GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 11: Panters player Nathan Cleary and coach Cameron Ciraldo speak to media after the round 22 NRL match between the Gold Coast Titans and the Penrith Panthers at Cbus Super Stadium on August 11, 2018 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Cronulla have stepped up their search for a new coach by interviewing two leading candidates this week.

Sharks officials met with interim coach John Morris and Penrith assistant Cameron Ciraldo about the head coach role made vacant by Shane Flanagan's resignation last month.

According to, Morris is the favourite for the role and has the support of the Sharks playing group after accepting the role on an interim basis following Flanagan's departure.

Ciraldo is considered an up and coming coach, but Panthers officials remain confident he will remain loyal to the club.

It is expected the Sharks will name their new head coach before their first trial match.


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  1. Give Morris a chance. Been in the Sharks system for a long time now. Don’t waste your time with Barrett and Ciraldo is much like Morris anyway

  2. Reckon Ciraldo would be the way to go. He is a young coach with fresh ideas and most importantly, he is a cleanskin. Probably not asking top dollar either. He could help the sharks enormously.

  3. Cameron Ciraldo probably knows most of the Sharks team already, considering most have been poached from the Panthers system.

  4. Well that’s a bit unfair. Many of their players also came from Wests.
    Although given the Sharks history , they do usually prefer to buy the Penrith brand. Rather than using the more home grown product. So that does probably mean they’ll think Ciraldo is the best choice, even if Morris is the right choice.

  5. Look mate the Panthers poached a few Cronulla players and a coach to buy themselves like all teams do the 2003 grand Final. Lang and his son along with the ex Cronulla 5/8 played m a massive role in bringing the Premiership to Penrith back them. Penrith was also the instigator in the Maloney swap going through. And didn’t they also knock off Peachey??????

  6. So the RORTERS have signed 2 convicted salary cap cheats to their management team (Daniel Anderson and Joe Kelly) to learn from their mistakes and now provide them with expert advice on how to continue avoid being caught out rorting the cap.

  7. Still pales into insignificance compared to those that have gone to Cronulla from Penrith or Wests. Over many years.
    Plus, am I telling a lie there?
    You know the statement was correct. Even their captain comes from the Panthers junior system.
    By the way…Lang & Lang , Queenslanders. Maloney, Central Coast.
    I think you meant Preston Campbell, Gold Coast.
    So you’re scratching there. All you have is Peachey!

  8. I agree, any lower grade coach coming out of Penrith like Barrett will be a dud. Morris should be the coach but if they are still interviewing other people then it probably suggests that they will dump Morris.

  9. You know what champ? Who cares. The days of local tribalism are long gone. If there was any loyalty there would be more one club players. The article some time back that lined up all clubs top 13 over the past 50 years was pretty interesting. The sharks side was comprised of a lot of local talent and could hold it’s own against most others. Plenty of rep players on show. Anyone who thinks Cronulla haven’t produced top gun local talent is surely a clown. It’s a business these days and players move for various reasons including to where they think they have the best chance of winning a comp. Read what you like into that if you think there’s a lot of traffic into the shire from out west. Maybe Gus’ 5, 10, 15 year plan or whatever it is adjusted to each year is not sitting well with some? There’s some pretty handy young local guns in the sharks lower grades. A couple will hopefully be on show this very season…..

  10. Well maybe they should have signed the entire Manly cheating management team and train them through the correct ways in salary cap avoidance certificate. Your a total dimwit manly79

  11. BBBJ…who said Cronulla didn’t produce a lot of top class players?
    Given that, isn’t it a pity that they don’t trust in their own players more?
    Rather than thinking we must buy from the teams out west, as surely they must be better than our own.
    Do you actually read anything, before placing a reply?
    Can’t get over Buy, Buy Cronulla hey?
    Funny , people who support teams that can only win by buying a team , always trot out the old ‘There’s No Tribalism Crap’ . As that’s the only thing that You’ve got.
    If they choose Ciraldo , shows how right we are yet again.
    Should have gone for the crooked back room guys that the Roosters just hired. If they then Hire Ciraldo , they can teach him your old coaches methods,

  12. Quote: “…Penrith remain confident he (Ciraldo) will remian loyal..”.Umm, he just attended a job interview for a rival team.

    Good luck with that.

