SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 13: Channel Nine commentators Peter Sterling and Phil Gould talk on camera before the round 14 NRL match between the Sydney Roosters and the Penrith Panthers at Sydney Football Stadium on June 13, 2008 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

NSW Blues appoint new Origin advisor

One of Australia’s all-time great halfbacks and a highly respected commentator, Peter Sterling, has today been appointed as NSW VB Blues Coach Laurie Daley’s new adviser for the 2017 State of Origin Series.

Sterling, who replaces Immortal Bob Fulton, is a former Blues captain who played 13 Origin games for NSW (1981-88), 18 Tests for Australia and 227 games for Parramatta, winning four premierships; and is an Australian Rugby League Hall of Fame inductee.

Fulton stood down from the role this year because of increased responsibilities with the Manly Sea Eagles as Head of Football, after providing invaluable support and guidance to Daley and his two Blues coaching predecessors, Ricky Stuart and Craig Bellamy.

The NSWRL Board convened a special meeting this morning to confirm Sterling’s appointment, which follows their decision two weeks ago to make two other key staff changes following a review of the 2016 State of Origin campaign.

Sterling will now join Sea Eagles assistant coach and True Blue John Cartwright, the new assistant coach, and Victoria Cross recipient Mark Donaldson, the new assistant team manager, for the Blues’ 2017 Origin campaign.

“I am absolutely thrilled to have someone of Peter Sterling’s calibre take up such an important role with New South Wales Rugby League,” said Daley.

“Bob Fulton did an outstanding job in the years he was involved. He was my coach when I was in the Australian team and he has been one of my key mentors.

“I am very grateful for his advice. He was always going to be very hard to replace.

“Having said that, I couldn’t be happier that Sterlo was not only available, but really excited about the opportunity.

“He will bring so much to our squad that is aligned with the culture and team values we aspire to. His knowledge of the game is without peer.”

Sterling said he is extremely keen to be part of Daley’s Origin campaign and the processes he has put in place over the past three years.

“I feel like I have been asked to step into a situation that is on the verge of something extremely special with the group Laurie has assembled and the decisions he has made during his tenure,” Sterling said.

“I am really excited to be involved in something that is a very special part of the game.”


  1. Sterling so much better than Fulton in every aspect, this gives me confidence of NSW being better prepared, if only Manly could do something similar.

    • penso

      penso! Where you been mate? I thought you went on holiday. I am very interested to see Sterlo finally involved in something like this. I always thought he would have been a top notch coach but the media was too good a gig to give up. His insights should be invaluable.

      “Sterling so much better than Fulton in every aspect”

      In terms of this specific role, quite possibly. In broader terms (including their playing careers), Fulton. like Sterlo, was one the very best to have played the game IMO.

      Although I worry about the “old mates club” of Wayne Pearce pushing for Mitchell Pearce to be selected. The Blues loss would be Souths gain in any case.

  2. that is great news for the Blues – moreso the fact that Bozo has moved on.
    We might see some different selections this year that may give the Blues a better chance.

      • Mmm , lets see greggo , compared to ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ????? ,,,,,,, you know ,,,,,,,,,??????? .,,,,,,,,,,,?????????…. ?????????,,,,,,,,,,,, Peter Griffin (family guy ) , you have to admit , at least Bozzo won a series ,,,,,,???? I think ????? He did aie ???? Someone ???? , now he can focus on Manly ,,,,, wow imagine that , instead of focusing for 3 origin games A YEAR , it’ll be 26 rounds of week in week out footy ,,,, Hope he’s got health cover ,,,, he’s gonna need it ,,, I FEEL BETTER NOW ,,,,,

        • It is Friday and I’ll admit I had a few jars at lunch just now, but that is funny mate.

          Bozzo has had his day. No doubt a great player in his time. But he has not moved with the times.

  3. This is very good news. I am hopeful of changing fortunes (read: wins) as a result of more astute selections (read: a change of players) and a more modern game plan (read: something new!)

  4. Great news. I’m a little more confident for Origin next year now. Off topic but today it was reported that the Bulldogs will play the first ever 6pm Friday night game for next year at Belmore Sports Ground against the Storm while Souths will vs Wests Tigers at 7:30 at ANZ. Traffic will be nuts but I’ll be at Belmore for sure.

