With the second Round of the marathon NRL season in the books, Fantasy and Supercoaches the globe over are either kicking back contentedly or simply kicking themselves after pulling the wrong levers.

Whether you are the king of your league after the opening nine games or you are up nights making alterations to your side, there is room for improvement for every coach.

Despite the collective urge to ring the changes, we have sifted through the rubble to make sure your opening alterations help rather than hinder.

Here are the names that every coach should be looking to bring in, move on and keep on your watchlist ahead of the season's third week.


Brett Morris

Fantasy Price - $696,000
SuperCoach Price - $637,200

After opening the season with back-to-back hattricks, it would be fair to say that Brett Morris has exceeded almost everyone's expectations.

At 34-years young, the Kiama โ€˜kid' is currently averaging 84 on Fantasy and a whopping 130 on the SuperCoach platform.

It is this form that sees the veteran currently leading the Dally M after a fortnight and concurrently why he should have a place in your side.

With his affordability on both platforms and breakeven score of just 14 on Fantasy and -42 on SuperCoach, pull the trigger now, as the Chook is white hot.

Cameron Murray

Fantasy Price - $730,000
SuperCoach Price - $599,700

After two strong performances from his opening pair of outings, the back faced forward has picked up where he left of season 2020.

Although Murray's Fantasy breakeven currently sits at 51, this also sits below his 2021 average of 69.

Some coaches may wish to see how the 23-year-old fares against the ladder leading Roosters before pulling the trigger, but as an incumbent Origin lock, expect Murray to rise to the occasion.

Should his upward trend continue, do no hesitate to join the 15% of Fantasy and Super coaches that own the New South Welshman.

Jayden Brailey

Fantasy Price - $552,000
SuperCoach Price - $356,600

With a Fantasy ownership percentage of 34 and 24 on the SuperCoach platform, this message is directed at a rapidly shrinking audience.

This is not surprising due to the elder Brailey rake's average of beyond 80 on each program.

If you are still on the fence about adding the dominant Knight into your number nine slot, just know that the 24-year-old's breakeven scores currently sit in the negative for Fantasy and Supercoach.

With Brailey's Knights set to face the wounded Tigers on Sunday, there are expectations for the livewire to feast once again.


Sitili Tupouniua

Fantasy Price - $566,000
SuperCoach Price - $410,000

This may appear a โ€˜captain obvious' type statement after the 23-year-old's start to the season, but with Angus Crichton and Victor Radley back this week, some of Sitili's owners may feel now is the time to cash their chips in.

If this thought has crossed your head, please reconsider.

With a breakeven score of 14 and -18 on Fantasy and SuperCoach respectively, expect the Tongan international to continue driving the gravy train.

AJ Brimson

Fantasy Price - $591,000
SuperCoach Price - $651,600

Fantasy freaks and Super coaches are notoriously unsentimental and impatient.

However, if AJ Brimson is on your chopping block, he is unlikely to be there without consideration.

With scores of just 12 and 18 last week on the respective platforms, punters with trades to burn will have the Origin fullback in their firing line. Pair this with the Queenslander's sky-high breakeven scores, and the case against the 22-year-old's retention appears clear.

However, with Brimson set to face the abominable Cowboys on Sunday evening, if you have him in your starting line-up, give him one last chance to harvest you some points.

Call me crazy if you would like.

Nathan Cleary

Fantasy Price - $1,020,000
SuperCoach Price - $734,300

As Matt Burton earns a call up, send Cleary to your bench, but not out of your squad.

With a Fantasy average of 89 from two starts and 95.5 on SuperCoach, the Dally M fancy is propping up a respective 39.5% and 55% of teams.

Don't go looking for a replacement, as there just isn't one.

Sure Cleary $1.02M Fantasy and $734,300 SC price tags may help you bolster other spots in your lineup, but you will be kicking yourself when he returns in Round 4.


Corey Allan

Fantasy Price - $355,000
SuperCoach Price - $545,400

After stringing together some superb performances for South Sydney in Latrell Mitchell's absence, Corey Allan has fallen flat after crossing from the Burrow to the Kennel.

With a Fantasy average of just 13 and only 21.5 across on SuperCoach, it is little wonder why the 22-year-old's ownership is shrinking by the second.

Heading into Round 3, the Queenslander needs 40 Fantasy and an eyewatering 144 SC points to breakeven, so if you are yet to send him out of your side, do so before it costs you.

Ash Taylor

Fantasy Price - $445,000
SuperCoach Price - $430,300

Despite the pre-season mail that the Titans had finally figured out their halves, Ash Taylor has failed to live up to hype.

With the 26-year-old recording means of 28.5 and 40.5 across both Fantasy and SuperCoach respectively, it should surprise nobody to learn that his ownership percentage sits below 5 on both platforms.

Needing 44 Fantasy and 66 SC to breakeven in the season's third week, now is the time to cull the Queenslander, as put simply, there are far more reliable halves available for in his price range.

Joseph Leilua

Fantasy Price - $400,000
SuperCoach Price - $411,900

This move is straight forward โ€“ Leilua is not in Michael Maguire's Round 3 side, so he should not be in yours either.

With an SC average of 24 and a similarly dismal 16.5 on Fantasy, if you have already spent a pretty penny on the 29-year-old, I hope you kept the receipt.

Like Taylor, there are much better options for your centre slot, so make the move now.


Of the candidates that meet the NRL's Rookie of the Year criteria, Sebastian Kris (55 Fantasy and 65 SuperCoach points) was the best performed in Round 2.

With his ownership still sitting below 10% on both platforms, the time is right to include the 21-year-old Raider โ€“ especially with his Round 3 breakeven score sitting in the negatives for fans of both programmes.

The 45.3% of Fantasy and 59% of Super coaches that own Tiger's back Daine Laurie also have early cause for celebration, with the fellow 21-year-old also notching eye catching scores of 49 Fantasy and 73 SuperCoach points.

Like Kris, Laurie's breakeven scores will be reached even if he never sees the Steeden on Sunday, with -4 and -44 points need on Fantasy and SuperCoach respectively.

If your centre, wing or fullback slots need bolstering, you could do much worse than downgrading for these two Rookies.

Highest SuperCoach Round 3 Breakevensย (per NRL SuperCoach Stats)
Corey Allan: 144
AJ Brimson: 141
David Nofualuma: 138
Adam Reynolds: 127
Daly Cherry-Evans: 126
Ryan Matterson: 126
Kyle Feldt: 118
Kurt Mann: 118

Lowest Supercoach Round 3 Breakevens
Jayden Brailey: -54
Jacob Liddle: -52
Reed Mahoney: -52
Sebastian Kris: -52
Tesi Niu: -48
Daine Laurie: -44
Brett Morris: -42
Ben Hunt: -35
Jordan Riki: -26
Daniel Alvaro: -26

Highest Fantasy Round 3 Breakevensย (per FootyStatistics.com)
Ryan Matterson: 86
Jason Taumalolo: 86
Apisai Koroisau: 83
AJ Brimson: 82
Kurt Mann: 81
Patrick Carrigan: 78
Daly Cherry-Evans: 78
David Nofualuma: 77
Aiden Tolman: 76
Jack Wighton: 74

Lowest Fantasy Round 3 Breakevens
Jayden Brailey: -10
Daine Laurie: -4
Jacob Liddle: -3
Sebastian Kris: -2
Daniel Alvaro: 1
Connor Watson: 3
Jordan Riki: 3
Tesi Niu: 4
Josh Schuster: 5
Lachlan Croker: 8