  13. Yep. Do read everything before commenting pal. Unlike many others obviously. Trouble is most of what’s read in comments on sharks related articles is garbage and bile aimed squarely at the club I happen to support. Most of the rubbish also seems to come from the same old “supporters” who attack every other club including their own. I suppose there’s a consistency along with the stupidity in that.

  14. Again read between the line chookhead. That was the point. They did sign the manly management- their disgraced former ceo so he would have now learnt how to cheat without getting caught and pass that knowledge to chooks. Why would any team re employ those cheats except the RORTERS would. Woodgoose.

  15. Eastsofdivide mate you talk about producing homegrown premierships. The fact is they don’t exist. Myth is the word. Penrith with all the juniors which is the most and covers more territory than any other team in Sydney has produced what???? Nothing. They have won two premierships in 52 years. AHAHAHAHAH . How’s your stupid point of view going now????? Here is a dozen internet eggs for your embarrassed dial.

  16. Read your own lines manly 77. Your dreaming……if he was caught out personally by the NRL for cheating then he would be banned. So perhaps bozo the clown might know more about your story then you do……

  17. Well BBBJ.
    Watching the Sharks ISP team last year. I thought good halfback & a good 5/8th there. Plus I hear there is an even better half coming up through the juniors. So I thought for sure Cronulla would put young Flanagan in first grade this year ,at least. Then the ISP fullback looked good as well.
    Then, he may not come from the west, but Cronulla go out & buy Johnson. So now they virtually have to stick the last two years must buys of Moylan & Johnson in first grade. That’s not leaving much room for the young talent there.
    So before you know it, a desperate side like the Roosters will be stealing your young halfback, perhaps fullback as well. As they have no one much after Cronk.
    Just seems sad to me.

  18. Another dreamer, the Roosters have no need for a fullback, but when a vacancy arises for the halfback position then every available halfback in the world will be putting their application in for the job to be filled. This is a business and the Roosters have the perfect formulat for success. Every player wants to win premierships but they won’t win comps at teams like Penrith Warriors, Gold Coast or Souffths.

  19. Maybe Timber Leqoc.
    Your perfect so called formula, has a ticking clock on it. All they have is an old guy or two with a bag of money. Hiring crooked club officials to buy players isn’t going to save them in the end. Your old guys are going to pass away.
    Then they’ll be left with a sad, broken little club. Better hope the NRL will allow the move to Some place in Queensland.
    Plenty of premierships / time for the others. Only a matter of time until those with successful junior leagues that win plenty of junior & grade competitions win the first grade. Have to tell you about them, as you wouldn’t know much about junior competition winners.
    Tick,Tock,Tick,Tock… How’s Nick feeling today?

  20. What’s that you say? Cleary, Brooks, Johnson all didn’t want to play for the Roosters? How can this be?
    Surely if they just ask, every halfback in the world wants to play for the Tri-Colours?
    You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope one day you will join us ( welcome aboard Chooky ) …

  21. Manly Bombed it thenπŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ€£. They should have rehired him and he could of been better at cheating the cap at Manly by learning from his mistakes.

    We humane people at Sydney Roosters often get the best out of people making errors and getting a second chance in life. Ferguson behaved and grew up winning a premiership, Friend was in the same boat and won two premierships and played in 3 grand finals. Tetevano learnt from the error of his ways never reoffended againg like the other two mentioned and won a premiership. Mate the list is too long to mention of reformed individuals going onto great things after being given a 2nd chance.

    But why does clowns like your Dylan Walker get three chances❓❔❓❔❓❔ drug taker with his hillbilly heroin and twice belting up woman.

  22. No vacancy sign is up……. clown of the divide, You need to head down to the local markets and try to pick up a shelled peanut to utilise for a brain. See numbskull there’s a bloke at the Roosters who won us a premiership with one arm, Cooper Cronk the best halfback in the world. When he retires which is likely to be in another season after this then the Vacancy sign goes up. In the mean time we have a premiership winning halfback in waiting with Luke Keary and a really good up and comer with Brock Lamb at 5/8. If a half back when vacant puts his application form in for the job then and only then we will look at it “clown of the Great Divide”πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€¦.πŸ“πŸ†πŸ“πŸ†β€¦.πŸ’ͺπŸ”πŸ‘ then Keary can remain at 5/8. Either way COTGD (“clown of the Great Divide”) we have the situation covered, As for professional Business men next in line to take the reigns from Unckle Nick. We at the mighty Roosters have and abundance of excellent people lining up to become the next Nick Politis. But they will have to wait for a few years yet.

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