  5. This is good news, however will be better news if Daley was replaced as coach, the blues have no future with Daley as a matter of fact he should be arrested for impersonating a coach

  6. Maybe Sterlo can be McGregor’s advisor too. Any how great news the Bozo has gone, hasn’t done anything good since he retired from footy.

  7. Yeah the blues needed some gold injected into them 😉

    Blues 2017 white-wash lineup:

    1. James Tedesco
    2. Tom Trobejvc
    3. Blake Ferguson
    4. Josh Dugan
    5. Brett Morris (Unless Mansour Fit)
    6. James Maloney (GK)
    7. Adam Reynolds
    8. Aaron Woods (C)
    9. Nathan Peats
    10. James Tamou
    11. Tyson Frizzel
    12. Wade Graham
    13. Boyd Cordner
    14. Blake Austin
    15. Trent Merrin
    16. Andrew Fifita
    17. David Klemmer
    18. Matt Moylan
    19. Jake Trobejvc

    • ScorinCorey….S.Boyd for Tamou and Moylan instead of Austin on the bench and that’s a great team!
      I’m Queensland to the core but that back row is tough as guts.
      Looking forward to Qld bringing in Holmes, Nappa and maybe Munster. We are a bit short on up and coming props.

      • greggo

        “I’m Queensland to the core”

        So you support the Bulldogs but live in QLD? Or are you from QLD but got passed border security to set up camp down here? 😉 If it is the former I would be interested in hearing your perspective on Brisbane media’s coverage of RL as if there is only one team to cover in the competition?

        Btw, after his form for the Kangaroos I think S.Boyd should be in the squad possibly the 17 (on current form ahead of Tamou, who should come good at the Panthers). The Blues are building a good squad but still need to include Joey Leilua in place of Ferguson or Dugan (the “Bacardi Breezer Brothers”). I’m also tipping Hayne to come good next year and walk into a spot.

        • Bit slow on the up take. My old boy is from Bankstown and moved to QLD in the 60’s. I was born in Qld and supported the Bulldogs (Berries) with him. I was about 14 when the Bronco’s entered the NSWRL and there was no chance of me changing even though they had all my Origin hero’s in the team (KING, Gene Miles, Smokin Joe, Turtle, Alf). The old boy also went for Qld after he migrated north even though they would never win before the 80’s. He just loves an under dog and could banter with his mates still down south. My Sister worked at the Broncos club for a long time.

          I don’t mind the Bronco’s, I don’t like Wayne’s dried up looking old dial being in the paper every week. In general the media coverage is what you would expect the Bronc’s are gold when they are winning but a good percentage of the supporters (& media) turn very quickly when they are losing.

          I have been very critical of Fergo getting in the Roos team but his last 2 games have been outstanding. Mal has done well so far with the newer generation. Lots of Blues in there though!

          I agree about Leilua. The man is an animal and should get a go in 2017 for the blues. I first thought he could be top shelf when he played the last four nations in 2013? He absolutely terrorised the Kiwis and Pom out wide.

    • 1 Tedesco
      2 B Moz
      3 Hayne
      4 Dugan/Croker if forms good
      5 Ferguson/Mansour if fit
      6 Maloney
      7 Reynolds
      8 Woodsy
      9 Farah/Peats
      10 James/Tamou
      11 Graham
      12 Cordner
      13 Frizell

      14 Merrin
      15 Fifita
      16 Klemmer
      17 Jackson

      18 Peats
      19 Cleary
      20 Croker
      21 J Trbojevic

        • canterburybankstownbulldog4ver

          No, Tedesco has to stay at FB. Hayne can move to the centres instead. If Dugan is the other centre and Tommy Turbo is on the wing NSW will have 4 FBs in the backline!

        • I know mate. I’m not saying Teddy should move because I think he should be FB! I’m saying Daley will move Teddy because of Hayne. He wouldn’t have Hayne playing centre

        • canterburybankstownbulldog4ver

          I spoke to Daley once after a game he was a nice polite bloke who gave me the time of day but as a coach he is too busy trying to be the same nice guy and reward loyalty for players that are passed it or whose form is no longer up to the elite standard required for SOO.

