Papua New Guinea international and young Dolphins forward Jeremiah Simbiken is reportedly being offered to several other clubs.

Aged 23, Simbiken agreed to a three-year contract with The Dolphins in 2022 that saw him on a developmental contract last season.

The club has yet to confirm what type of contract he is on this season, but he is one of the players making strides for their QLD Cup team, Redcliffe Dolphins, impressing week in and week out.

League Express has revealed that Simbiken has been offered to several clubs in the Super League as the competition's visa rules have changed to make it easier for Australian players to play overseas.

While he may have been offered to several clubs in the Super League, it does not mean he will make a move, as many clubs have finalised their international players, and there is a lack of quota spots available.

Though born in Papua New Guinea, Simbiken moved to Canberra when he was 11 and spent some time in the Raiders' junior system.

His time in the NSW Cup was cut short by the impact of COVID, and the 22-year-old considered walking away from the game, learning his trade as an air conditioning and refrigeration mechanic.

Previously, Super League clubs could only sign players who had played at least 50% of NRL matches in the relative period. However, this has now been changed.

It now stands that if a player 24 or under has played 75% of games in either competition in the active qualifying period, they can apply for a Governing Body Endorsement (GBE).