Young prop Tom Flegler has turned down a staggering $1.8 million to stay loyal to Brisbane, committing to the team until the end of 2021.

According to The Courier-Mail, Flegler and the Broncos have agreed to a 12-month extension, rejecting massive deals worth 2.4 million offered by Sydney clubs.

Now that Flegler is locked away, the Broncos will now look to lock in David Fifita, who is currently receiving offers from four Sydney clubs while also fielding $1 million interest from the Warriors.

Flegler was eligible to receive formal offers from clubs after November 1st as he was off-contract at the end of next season, which triggered a bunch of bids from rival clubs.

Flegler's management met with both the Cowboys and Titans, while two Sydney clubs were in the ring, various multi-year offers were made to the 20-year-old front-rower. However, Flegler confirmed he will be staying at Brisbane inking a one-year upgrade worth around $600,000.

The Broncos are expected to make an official announcement about the signing within the next 48 hours.


  1. There is no way this is true that he was offered 2.4 million over 3 years. 800k a season for a bench prop. He may have potential but that just can’t be true and I’m not looking to stir or being smart

  2. The whole article is a massive beat-up.

    First it said he had massive offers from “Sydney” clubs, then it is ‘revealed’ that 2 of the clubs chasing him were the Cowboys & Titans, with no specific $$ offers identified against any of the clubs……Why weren’t the specific clubs named & their individual offers identified??? Answer: Because it is all made up by his Manager.

  3. Agreed, this would not be true. 800k a year not a chance, i dont even think the Broncos would pay him 600k a year considering he plays very little minutes coming off the bench. I say hes worth $400k

  4. How can the broncos be under the cap

    600k for Fleger is a joke plus they got in Brodie Croft, Jordan Kahu, Jesse Arthur’s plus resigned Ofahungue, Oates, Fifita and Pantai to huge upgrades.

    Yes Matt Gillett retired, Jayden Su’a left and James Roberts but Su’a was on peanuts. Surely they are over the cap.

    As for paying Fleger 600k that’s stupid. In fairness they aren’t far away from competing for the premiership but that money could be better spent elsewhere. Should’ve spread that money out and got in Luke Bateman (200k for 2 years), Aiden Guerra (200k for 2 years) and paid more to loyal servants like Alex Glenn

  5. Tom’s an average bench player at best.

    If his manager turned down any offer greater than $300K per season, he’s an idiot.

  6. This article makes no sense. If Jai Arrow is being offered $800k (not worth it), Pangai Jr signed on for $600k, Haas $500k. Player managers sure do know how to make crap up

    Anyway, good young player but there are plenty out there just like him

  7. He is an decent forward that will likely become a very good no frills one in the coming years. I think he has flown under the radar a bit so far, but he was more consistent than pangai, for instance. This is a signing that I agree with. Far less risky that dumping 800k on fifita who was made to look very good by some very average defense of 2-3 teams last year, that absolutely blew out his value due to the hypetrain. Flegler was solid all year.

  8. im surprised we kept him to be honest, i thought he would sign elsewhere for a better opportunity with all the competition the broncos have for spots in the engine room at the moment.

  9. Broncos would be paying him 160k tops… His manager would be playing games because if a young forward moves on I’m pretty sure he head would be on the block.. 800k a year 😂😂

  10. Knew he’d stay if people bothered to look into it you would se that Him Lodge Hass Fafita and Pangai are really close
    They all agreed to stay together to build a dynasty it’s not all about money

  11. reply to DC

    mate spot on with your comment nobody here is intelligent enough to know that flegler stayng is about brotherhood the pack stay together there is a chance within couple yrs they will win the comp

    croft signing will free milford up and give dearden time to develop and that kid is the closest in decades to be likened and be spot on when it comes to comparison to the name lockyer

  12. There are three excellent young forwards in the Broncos first grade squad. Another few good forwards. Including Haas ( who will be great ) & Lodge .
    That pair are the only ones that they’ve not really developed that much, at the Btoncos.
    So I say good on them for being able to keep as many players at their club as possible, that they’ve developed . It’s not as if they’ve not released quite a few players in recent years.
    Having said that, the media sure rattles on about each new forward that the Bromcos bring into first grade. It’s as if each one is instantly unbeatable & the best of the best.
    They don’t do that for any other club really. I’m sure there are excellent forwards at other clubs , that have recently made first grade. Or will do in 2020.

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