          As such, I expect (with Sterlo’s approval) he will probably pick Farah at hooker, Hayne at FB and possibly (given half an excuse) Pearce at HB. Moylan is another example of a player who will be picked on loyalty. I don’t argue about his talent or ability or that he did a decent job in the last SOO but there are better options for FB, centre and 5/8. So where would he play? You can’t have him on the bench as a utility forcing a change in the backline (because he can’t play in the forwards). And I know I will have to agree to disagree with panthers14 on this one. To balance the ledger though I would like to see either Cartwright or Peachy given a shot off the bench.

          Btw, panthers14 (in case you are wondering) I think Maloney should play 5/8 for NSW again next year. He was one of the best throughout all 3 games this year and if his form is the same next year he should walk in. If for some reason Maloney is unavailable and Adam Reynolds is playing HB and IF Souths are top 4 and killing it in 2017 I think Cody Walker might be a dark horse to steal a spot to keep their combination together (otherwise Moylan would be the backup option for Maloney IMO).

          I won’t bag Daley as a coach as he gets his players to play for him and they were in the last series and were seriously VERY unlucky not to win (and THAT’s being VERY diplomatic).

          But as for selecting the best players he is still blinded when it comes to some of the aforementioned. I just hope this is where Sterlo can set him straight.

      • Why do people rate Peats as a hooker? He is a second rower playing hooker. All he can do is tackle, and is as slow as McInnes passing the ball.

        • rabbitwithdudzon

          Because we understand RL? 😉 (you left your stumps exposed again)

          Actually he is a hooker that was forced into the back row because he couldn’t get a starting spot over Issac Luke (few could). He was looking sharp at hooker for the Eels until injury had him on the sidelines for a while, he was barely back before he was moved on due to the Eels salary cap issues. See how he goes next year for the Titans. My tip is he will be at hooker not in the back row.

          Who would you suggest in Peat’s place for the Blues? Surely not Farah?

        • Exposing myself? Ooh cheeky! – Frankie Howerd

          I offered you the low road or the high road, I can see which one you took. I’m still waiting to here something sensible or insightful. Until I do it’s back to “Mad Monday!”

          “Go, I say go away boy, you bother me” – Foghorn Leghorn

    • Almost got it right. But no way to Adam Over Rated Reynolds. Cleary is a must and our long term halfback.

      I would have penciled in for next year

      1 Tedesco
      2 B Morris
      3 Hayne
      4 Leilua/Trbojevic
      5 Trbojevic/Fergo
      6 Maloney
      7 Cleary
      13 Frizzell
      12 Cordner
      11 Graham
      10 Woods
      9 Farrah
      8 Junior Paulo

      14 J Bird
      15 Fifita
      16 Klemmer
      17 James

      Shadow players would be

      Shannon Boyd
      J Trbojevic
      M Moses

  8. Bummer, was hoping Dylan Walker got picked on the bench again. Love me some Sterlo! I really think the Blues are building well and will win the next couple of series.

    • jayy12

      “Love me some Sterlo!”

      Hmmmmm… I’ve heard of “man love” but “Gollum love”? One adviser to rule them all… we will finally see if Gollum can coach (or at least “advise” a coach)!

  9. Hey Zero Tackle, could you please make it so we could ‘Like’ the posts of others. Some of the guys (and girls) here have written some good comments, which I would like if I could. I’m too tired to write a response to everyone’s individually though, so I’ll have to settle for something generic here.

    Bozo out, yay, new blood in Sterlo means hopefully good times ahead.

    As a WT fan I am very bias, but do you guys think Teddy should remain NSW fullback, Hayne coming back has me worried. I think Teddy has earned it, but I am concerned Hayne’s reputation because of one good game he played 7 years ago might give him a look in. Your thoughts?

    • tigertiger

      “do you guys think Teddy should remain NSW fullback, Hayne coming back”

      Absolutely! See my post to canterburybankstownbulldog4ver (above).

      “No, Tedesco has to stay at FB. Hayne can move to the centres instead…”

      Seems like a decent idea about the “likes” but my worry is that people would be more inclined to “like” a comment than to post something of their own. I like to read the opinions of others here on ZT and to discuss or argue over differing points of view. You don’t just want to only hear from the same people over and over… (blush) forget I said that. LOL

  10. greggo, Fulton has done an outstanding job, compered to what? Quote of the year, could not have summed it up better.

    rabbitt, Peats is a hooker and in origin we need good solid tacklers like him , i have no doubt he would be a sensation in origin.

