Emma Tonegato and Tiana Penitani have called on the NRLW to change the competition's format, which would allow them to play more games of football.

Beginning at the backend of July, the NRLW competition consists of nine rounds, with every team facing the other teams once before finishing in a four-team final series.

However, many players, including cross-code athlete Emma Tonegato, believe a new format should be introduced that would see every team play each other twice during the season.

"Two rounds per team would probably be ideal," Tonegato told Zero Tackle.

"I know a few girls have spoken, and everyone's got a different view on what they want, but I think it's important that we're heard and we're included in the decisions moving forward as we're the ones on the field."

Asked if she would change anything else regarding the NRLW competition, Tonegato insists she would love to play more doubleheaders.

Typically played before the men's games, it allows fans to be introduced to the NRLW and its players if they haven't already.

"For me, I love doubleheaders," she added.

"I think it is so fun to play before the men and be able to kind of show off our game that way, especially while we're still building, but I've also spoken to other girls in other teams that don't like it.

"I think everyone has their own opinion, but for me, and especially down here at Shark Park, I think it's such a vibe when we play a doubleheader, and it kind of just boosts our crowd.

"The more people that see us play, then they end up saying, I love you guys (and) I want to come next week and it kind of just builds that way."

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Agreeing with her Cronulla Sharks NRLW teammate, club captain Tiana Penitani insisted that playing every team twice would be ideal and should be implemented in the future.

"I would love to have double rounds, so with the ten teams, I'd love to be able to play each other twice or even one and a half times," Penitani told Zero Tackle.

"You play another five teams twice to give us 15 rounds.

"I think that's a really healthy-sized competition, but regardless, more footy is great. That's all we want is more footy and we're heading in that direction