SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 16: (L-R) Sam Verrills, Jared Waerea-Hargreaves, Nat Butcher and Joseph Manu run during a Sydney Roosters NRL training session at the Sydney Cricket Ground on September 16, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Winning back-to-back premierships comes at a price.

Star Roosters duo Jared Waerea-Hargreaves and Joseph Manu remain unsigned ahead of the November 1 deadline, with salary cap pressure set to force at least one premiership player out of the club.

Manu comes off contract at the end of the 2020 season but is likely to stay, with the centre stating he has been in dialogue with the Roosters regarding a new deal for some time.

“I’m pretty happy at the Roosters, everyone at the club has been great to me and we obviously won again this year," he told The Daily Telegraph.

"But I haven’t thought about it too much. There have been talks but I want to focus on the Test matches coming up. Once that’s done then hopefully we can knock it out and it over and done with,” Manu said.

“We’ve been talking all year, it’s not like I want to leave and it’s not like they want to let me go.”

However, the youngster stopped short of completely committing to the Tri-colours.

“Like I said, I’m happy at the Roosters and I don’t want to leave but at the end of the day you want to know what you’re really worth, where you want to be at in the future and all that comes into play but I'll be sorting it out once it’s all [Test matches] finished,” Manu said.

Waerea-Hargreaves, a triple-premiership Rooster, is just as keen to stay at the Bondi club, despite rumours that the Penrith Panthers are looking to pry him away on a lucrative deal.

“Obviously I’m still contracted and I’ve been at the Roosters for 10 years. I’d like to stay," the enforcer said.

"There’s a bit of talk but that’s just external stuff, for me it’s about worrying about my football and hopefully I can get a deal done very shortly."

Latrell Mitchell is another big gun whose future has been speculated on, with links being made to the Canterbury Bulldogs.

But the Belmore club have reportedly since shied away due to his high asking price.

In addition to the aforementioned, Jake Friend, Brett Morris and Zane Tetevano all remain unsigned beyond 2020.



  1. Zane Tetevano would be a solid pick up for Parra. With Mannah and Ma’u gone Tetevano would be awesome off the bench in a 3 man prop rotation with RCG and Paulo

  2. That’s right Shadow..
    They’ll come up with as many T.P.D.’s , Education packages, future coaching enticements or any other payments that they want to. To keep the players they want & buy even more.

  3. Cam Murray wants out of souffs. He wants to play for a winning club. Best friends with Boyd cordner.
    Souffs gone with no burgarse and cam.

  4. Every player is signed for 2020 except Tetevano. Cooper Cronk is the only player that they cannot sign and has retired from this years winning grand final team.

  5. Hall, Morris and Aubusson retire at the end of next season so with Cronk and those players mentioned freeing up money for top ups when contracts expire, they should be able to retain the bulk of JWH, Mitchell, Manu, Friend, and co.

    Remember players coming to the end of their careers and have played their entire career as a one club player usually re-sign on a reduce contract to stay that year or so rather than adapt to an entire new environment with a different club.
    Gal is the classic example this season of that formula taking a big pay cut.

  6. kelby
    October 22, 2019 at 3:59 pm
    “Cam Murray wants out of souffs. He wants to play for a winning club. Best friends with Boyd cordner.
    Souffs gone with no burgarse and cam.”

    He is too educated and too much self respect for the roosters.

  7. Look at EastOfDivide with his usual made up dribble. Give it up you sad sour person. Just your fictional propaganda and jealousy all over again. Why don’t you either grow up or go for a decent Rugby League team instead of your mismanaged Penrith useless cat local dud juniors.

    Remember your big in bragging about your hopeless NRL local juniors claiming your club has no need to poach other clubs. Well if they dont try and buy some players soon it will be a three way battle for the spoon next year between Penirth, Souths and Saint Flops.

    JWH wouldn’t be seen dead in one of those Penrith jerseys though so give up on him, his a Rooster for life. What colour and design is the penrith jersey next season Twentyone????? Sorry EastOfDivide?????? I forgot you pair are as numbnutted as each other.

  8. AdamWOMBAT
    “Murray wouldn’t get a start in the roosters pack”

    Well, considering No Rep Radley was Cammy Murray’s personal butler and luggage boy during Origin, not sure how you derive to that conclusion.
    Cammy dumped him after Origin 1 after
    No Rep did a poor job making his bed.

  9. kelbyWombat
    October 22, 2019 at 5:53 pm
    “You speak wisely Adamhoward”
    😂😂Blind leading the blind.
    Straight out of Monty Python.

  10. MarkWoodStoop..
    I didn’t say that all of those various types of payments were illegal. They are actually allowed by the NRL.
    Yes, they should have a capped amount on them , so such clubs as the Cluckers can’t go over paying players. Buying more & more of the best players all the time. However, there is no limit on such payments ( other than the amounts on T.P.D.’s ) & the various other methods of payments that they use, that are outside of the cap.
    Check out the story’s from the S.M.H. from early 2019, about the Cluckers , Melboune etc.
    What I stated above is exactly right.
    So you should actually check out your facts, before going into some rant. As one of your various aliases.
    You’re so r.e.t.a.r.d.e.d that you can’t even tell when someone is writing the truth about how players are enticed to & kept at your club.

  11. @EOD, hahahahahaha SMH! What a joke! What login is that now ŚTD? So are you a rabbits or a panthers supporter?

  12. The bottom line is they are playing within the NRLs own rules.Brisbane are the richest club in the NRL they have more scope than any club as regards to inducements outside the cap but it doesnt mean success.
    The Chooks have on their 30 player roster 23 players that have been there since they were teenagers.
    So what if they buy 2 players and pay them a million. Cronk is now gone so they have 1 player on a mill.
    The Storm have Smith and Munster before that Slater the Cowboys have the big lock and Morgan before that Thurston.
    Souths had Inglis and Burgess Brisbane Millford and Bird. Even the Titans had Hayne and Taylor.
    On these allowances The Marquee Players Allowance is capped at 600k a year. Smith is on 1.1 mill 300k of that is a M.P.A.
    Its money club sponsors can cough up legally outside the cap. Which makes Smiths cap value is then 800k not 1.1 mill.
    I would bet London to a Brick that the Chooks used this 600k in the contracts of tedesco and Cronk. Which would bring down their cap value to 700k each. Its not called cheating the cap its called beating the cap and its Legal.

  13. Murray has back to back choke trophies with Souths Twentyone while Radley has back to back Premierships and on coarse for back to back World Club Champions. Radley is a proven winner in big games 6 wins 0 Losses undefeated in semis and grand finals. Murray has a poor record in comparison. Everybody knows Radley is a better player. However Johns man crush on the lady like talker Murray and Johns falsely talking Murray up all over National TV has influenced some very silly selectors opinions eventually arriving at this ridiculous selection.

    Like I said TwitOne, Murray would not even make the Sydney back to Back Premiership Winning Roosters top 17. Big Mal rightfully pick Murray for the all important Test against NZ in his correct position……Left-Right Out.

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