    No reason why Dylan Walker won’t be there , if Manly select him in his best position (centre) he should be strongly considered.

    i Believe that NSW will win next years origin and start a small dynasty, to those guy’s who knock Daley , i believe your opinion is flawed here , his results have been really close and with a little luck he could have won more games than he lost, changing coaches is not the answer, building momentum with the players , both past and future will prove most productive, Daley now knows what it takes to win, to release him now would be stupid. I believe we have a better squad of prepared players than Queensland thanks to Daly.

    • No one rates McInnes, but he is the same player as Peats. Funnily enough…Mal is making the Blues stronger by coaching Australia.

      • I actually do rate McInnes, but he’s not origin, and he’s not Peats, not by a very long shot. The biggest, the only problem with Peats is injuries, and most / all are caused by his lack of self preservation / give 100% approach to the game.

        • I think Peats is a good footballer…but he is slow at dummy half and has no kicking game…so how is he a good hooker? McInnes is a good footballer but has the same problems as a dummy half. Farrah and Ennis were the best NSW have had for a decade…and even retired Ennis is better than Peats. 🙂

        • I’m not knocking Farah or Ennis, and I’m on the record, more times than you could pick a stick at, re what a great signing Farah is for the Bunnies. I’d agree, and will admit I hadn’t really thought about it until you brought it up, Peats doesn’t have a kicking game, but I’ll disagree about his speed, and I’ll add he is a smart footballer (can read the situation / game really well), and is an active participant in defence. He wants to defend, and will put himself in front of anyone in defence. For my money, he’s our (NSW) next Hooker.

        • @eelsalmighty

          “For my money, he’s our (NSW) next Hooker.”

          Unless Cook plays starting hooker and “kills it” like I KNOW he can (he could actually be a dark horse), then I agree. In reality with Sterlo and Daley picking the team and sympathetic to loyal old players Farah will probably get picked (even off the bench for Souths) or as Daley once said, even out of reserve grade. BIG mistake if THAT is the case IMO.

      • “rabbit with no dudz on” clean bowled again son!

        Someone who doesn’t know the game: “McInnes, but he is the same player as Peats.”

        Someone who DOES know the game: “I actually do rate McInnes, but he’s not origin, and he’s not Peats, not by a very long shot.”

        “No one rates McInnes”

        Do your research “journo”:

        SSTID_1970 September 15, 2016 at 6:03 pm
        He is a definite improvement on Rein

        SSTID_1970 September 15, 2016 at 6:13 pm
        He is a definite improvement on Rein or Lichaa for a start. He had a high work rate this year for Souths, made a lot of tackles etc.

        SSTID_1970 September 15, 2016 at 11:11 pm

        …McInnes had a go, I will give him that. There were times during the year when our biggest forwards just held out an arm and pretended to make a tackle and McInnes put his body on the line for charge after charge against guys that dwarfed him. It takes more guts to pull that off than to hide behind anonymity in a forum.

        SSTID_1970 September 17, 2016 at 1:47 pm
        I’m willing to bet right now McInnes will be a far bigger success than Rein (has been at the Dragons/or will be anywhere else), Lichaa (Dogs), De Gois (Eels) or Baptiste at Canberra (if Hodgson is unavailable).

        • Now “Rabbits”, do you want that truce or not? “Rabbits? Don’t Start me Rabbits! Don’t start me!” 😉

  11. SSTID, I’ve been here, reading every ones comments , feel that sometimes it’s best not to comment on all things said, but i do like reading your comments , they are always correct and factual, it makes me feel that maybe your a journalist, are you?

      • Hey “rabbit with no dudz on”

        Stop exposing yourself mate! You just mentioned “She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”. Be gone before you bring great evil upon us! Btw, you are about as good a journalist yourself as you are a poet:

        rabbitwithdudzon November 10, 2016 at 7:23 pm

        Euan I, with a Kane,
        yr leave me Aitken
        with a sweaty Brough.

