Ben Trbojevic

Ben, the brother of Sea Eagles and Origin stars Tom and Jake Tbrojevic, has joined the Sea Eagles on a two-year deal.

The centre/back-rower has come through the Sea Eagles' Harold Mathews and SG Ball junior representative teams and has played in the Jersey Flegg competition this season.

Tbrojevic also represented NSW in the U16 and U18 teams as well as playing for Mona Vale Raiders Club.

Manly coach Des Hasler told that he is excited about the 18-year-old prospect.

“Ben is a very talented young player who has done well coming through our junior ranks,’’ Hasler said.

“There is no doubt he has plenty of ability and it’s now a matter of further developing his game and bringing him through slowly as he steps up to the next level.”


  1. For a few years now he has been touted as the best of the boys, obviously things can change but he isn’t just there because of his last name, he is a serious player who is best suited to centre imo

  2. Turbos all over the park. Even his brothers reckon he is the most talented of them all. Can’t wait to see how he stacks up in NRL. Killed it in the junior reps.

  3. Well done Manly with another grass roots junior coming through the ranks.
    The measure of any club’s true soul is by its grass roots foundations.
    Many NRL fans will support the saying “the lesser the grass roots development, the lesser the soul”

  4. Cookeem they tell me there is a fourth brother as well.

    These TurboWogs can be just like the Marx Brothers.

    Chico, Harpo, Groucho and Zeppo

  5. Cheers. Now I’m not a fan of manly (because my in-laws follow them ha) but I’m a fan of clubs bringing there JNRs and giving them a solid pathway to top grade.

    IMO there should be a exempt from the cap for the JNRs or someone that has 10+ years at a club (EG long service) so 50% of there wage is not counted in the cap or something along those lines. Thoughts ?

  6. Olive
    Without a doubt there should be, even a scale on percentages after like 7 or so, but yes loyalty should be rewarded for sure

  7. Olive, I think 50% is too high, but the current limit is too low, and I like the idea of a max. per club. My understanding of the current exemption for juniors and veterans is its capped at $200k p.a.
    The next problem is, “what/who is a junior”? I’d also add to that, was it luck, good grass root development systems/support, or just money that made a player a junior? For example, the Storm have had some of the best players in the modern era debut at their club, but they play/ed origin for Qld. and moved to Melbourne when they were around 15. EOD, and I’m simply using this an example, has claimed/eluded to at least, “junior” status for players that Penrith picked up in their mid-(very) late teens as juniors. In short, get this wrong and you just start heavy/mass recruiting by some clubs early/earlier, and given there’s a set number of players needed/used in FG, does it help the sport or just certain clubs?
    In short, if the concept is well managed/defined AND there’s a max annual cap applied at club level then I’m all for it.

  8. I’d also add, as another example.
    P.S, I had to pause form my previous post in order to don my waders for this one given the murky waters in which I’m about to tread, and I’m not taking sides, but didn’t the ARL reassign “junior/feeder” club boundaries many moons again between the Bunnies and Roosters? So if both clubs contributed equally to said junior clubs whilst in their respective jurisdictions would it be fair to assign benefits based on current boundaries?

  9. I’m pretty sure BH is right (finally something other than Easts-Souths supporters slagging off at each other) – I think the 4th brother is Luke but from what I’ve heard he wants to pursue a career In cricket. I hope he goes better than Bronco Djura in cricket.

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