AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - OCTOBER 19: Tongan coach Kristian Woolf during the Tonga Captain's Run at Mt Smart Stadium on October 19, 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)

St Helen's head coach Kristian Woolf has stated that despite Penrith's unwillingness to travel internationally for a World Club Challenge showdown, a proper proposal for the Panthers to host his side had not arisen either.

Woolf's claims have followed Panthers CEO Brian Fletcher's opining that the NRL champions would not be prepared to run out onto Totally Wicked Stadium and would only take part in the once-annual event should it take place on Australian shores.

Still, when speaking earlier this week, the former interim coach of the Knights stated that none of Fletcher's demands had been provided in writing.

"There's been no official conversation whatsoever other than a couple of throwaway lines in the media," Woolf said.

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The Queenslander added further weight to his position by claiming that Fletcher had opted for a lazy route in trying to resurrect the cross-competition match-up.

"It's another one that I found quite amusing to be honest. It's quite easy to throw out things in the media," Woolf continued.

"But from our point of view there's been no formal approach or discussions about if a game were to be played in Australia, how that would be funded or how it would fit in with the Super League schedule."

The Saints and Tongan international boss then went on to issue Fletcher and his fold with an edict of his own.

"If people are serious I'm sure our CEO, Mike Rush, would love to hear from them," Woolf expressed.

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The World Club Challenge was first contested in 1976 between then southern hemisphere champions Easts and St Helens.

Since this inaugural clash that took place at the Sydney Cricket Ground, a further 28 contests have played on both sides of the equator.

Although Covid put a halt to the potential proceedings between the Saints and Storm last season, should Fletcher's loose demands for a home clash be met, the occasion would be just the third time this millennium the contest has taken place on Australian shores.

As reported by 7News on Tuesday, if St Helens were to fly south to face Ivan Cleary's Panthers, the Peasley Cross club would be required to foot the entirety of the travel bill.

However, Woolf expressed that this was not the case when NRL teams had previously made the jaunt north.

"You've got to consider that the hosting clubs fork out the best part of $300,000 for the Australian club to come," he revealed.

"On top of that the other Super League clubs are putting in $100,000.

"Those Australian clubs are being remunerated in the vicinity of $400,000 to make the trip over here and to make it financially viable for them."

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The Mount Isa-born steward then signed off by expressing that there had also been no consultation as to when the one-off game would take place or how it could impact the Saints' 2022 season.

"There's been no discussions how that would happen or how it might happen in return if we were to go to Australia," Woolf said in finality.

"We've already got an extremely congested fixture list which starts on February 10 and if you win the competition you might play 34 games."