        Embarrassing? Much!! Hahahahahahaha

        • Are you? Read what you have written and ask yourself the same question?

          rabbitwithdudzon November 9, 2016 at 5:08 pm
          Dragon fans Dun a mis him, in Lui of everything.

          rabbitwithdudzon November 9, 2016 at 8:12 pm
          I Dun a mis in the Lui.

          rabbitwithdudzon October 28, 2016 at 9:54 pm
          Best news since I lost my virginity.

          rabbitwithdudzon October 28, 2016 at 10:22 pm
          Please stop wanking yourself over my comments, ok.

          Mate I did some research on you and your posts here on ZT from earlier this year and late 2015 and they are 180 degrees from the above. What happened? Like I said before you need to lift your game. If you are going to make an argument or if you are going to be funny, make an effort. I have seen plenty of examples of you doing much better in the past.

          Your comment about Peats vs McInnes, although I disagree I will at least admit you are having a go and we all don’t agree all the time here so fair enough. I asked you a number of relevant questions to try and engage you about the game and you have ignored all but one of these.

          penso asked ME a direct question, not posting under you and you wanted to be a smart ass:

          “More chance of danielle being a journo mate.”

          I’ll ask you one more time… “Rabbits”, do you want that truce or do you want to get “clean bowled” here every night. Hit the “reset button” or “let’s take this to DEFCON 1”?

    • “His comments are always correct and factual”, surely that rules out a journo.

      If I was to have a punt I’d go with something to do with I.T.

      • You got it eelsalmighty… you understand me so well. 😉 Star Trek fan too (and all things Sci-Fi) and love computer games as well. I’m a real nerd at times! Played touch footy and social tennis comps before my knees gave out so now I don’t have a leg to stand on! Hahahahahaha

      • eelsalmighty

        “something to do with I.T.”

        It’s pronounced “IT” with a silent “sh”. I work up to my neck in (sh)IT! Hahahahahahaha

    • penso

      Me a journo? No! When I was leaving school I wanted to be one but lost the interest. I did work experience for the old “Sun newspaper” back in the day and got accepted into NSW Uni for a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) degree instead but I deferred to take a year off and got involved in IT instead.

      Although I never went back I expanded into other areas of interest. After I did my knee playing football at the end of high school I got involved on stage and have sung a number of times at the Sydney Opera House, The NSW Concervatorium of Music, Sydney Town Hall, Leichhardt Town Hall and Concervatorium of Music. Just one aspects of many facets of who I am! 😉

      • Oops! “Concervatorium”… and you think I’m a journo? LOL

        … Sydney Conservatorium of Music and Central Coast Conservatorium of Music.

        • Just checked… it’s called the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (next to the Opera House). Should check my facts first! Hey I COULD be a journalist! Hahahahahaha

  12. Ok , now we all know, sounds like you have had an interesting life journey so far, and i’m with you brother on the star trek thing and most things Sci fi i find it a great escape, anyway enough of that, league is what we talk about and i think we have only 112 sleeps till kick off , man we got a lot to get through until then or make up a lot!! my opinion Peats would do me has hooker certainly Cook if given a big go with Souths and yes Meninga is doing a great job for NSW blooding all our players, bring on 2017 in how many sleeps?

    • penso

      Can’t wait for the Auckland 9’s, I’m keen for to see some of our new young talent on show. Souths usually go alright this year though 1 from 3 wasn’t up to scratch but I think we have enough good young guys and players like Cook and Walker who are made for this type of football. Each year they bring an old guy into the team… in 2017 do you think that will be Farah? 😉

      • You won’t run Farah in the nines, surely not. I’m pretty sure the only reason teams run “an old bloke” in previous years is because they have to select at least 1 player from their top 5 (highest paid 5), so Farah wouldn’t tick that box.

        That said, some of the names that are sticking their hands up this year to play, makes me think the clubs (or at the very least the players), are starting to take the nines up a notch.

        I like the nines, mainly for the chance to see some of the young talent in action. I’m looking forward to seeing some our young guys in action next year, and it’s a big opportunity for them

        • eelsalmighty

          “You won’t run Farah in the nines, surely not.”

          “I was just jokes with you, simples!” 😉 (‘Aleksandr the meerkat’)

          “I like the nines, mainly for the chance to see some of the young talent in action.”

