NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 19: Sam Williams of the Raiders in action during the round three NRL match between the Newcastle Knights and the Canberra Raiders at Hunter Stadium on March 19, 2016 in Newcastle, Australia. (Photo by Tony Feder/Getty Images)

Wakefield Trinity have signed half-back Sam Williams from Australian National Rugby League side Canberra Raiders on a one-year deal.

The 25-year-old played eight games for the Raiders in 2016, who lost in last weekend’s play-offs last four.

He returns for a second spell in Super League, having played 10 games for Catalans Dragons in 2014.

“Sam will bring a wealth of experience and a good kicking game,” said Wildcats head coach Chris Chester.

“He is a great signing for the club, a big coup and a number of Super League clubs were chasing his signature.”

Williams discussed Chester’s methods with Raiders teammate Josh Hodgson, who played under the Trinity coach at former club Hull KR.

“I have heard good things from Josh on his coaching and I am now excited to be a part of it and am looking forward to what the future holds,” he added.


  1. He does deserve a shot to lead a team around and not be a back up. On a different note I heard this morning that Jamie buhrer is very close to signing with Newcastle, anyone heard this. I will be devastated if Manly let him leave, such an underrated player, Barrett will have destroyed this club shortly.

    • crowy. I don’t know if Buhrer leaving is true or not but that’s the problem with bringing in outside coaches who haven’t been in the Manly system before. Barrett wants to put his stamp on the Manly team which means unless your a star you will be out. I honestly would not be surprised if DCE doesn’t lift his game next year, that Barrett will try and move him on. I can really see Manly churning through a lot of players in the next few years.

      • Yeah I know, it’s so frustrating as to me buhrer and the trobovic brothers are the future, personally think buhrer is a top class backrower without getting the accolades that some others do. I understand sometimes coaches common in and removing some older stubborn players, like Taylor and Farah, but buhrer seems like neither of those problems, and also he needs to be replaced and I can’t think of a backrower anywhere near his ability and work ethics that are near off contract to replace him. I would be happy for manly to bite the bullet and bring tooves back and give him anything he wants.

        • Yes Buhrer is definitely worth keeping, reminds me Owen Cunningham, you want them in your team but they don’t get the credit they so richly deserve.

          I think Manly will stick with Barrett for a couple more years which sadly means Tooves at Manly is now a dream. IMO, Tooves will be at either St George, Warriors or Dogs.

        • Yes I agree I think manly will stick with Barrett unfortunately, just don’t know how tooves will go elsewhere, his big plus is passion for the club which he had in spades for the sea eagles, just not sure he can have the same effect elsewhere IMO

  2. I don’t get why Parra didn’t try and sign him up. With his organising and Norman’s spark, they would have complemented each other’s games perfectly. I know Robson would have been signed on the cheap again but surely they would have been better off spending a bit more and bringing in Williams.

    • I dare say Parra weren’t interested because they already have two like him, Cornish and Luke Kelly, and have now signed Fogarty from Burleigh (seems like the best of the bunch). Problem for Parra this year was both Cornish and Kelly had season ending injuries in Rd1 and Rd3 otherwise they would more than likely had game time this year.

      • I thought Kelly wasn’t re-signed?

        Haven’t seen much of Fogarty but as a Raiders fan I can guarantee that Sam Williams is a pretty big upgrade from Cornish.

        • Neither is currently resigned but I imagine one or both will but only as cover. I will take your word Williams is better but like most things, it’s about the money.

          I’ve only seen Fogarty in the QCup final and will watch again this weekend against Cutters. I liked what I saw without being flashy, good organiser, kicking and defense and I think he would suit Norman style.

          Bad luck about Raiders losing last week, was really hoping they would win the comp…this year

        • Cheers buddy, it hurts but seeing the Sharkies get up would ease the hurt a fair bit. Being a local from the shire, the street party on Sunday if they get up will be incredible.

        • my understanding that both are off-contract, other signings will determine whether one or the other stays.
          My guess is that neither will – both are Wenty class players at best.
          With the u-20’s halves (Troy Dargan and ????) playing the majority of the season in Wenty (and from all reports they went ok for youngsters), it is likely that both will go.
          Thank god for the NRL team that they both went down with injury when there was issues with the halves in FG. The less we see of Kelly, in particular, in FG the better it will be.
          No matter what you say about Robson, he is twice the player that Kelly is, was or will ever be.
          Fogarty looks like a likely player from what little I have seen of him but he may struggle to get FG game time too.

        • Robson is in the top 3 best defensive halves I have ever seen. Only issue is he struggles to kick more than 25 metres and can’t throw a cut out pass. Also he has a great dummy but not the pace to ever hit the hole he creates.

          Kelly is in the top 3 worst halves I have ever seen play first grade. Robson is certainly an improvement on Kelly.

  3. So many good halves not enough clubs I think is the issue. NRL must be close to an expansion. Another New Zealand team hopefully in Christchurch and Perth.

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