BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 05: Jai Arrow of the Maroons celebrates victory after game one of the 2019 State of Origin series between the Queensland Maroons and the New South Wales Blues at Suncorp Stadium on June 05, 2019 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

Six NRL clubs remain in the hunt for rising Titan Jai Arrow, and his model girlfriend could hold the key to him becoming a Rabbitoh.

Taylah Cannon, who was last year’s Miss World Australia, has reportedly told friends she would like to move to Sydney to help her career.

Her management Vivien’s Models have previously encouraged their clients to move to the Harbour City to “get to the next level”.

“We recommend to all our models up here to move to our Vivien’s Sydney branch if they want to get to the next level of their modelling career. Sydney would be great for Taylah,” Vivien’s Queensland manager Georgia Barclay said to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Arrow said his decision will factor in what’s best for he and Cannon.

“I’ve definitely spoken to Taylah about it and she’s open to it and knows there are better opportunities for her down in Sydney,’’ Arrow told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“I have to take that into consideration. We’re partners and we consider ourselves a team. We’ll do what’s best for us.”

Cannon’s desire to move to Sydney combined with the departures of Greg Inglis, John Sutton and the Burgess brothers could make the Bunnies the perfect landing spot, who are armed with a war chest.

The Titans have reportedly tabled the 24-year old a four-year deal worth $3 million, which may be less than what the rival clubs are offering.

The other clubs believed to be in the hunt are the Canterbury Bulldogs, Wests Tigers and Cronulla Sharks.


  1. I hope soufths sign him, an overrated dud that fits the rabbit mould perfectly. Lightweight forward that is far from a pack leader. Just an ordinary Sutton type dud.

  2. Oh sure 6 clubs are interested as were a few dozen clubs a few months ago! LOL. He is an overrated player and will definitely not get more than $600K with good profile clubs such as Storm, Roosters, etc.

  3. I’m surprised by the comments above (the general consensus).
    I rate him, and think the Titans have the number about right for their situation ($750k p.a), but that would/should be about the top end at this stage, and they obviously need to pay “top end”.
    His defence is solid, albeit he’s not the “busiest” defender on the field, but he’s been one of the best attacking forwards this year.
    I don’t put too much weight in stats, but I did check his prior to making this post, in fear that I was missing something given the comments above, and they seem to confirm my initial thoughts.

  4. Eelsalmighty if he signs with TransitSoufths, then he may as well of signed with Parramatta, because Bankwest Stadium will be their new home ground for a few years once ANZ gets revamped.

    Those Soufths rabbit are moving further out West to confirm what Crowe is striving for so that they will change their colours, like Penrith did on a few occasions, to the NZ or the former Magpies colours, and renamed the black and white Western Suburbs Rabbits.

  5. After all who in Earths history has ever seen a green Rabbit or for that matter…..a red rabbit.


  6. Fittler at his sleazy best on the news tonight saying Latrell shouldn’t be telling the coach what to do.
    Latrell didn’t tell the coach what to do he he just told him where to go.

  7. Fittler has won two Origins in succession ….I think he knows much more than you think you know.

    By the way TwentyOne…. Still think Mitchell and Fifita are going to Soufths??????


  8. Twentyone thinks because Latrell is Aboriginal, that he is going to Soufths. What a goose this number one ninkinpoop Twentyone is.

  9. BenHudson November 20, 2019 at 5:45 am
    “By the way TwentyOne…. Still think Mitchell and Fifita are going to Soufths??????

    BennyHill, wasn’t this the same post you made with CJ Mundine’s name after I posted Souths had his signature before it was announced?
    Your Bwahahahahahahahahaha ended with a big egg on your face.
    You ran like a the little coward you are and didnt even have the front to acknowledge being caught out. LOL

  10. BenHudson November 20, 2019 at 6:56 am
    “Twentyone thinks because Latrell is Aboriginal, that he is going to Soufths. What a goose this number one ninkinpoop Twentyone is.”

    BennyHill what you should be saying is that “because Latrelle is Aboriginal there is no proud indigenous culture at the roosters for him to play for and that being a big reason to get outa there asap.”
    He never belonged at the roosters, he looked as out of place as a polar bear in Alabama.

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