Sunday, February 23, 2020

Oldest & Youngest NRL Players

Who exactly is the youngest player in the NRL? And how old is the oldest? Find out these answers right now!

Also check out the NRL Player Birthdays list to see whose birthday it is today!

Oldest Players

Cameron Smith

36 years, 251 days old

Benji Marshall

34 years, 363 days old

Gavin Cooper

34 years, 188 days old

James Graham

34 years, 166 days old

David Gower

34 years, 146 days old

Bryson Goodwin

34 years, 55 days old

Adam Blair

33 years, 341 days old

Iosia Soliola

33 years, 204 days old

Brett Morris

33 years, 185 days old

Josh Morris

33 years, 185 days old

Youngest Players

Bradman Best

18 years, 198 days old

Tom Dearden

18 years, 347 days old

Xavier Coates

18 years, 348 days old

Jason Saab

19 years, 138 days old

Stephen Crichton

19 years, 154 days old

Bronson Xerri

19 years, 167 days old

Spencer Leniu

19 years, 168 days old

Phoenix Crossland

19 years, 231 days old

Starford To'a

19 years, 245 days old

Dylan Brown

19 years, 247 days old

Check out the full list of player ages here!

If you believe any of the above figures are inaccurate, please let us know.

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