
    Pangai jr to 13
    Oates to 11
    Gillett 12
    Keep Lodge for now
    Bird to 6 but we need a 7.
    Jimmy needs a boot up the
    The rest can head back to 2nd and 3rd grade or move on.
    Never seen such a bad broncos team and it can’t get better. The eights not even in the question, more like fighting for the spoon with the raiders.

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