AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - APRIL 09: Martin Taupau of the Sea Eagles talks with Jorge Taufua of the Sea Eagles during the round six NRL match between the New Zealand Warriors and the Manly Sea Eagles at Mt Smart Stadium on April 9, 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images)

The Manly Sea Eagles have named their 18-man squad that will travel to New Zealand for the fourth NRL Nines tournament.

Sea Eagles NRL Nines squad

  1. Brenton Lawrence (c)
  2. Jonathan Wright
  3. Dylan Walker
  4. Brian Kelly
  5. Akuila Uate
  6. Jorge Taufua
  7. Pita Godinet
  8. Cameron Cullen
  9. Peter Schuster
  10. Tom Wright
  11. Joey Lussick
  12. Shaun Lane
  13. Frank Winterstein
  14. Jarrad Kennedy
  15. Curtis Sironen
  16. Addin Fonua-Blake
  17. Martin Taupau
  18. Lloyd Perrett


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    • Was always going to be an audition for a couple of spots.

      I’d say whoever performs well here will go a long way to filling the gaps in the forward pack and backline.

  1. They may be crappy Northerneel but there not over the cap !!! Let’s see how your lot go this year I’m sure Semi has all Parra fans at the top of his prioritys ,he won’t make it past RD10

    • He’s actually not going to the 9’s.

      At least not yet – His court appearance isn’t until after the comp I believe … so his passport will remain confiscated unless he is granted permission by the courts.

      Unless any Parra supporters know more?

      • a decision has yet to be made on whether he will be named to go, if he is named, then he will only be able to travel if he gets permission from the court….as long as that permission doesn’t extend to viva la France I will be happy.
        I would be very surprised if he BA doesn’t name a strong squad, which will naturally include the trailer.
        Something about wrighting the ills of 2016.

  2. where are the overated trbojevic sisters? manly not playing them because theyre scared the crap c@nts are gonna get injured lol.

      • our main squad will be going to england to play an extra game, so our young guns will most likely be playing nines for us.

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  3. Think tapau has to go because don’t you need one of your top 5 on the books to go??
    I may be wrong but if that’s the case we have the options of

    1 dce (wouldn’t risk it)
    2 snake (if plays then he has to stay on)
    3 matai (can’t play but still on the books atm)
    4 tapau
    5 walker
    So out of the last 2 tapau would be my choice. Plenty of backs there playing for round 1 spots
    Plus looking forward to seeing. Young tom Wright have a go, herd he may go alright

      • Hence my tribute to snake a few posts back. I don’t think it will be too long until Slater joins him on the side lines.

      • I am sure snake won’t play again either, but both he and matai are still officially on the books and top end earners, that’s the reason I believe tapau is in the sqaud

    • I’m sure that Lawrence not only playing but being named captain will put a smile on crowy3301’s face (as we both have a rap on BL). I hope Lawrence can get through the year uninjured and get some serious game time as the Sea Eagles need a “senior” forward leader and Lawrence can definitely contribute in that area as one of the last remaining original playing group.

    • How many FB and 5/8’s do we want , Baz must go to bed with headaches cause at training he sees 2 of everything ,

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