May 1, 2017, 5:05 pm
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Oldest & Youngest NRL Players

Who exactly is the youngest player in the NRL? And how old is the oldest? Find out these answers right now! Also check out the NRL Player Birthdays list to see whose birthday it is today!

Oldest Players

Paul Gallen

35 years, 261 days old

Chris Heighington

35 years, 108 days old

Jeff Lima

34 years, 302 days old

Jeff Robson

34 years, 270 days old

Anthony Tupou

34 years, 62 days old

Johnathan Thurston

34 years, 7 days old

Billy Slater

33 years, 319 days old

Cameron Smith

33 years, 319 days old

Luke Lewis

33 years, 265 days old

Michael Gordon

33 years, 191 days old

Youngest Players

Nick Cotric

18 years, 165 days old

Moses Suli

18 years, 327 days old

Kalyn Ponga

19 years, 33 days old

Cameron Murray

19 years, 106 days old

Nathan Cleary

19 years, 169 days old

Jaydn Su'a

19 years, 191 days old

Curtis Scott

19 years, 202 days old

Billy Bainbridge

19 years, 235 days old

Erin Clark

19 years, 238 days old

Jai Field

19 years, 238 days old

Check out the full list of player ages here!

If you believe any of the above figures are inaccurate, please let us know.

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