The Manly Sea Eagles have released a statement regarding today’s speculation surrounding the future of Mitchell Pearce.

The statement concedes that Pearce will not be joining the club in 2018 but does outline that the club made every effort to sign him.

Head coach Trent Barrett states that Manly would not get in a bidding war with any other club and that Pearce himself was honest and upfront throughout the whole process.

Read the full statement below:

Manly Warringah Sea Eagles understands Mitchell Pearce has chosen to play at another club in 2018.

“On behalf of our members, fans and corporate partners, we made a serious effort to secure Mitchell’s services but there was always a limit to that offer in order to ensure our ability to continue to attract and retain the very best playing group over the years to come,’’ said Manly CEO Lyall Gorman.

“There are a number of very capable and exciting young players coming through our ranks and a major focus is to invest strongly in their development.

“We wish Mitchell every success in his future career.”

Sea Eagles Coach Trent Barrett said the Club would now move forward.

“We put in a very strong offer for Mitchell. We were not going to get in a bidding war with any other Club,’’ Barrett said.

“Mitchell was honest through the whole process and we wish him all the best.

“We move forward with a very, very competitive playing roster for 2018 and onwards. We look forward to the year ahead.”


  1. Honest question, not a dig, but why is this necessary? He is not a Manly player leaving, he was on the open market and signed with someone else. Are they going to do this every time they miss out on someone?

    • I was thinking the same thing. It’s very strange for a club to put out a statement on a player that is not part of their club. Very unusual move.

      • It is uncommon. I would think the reason is because many people would have believed that Pearce was going to Manly because they had already let Blake Green go, and want to give a statement as to why Pearce was not signing there.

        • Isn’t it time Manly give Hastings the first crack at 5/8. His the best man for the job, great hands, top kicking game, goal kicker and aggressive. If Barrett won’t use him then Barrett needs to be sacked

    • This item was grabbed from a supporters session the Sea Eagles staged to give supporters information about their club. Its obvious the Gorman is intent upon informing supporters more often of what is happening in the club, something supporters were angry wasnt happening for a long time. This was more for the supporters who on the Silvertail site were wanting to know what Manly was doing about trying to secure Pearce. It wasnt aimed at supporters of other clubs

  2. Yeah no harm putting out a statement. Would be more for manly fans to say they tried as green is gone. Manly done it when they were linked through media to other players, they put out statement saying they weren’t interested or was all a media circus

  3. Media statement 😂😂😂😂
    A once proud Club lowers its self to this garbage , hurry up Cliffy , the sooner you beaver , killer and for the mongrel Hoppa get back to guide us we’re just like the rest of the fairies

  4. Screaming eagle and eagle rock aka tim and Tom . Baaaaaaaaa wanna tissue 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 cmon tim show us the Choo Choo train ,

  5. Ha Ha Ha,
    Great Business practice at Manly these days as they release Blake Green to accommodate Woof-Woof
    AND Miss out on him altogether LMFAO at this pathetic amateurish run Mob!
    So… Walker back to 5/8 then.

    Fulton has been scared away by the NRL Salary Cap Auditor and those little brown paper bags full of incentives with him!
    This has made my day!

    • You NEVER EVER Release any player until your targeted player has his signature on the Contract
      Take a leaf out of those professionally run clubs.

      Tell me why was Blake Green released again?

    • Which walker are you referring too??? Is that Dylan walker??? That Souths let go to manly and is the best centre in the comp?? That walker??? All just to resign surges… well just cause of you I can’t wait until the announcement of Crichton to roosters, will think if you and your sad sad little self

  6. Hahah. This is gold !!!
    Manly recruitment has been incompetent for 3 years and still they cant get it right. Bbye greeny hahaha.
    Love your work MW but i gotta say it was wolfman that stole your 2013.

    • Colonel Samders , I’m gonna enjoy watching Cronk flop , your club like mine shafted it’s own we’re laughinh together 😂😂😂

      • ? How many handles do you have ? Wasn’t responding to you ! Colonel Sanders ! You know Fried chicken ! 🤠🤠🤠 but no brains

        • Why ? Because I don’t use wiki , hide behind a chics handle ? elaborate ! I’m genuinely want to know what makes you tick !

        • Looking like good nance manly will bring hodgkinson back i heard.
          Will come cheap with knights will put in some of his salary, if holds up injury wise he be perfect. Can control, kicks well, good goal kicker… be worth the risk injury wise with Hastings/Cullen on the books also as cover

        • That was my tip mate. It makes so much sense. There is no point in Hodgkinson staying at the Knights when they have Pearce and Watson teaming up again in the halves. Who suggested THAT was on the cards I wonder?

        • Yeah I can handle hodgkinson coming back. And we have the backups if he goes down injured. Would be cheap also

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