Manly are unlikely to seek salary cap exemption after centre Dylan Walker became the first player to be stood down by NRL CEO Todd Greenberg under the league's new no-fault policy.

Walker was charged with assaulting his fiancee and will next face court on May 10, after pleading not guilty to the charge.

The Sea Eagle has been stood down by Greenberg until his case is heard, as one of a number of punishments handed down by the NRL boss on Friday.

Manly CEO Lyall Gorman spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald about his club's options moving forward, with Walker's loss having a negative financial affect on the Sea Eagles.

“The NRL hasn’t handed down its criteria yet for salary cap relief other than saying it will be based on application on a case-by-case basis,” Gorman told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Clubs will incur performance on-field and financial off-field sanctions, so how do you set up a process that helps support clubs through that? It’s an interesting question.

“Length of time, financial impact, availability of player replacements - you can fit in a player on contract on at the moment, so where do you find a player in that context? What do they do with their family, their kids at school, do they relocate?

“There’s quite a lot to consider to get a framework that works across the board. It’s a bit hard to make a call until we better understand that process.”

Dylan Napa and Scott Bolton were also penalised on Friday by Greenberg, with Napa fined 10% of his 2019 salary, and Bolton handed a five-game ban provided he speaks to the club captains during this year's Magic Round.


  1. The “TRANSIT LOUNGE” club souffffths would be more than happy to off load a player to help Manly out, Alex Johnston wants out or perhaps play Adam Doueihi or Campbell Graham in the centres. Souffffths have had 18 players come and go this off season—😁🐇🥄 I’ m sure one more who wants out of the old man Bennett run club is willing to put their hand up to get out and join Manly.👴🐇🥄

  2. I think this whole thing (the NRL’s new “tough” stance) has been too knee jerk. Not necessarily wrong, but not adequately thought all the way through.
    The NRL got what it wanted/needed by making a “tough” stance. They’ve done that, so box ticked, but:
    The club has to keep paying a player they can’t use.
    The club can apply for salary cap relief, but no one, not even the NRL, knows exactly how that will work, so “it will be assessed on a case by case basis”. Simple logic highlights some major issues here, both from a practical perspective (who’s available), and how can they fairly compensate a club when the term isn’t fixed/defined (what if the case is deferred again, late in a season etc).
    These issues would be pretty easy to fix, but would have to involve the NRL wearing some financial pain too, and not just the clubs, which would be more than fair, given they implemented it, for their benefit/the benefit of the sport they represent. The fact they haven’t as yet screams knee jerk.
    In this particular case I don’t care about Walker’s rights at all. Read into that what you will. But how is this fair on Manly? They can’t play him, but still have to pay him, and the expectation of “cap relief”, and I think rightly so, is it’ll be too little/too late/too hard to even bother with.
    Screaming’s probably right, upgrade a player, start the red tape “cap relief” process, and whatever you get’s a bonus.

  3. Yes this rule has major flaws,
    Teams like the rorters are more then happy to pay for certain news article to appear when they need aka Napa leaves, nothing stopping the cheats from getting randoms to say players done things.

  4. 100% knee jerk and reactionary as always Almighty. And the NRL shoukd pay the salary of any replacent player up to the salary the club is paying the suspended player that they can’t utilise.

  5. Otherwise the NRL can just take over paying the suspended players salary until they are proven guilty. That would be fair and make Greenberg think a bit harder about his discretionary powers before knee jerking.

  6. I think we’re on similar, may be even the same page, ManWar.
    I think the NRL has to make the compensation simple and fair. That’s not hard to do, but it will require the NRL to put some $ in, and will require some WIN/WIN thinking.

  7. 😵😩😆😂🤣😁 Come on ManWar69er you can dish it out but you can’t take it 😵😩😆😂🤣😁
    However its about time you take off your Manly SeaBird specs and look at the Walker case in a natural way that isn’t biased towards your own footy team.

    Everybody knows including the courts that Walker and his girl are lying

    1. Her Original Statement to the Police.
    2. her changed explanation in court
    3. Eye Witness that match her original statement.
    4 The eye witness husband threatened with violence from Walker.
    5. So on and so on and so on…………

    ManWar69er you really have to grow a pair mate. ⚽🏀

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