SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 26: Todd Carney of the Sharks in action during the round 8 NRL match between the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks and the Penrith Panthers at Remondis Stadium on April 26, 2014 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

Todd Carney could be a Sea Eagle next season.

Manly coach Trent Barrett has confirmed interest in the 31-year old, touting him as a potential replacement for Blake Green.

Manly haven’t contacted Carney as yet, however, they won’t refuse to rule out making a play for the rugby league bad boy.

Another development that Manly must consider is the fact that Carney hasn’t yet been registered by the NRL.

The 2010 Dally M winner signed with Cairns-based Intrust Super Cup club, Northern Pride, two months ago.

A valiant Carney is committed to manoeuvring an NRL comeback, so much that he rejected a $1.2m, three-year offer from English club Hull Kingston Rovers.

New recruit Lachlan Croker has put his hand up as a possible halves candidate after arriving last Monday, however, whispers out of Manly suggest that he isn’t yet ready for a starting spot.

With over $800,000 free under the salary cap, Manly are considering their options.

Trent Barrett confirmed interest in Carney.

“We haven’t talked to him at all — but we will keep our eye on him. There are things going on everywhere,” Barrett said.

“I am certainly aware that Todd is there but where he sits with the NRL, I’m not too sure.

“There are a fair few players being thrown at us at the moment. We have a number of options but we’re not in a hurry because we need to get the right fit.

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“No one has their full squads back until after Christmas anyway. Lachlan Croker is going really well at the minute with Cherry. I have two very good young halves here in Croker and Jackson Hastings.”

Trent Hodkinson and Brock Lamb have both been linked to Manly, with their future halves puzzle still unsolved.

Given the halves transfer merry-go-round this season, very few clubs have settled their spines for the upcoming season.


  1. if they don’t get carney, maybe choc is the answer, says he is available, says he is the best 5/8 ever, so would be a good fit.

  2. I reckon there must be something severely wrong with Hastings.
    He fits what we need. Won’t over rule dce, already paying him not heaps, him goal kicker good defender. His attitude must be bad. I think whether we sign carney or Hodkinson be ok but they both very injury prone so Hastings gets a shot some stage.
    I’m very happy to give Croker a go also but think at this stage dce needs someone more snipe to help out

  3. All things considered Carney has been hung out to dry by the NRL. We have domestic violence offenders, drunk drivers, drug cheats and a cavalcade of other criminals all running around in the NRL. Then we have Carney who was kicked out for being a tool. Chalk up another inconsistency in my opinion.

  4. Good to see my groupies are back , Choo Choo train boys , tim n Tom 😂😂
    I don’t mind toddy , I do mind the fact this is short term , there’s no forward thinking at Manly , all because DCEeeeeeee is suffocating our cap , won’t be long before the chorus for his head gets louder ,

    • Exactly my point the longer we use fillings for 12 month stints the more likely our juniors will be picked up by rivals , I’m ofvthe impression Manly cap is in serious trouble

  5. He’ll be pissing in his own mouth at The Steyne in no time.
    How many chances does this idiot get????
    Wasn’t he trying to sue the nrl???

    • Greens come out this morning declaring Carney will walk straight into the Cows first grade side , seeing how he Carney is now playing for there feeder club this appears highly likely, I still believe the answer is already in Maroon and White , Cullen is ready , but Manlys petrified, if Cullen has a breakout year then judging by the salaries thrown at some youngsters we just don’t have it in the cap ! Thanks DCE , your legacy is , or concrete boots at the feet of Manly will slowly take us to the bottom

      • DCE needs a organiser, Cullen is a running five eight which does not suit DCE. An example is 2016 where DCE and Walker experiment failed mainly because Walker was a running five eight. As much as I like Cullen, he’s not the man for the job. If you look at how DCE played so well this season, it’s because he had a organiser who would do the dirty work (Green).

        I think Carney or Hodkinson are perfect for this role but Hodkinson’s legs are shot and Carney is an idiot off the field.

      • Carney won’t come , Hodgo whilst I like him isn’t the answer , for the size of his salary DCE just isn’t worth it , my point from day one , there are positives in DCE game but now more than ever highlights why Qld don’t have room for him , there’s plenty that can do what he is doing at Manly but I get don’t come at such a huge price and commitment

        • Still think Hastings should be given a go, solves a lot of issues.
          And yes dce is on a big contract, but it’s not stopping us getting other people, the money is there. Most teams now have a million dollar player on there books, and after a bad 2016 dce produced in 2017. Get sezer from raiders or give Hastings a go

        • I would give Hastings a go but I don’t know why Baz is targeting other players to replace Green. Is it his attitude? We don’t know but I am 100% confident of what Baz is doing.

          Carney most likely won’t come, Hodko legs are shot and is slower than ever. Hastings is probably our best option, he’ll really develop his game playing aside DCE.

        • Yeah too me it’s an easy one, play Hastings, kicks goals good defender and can actually play. We have Cullen and Croker as cover which I would think is ample cover for a half. I would leave the money set aside and run with whatever have, very similar too last year just Hastings in for green and no Brenton Lawrence. But I reckon taniela paseka and the other big guy from eels we got mid year are really goo to perform this year. Excited too see paseka get a fair run actually. And hoping lussick goes back to his 2016 form

        • I reckon big Toafofoa Sipley will be given a go, he’ll fit perfectly in the bench besides Fonua-Blake and Perrett. Paseka needs a year in NSW cup IMO, I hope he gets a run next season depending on injuries.

          Lussick has to play his best football next season because if he can’t, Baz will replace him I feel. Good luck to him though.

  6. SSTID_1970 give it a rest….sick of hearing your biased hatred for a few Sydney teams, your jealousy shines through. Shut the F up and focus on the issues. It’s morons like you that destroy NRL, no wonder the sport is losing crowds rapidly. Watching matches over the years amongst foul mouthed inbreds shooting off obscenities might be comical at first but the novelty soon wears off. These days we need to think twice before bringing wives/girlfirends/children to watch a game of NRL. Thanks to F’ed- up, tanked-up inbred fans.

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