The Penrith Panthers could be in danger of losing another of their young stars, with Taylan May admitting he wants to play with his brothers at the conclusion of his current deal.

The May family have all come through the Panthers, with Tyrone now plying his trade in the English Super League, and young forward Terrell currently at the Sydney Roosters.

Tyrone has recently signed for the next two years with Hull KR after being linked to an NRL return, while both Taylan and Terrell are off-contract at the end of 2024 and are now able to negotiate with rival clubs.

As it stands, Terrell has been linked with re-signing with the Roosters but has attracted interest from rival clubs on a market that is skinny for forwards, while Taylan's contract offers and negotiation status remain unclear.

Taylan, who is expected to shift into the centres at the foot of the mountains in 2024, is set to transform himself from a winger into a centre during the upcoming season.

The outside back, who is back training with the Panthers after an ACL injury ruled him out of 2023 in its entirety, said he doesn't know what's happening with his contract, and while he said he'd like to stay, he also wants to play with his brothers.

“I don't know what's happening with the contract because I leave that with my manager,” Taylan said before training on Monday per NCA Newswire.

“Whatever happens, happens.

“I don't mind (what happens).

“If I could then I'd probably (like to stay) but then again, I want to play with my brothers … all of them if I could.

“That's definitely a goal for me.

“We've definitely spoken about it, and whatever that looks like for us is something that I don't know what it looks like.

“I'm just happy to play here and finish off my contract. If they want to re-sign me, then I'll let my manager deal with that stuff.”

The May brothers as a trio have never featured at professional level, either for club or Samoa, in the same game.