The SG Ball Cup will enter Round 2 this weekend, and Zero TackleĀ has you covered with all the team lists and changes in the New South Wales competition.


Canberra Raiders vs Illawarra Steelers

Canberra Raiders

The Canberra Raiders have made two changes with Jayze Tuigamala and Sam Chapman exiting the team in place of Jayden Wolfe and player yet to be announced.

1. Braydan Darmody
2. Maika Poese
3. Bailey Nash
4. Atini Tuialii
5. Lekani Mpaso
6. Jonah Anderson
7. Keahn Skipps
8. Elvis Nauer-Wood
9. Xavier Cacciotti
10. Samuel Hyne
11. Mahonri Tiotala
12. Jordan Uta
13. Owen Hromow (c)

Interchange: 14. Taylor Withington 15. Thomas Lunney 16. Jayden Wolfe 17. TBA

Illawarra Steelers

The Steelers have made two changes for this weekend. Hooker Seth Pearman replaces Lincoln Miners as a direct replacement, while Ramses Amone will join the front-row, pushing Tyrone Munro to the bench and Jackson Smith out of the team.

1. Lucas Borg
2. Tom Kirk
3. Hayden Buchanan
4. Charles Heidke
5. Harry Wililo
6. Lyhkan King-Togia
7. Kade Reed
8. Ramses Amone
9. Seth Pearman
10. Viliami Amone
11. Drew Langdon
12. Jarrah Gaia Treweek
13. Daniel Meafou (c)

Interchange: 15. Braith Plecas 16. Isaac Laughton 17. Eden Hodges 21. Tyrone Amone