TOWNSVILLE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 08: Darius Boyd of the Broncos warms up before the start of the round 21 NRL match between the North Queensland Cowboys and the Brisbane Broncos at 1300SMILES Stadium on August 08, 2019 in Townsville, Australia. (Photo by Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images)

The Brisbane Broncos are actively discussing the possibility of asking captain Darius Boyd to retire at the conclusion on the 2019 season and forego $1.6 million that’s left on his contract.

Fox Sports chief rugby league reporter James Hooper believes Boyd’s time could be up at the Broncos after several below-par performances this season.

Boyd’s lacklustre outing against the Rabbitohs in round 23 was the final straw for many Broncos supporters.

His 2019 stats tell the story;

In 22 games, the Broncos' captain has only crossed the chalk twice. He’s made three line breaks, six try assists, seven line-break assists and 24 tackle busts.

To put this into perspective, Parramatta’s Mitchell Moses leads the competition in try assists with 24 and Roosters’ James Tedesco leads the game with 133 tackle breaks.

Boyd is way off the pace.

In saying of all this, Boyd has earnt the right to go on out his own way.

His NRL resume will stack up against most that have played the game.

Two premierships (2006, 2010), Clive Churchill Medal (2010), 28 State of Origin matches for Queensland and 23 Test matches for Australia.

Plus 300+ games for three clubs, Boyd will be remembered as a great player.

It’s all about his legacy now.

The decision on Boyd will be announced over the coming weeks.

The Broncos currently sit in eighth position with two rounds remaining and will face the Eels at Suncorp Stadium this Friday night. 


  1. They will ask him to retire pfffft. He’s got two years and 1.6 mil on the table. Why would you walk away from that? It’s not like your going to get a better offer from anywhere else. If they are unhappy with his stats but him at centre or wing he’s obviously played there before and done well. Why would we walk away from that him of money. As a professional sports player your career is only so long and you need to maximise your earnings. To say he’s had a good career and it’s only his legacy he is risking is stupid. The man was the top try scorer in origin (thanks to GI) and had a great career, only short memory and selfish Broncoes fans will remember him for the last two years of his career where he earnt a lot and didn’t play amazingly.

  2. spot Swag..
    the Donkeys will have to pay him extra to go or fob him off to some hapless club.
    they’ve big money tied up with plenty of non performers., Bird, Milford…

  3. He can walk away with the 1.2 in his pocket.
    Was the last stitch up Wayne set up for him in his contract.
    Should have released him last year

  4. “Boyd has earnt the right to go on out his own way.”

    What a load of rubbish. Boyd earned his salary in past years and that is it. The Broncos owe him no more than what his current contract demands. I reckon they will come to some agreement. Can’t be pleasant running out there week in week out when your heart isn’t really in it and knowing you will cop a load when its over. He needs to come to some compromise that allows him to go with some dignity intact.

  5. Thanks Kenty and buzz for your comments last night.nailed it.
    (Kenty)He hasn’t fired all year Darius Boyd.
    (Buzz) well kenty,who signed him for that money.
    (Kenty)The south’s coach.
    Say no more
    Retire you rat🐀. Super League won’t even take you.

  6. EDSybil I would give up on your knowledge attempts on whats best for who.
    What to Look Forward to in Round 1
    Do you recall these posts under your original nic?
    WoodChoook February 23, 2019 at 11:02 pm
    Can’t wait to see Souffs get rolled by the Premiership winning World Champions
    Back2back19 February 24, 2019 at 5:13 am
    It will be good to see Souths start 2019 the way they finished 2018.
    Well, one is thankfully gone whilst the other (EDSybil5) has continued with around 15% correct predictions for the season to now and on track to finish the season the way she started.

  7. So AJ will start on the wing because that’s what the line up states.
    It also states sam Burgess is playing right?
    The only way AJ will start on the wing is if not 100% fit.
    Will be Souths 2019 premiership winning fullback. 7.36pm Tues 27th.

  8. He’s had a good run but everything comes to an end, I think it’s time. I still reckon his best years were at Saints.

  9. Good to see how the Broncos treat their players with such care & respect. Don’t wait for him to retire gracefully. Kick him up the behind & tell him to retire. Nice…

  10. He’s been playing in the halves lately. It’s a wonder that the Nuggies don’t buy him, to add to their halves collection this year.
    They’d still be millions under the cap. Right?

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