South Sydney Rabbitohs and Lebanon winger Josh Mansour could be set for a move to the Super League after being ‘won over' by the UK, according to The UK Examiner.

Mansour, who scored a try in the Cedars' opening loss to New Zealand, is off-contract after a two-year stay in Redfern, where he scored 12 tries in just 16 appearances.

Currently in the UK with the Cedars squad, Mansour is using the time to consider his options, with a move to the Super League becoming a genuine possibility.

“I love a challenge and a change and Super League has caught my attention,” Mansour said.

“My management has had a word to gauge my interest in playing Super League and bringing my family.

“I went back and said I'd definitely be open to it and would listen to any offers. I'm pretty ambitious, whatever I set my mind to I throw myself at, and Super League would be no different.

“Being over here (for the World Cup) has sparked my curiosity further, I look at it as a challenge to be successful. I want to come here and compete. If I was to come over, I'd want to win.

“I'm ambitious and love winning so I'd want a team that shares the same views and ambitions. The number one thing is to win premierships.”

Mansour says the World Cup is a regular reminder of just how much talent is currently in the oft-maligned English competition, claiming that any perceptions of inferiority to the NRL are unfair.

“You've seen the physicality of the players in the World Cup who play Super League. You look at the English forwards coming through. I tune into the Super League from time to time. It's high class but it gets a bad wrap that it doesn't deserve.”