          Exactly! Fast and open just how they like it. 🙂

    • Green2ooF

      There is little effort or time involved to type something up on a mobile phone. But perhaps if you say more I’ll say less? Are you a Raiders fan Green2ooF?

  13. IMO, i would look at this team going forward – shoot the feedback through

    1. Tedesco
    2. Ferguson
    3. Dugan
    4. Hayne
    5. Trbojevic
    6. Moylan
    7. Pearce
    8. Woods
    9. Peats
    10. Tamou
    11. Cordner
    12. Frizzell
    13. Merrin

    14. Jackson
    15. Graham
    16. Fafita
    17. Klemmer

    • eagle85

      1. Tedesco at FB is a MUST!
      2. Ferguson and NOT Mansour? Mansour for mine.
      3. Dugan? I think Joey Leilua should be given a shot. He is exactly the type of QLD DON’T want to face!
      7. Pearce, seriously? No IMO Adam Reynolds until Nathan Cleary is ready to play without being rushed in.
      9. Peats, YES, unless Damian Cook comes of age in 2017 (doubt he will be the starting hooker for Souths though).

      I think Cody Walker (especially if partnered with Reynolds) might be a very good option. He still needs to prove himself in 2017 first. Moylan is a great player but behind Maloney at the moment. If Walker doesn’t prove he deserves the spot (but going up a gear from 2016) then Moylan to replace Maloney. On form he still deserves his spot.

      I don’t disagree with the bench but I would like to see Cartwright and Peachey in the mix. Especially when Cleary is HB.

      1. Tedesco
      2. Mansour
      3. Leilua
      4. Hayne
      5. Trbojevic
      6. Maloney then C. Walker\Moylan
      7. Reynolds\Cleary

      On form at ATM S. Boyd is ahead of Tamou but if Tamou can refind form then he should probably be in the 17. Including Cartwright and Peachy, good depth for the forwards!

      • @ SSTID_1970

        Fair comments but I don’t see Mansour being back, fit and ready to take on origin with his ACL busted. I think he may need more time for recovery but who knows, Penrith have some amazing facility to he might surprise us.

        BJ Leilua does deserve a shot but Dugan having a lot of experience and Hayne back in the NRL – i think these 2 will be first picked for NSW. It’s too hard to leave Hayne out and Dugan (if not injured) will also be one of the first picked. He is even starting for Aus so i don’t see NSW not picking him and I think its a safe option as well.

        Cleary in 3 to 4 years time. I think it will come down to Pearce or Reynolds at HB. Pearce was only on the outer because of his Aus day antics. Even then, they were ver close to choosing him but thought it was a bad idea due to image of the game. If pearce is palying decent footy and not in toruble, he’s in.

        In regards to 5/8 – i thought Walker was a queenslander. I know he was born in NSW but i think his junior footy might have been played in QLD or the border or NSW. His rep side was QLD residents – could be wrong though. Maloney is a safe option but if Cronulla are not playing as well, i dont think he would make it. With a few key changes at Cronulla and some movements, it may disrupt his game playing first recevier. He’s good enough to adapt so ime till tell. Its hard to not have moylan in the team and he isn’t a utility. Moylan can ball play and run the ball and he’s actually quite smart at reading the game. He’s 5/8 without a doubt.

        • eagle85

          “I don’t see Mansour being back,”

          Totally right! It slipped my mind (the extent of his injury. Once fit and (not effected by concerns with his knee) he it a definite. Until then he is just on one leg. So he should be just as effective as Gerard Beale. 😉

          “i think these 2 will be first picked for NSW”

          That’s the question isn’t it… Who IS actually picked as opposed to SHOULD get picked. I have no problem with Dugan he is a safe option but players like Leilua and Jack Bird (Hayne included) have the “X-Factor” that will worry QLD. Dugan hasn’t shown this for some time now IMO but is a safe and dependable option nonetheless (like JMoz whose time for the Blues should now be over).

          “Cleary in 3 to 4 years time”

          No sense rushing him, totally agree. By then Bryce Cartwright should well and truly be ready as well.

          “i thought Walker was a queenslander. I know he was born in NSW but i think his junior footy might have been played in QLD or the border or NSW.”

          Damn but you’re right! I new he wasn’t born in QLD (Nowra and then Casino) but I hadn’t looked beyond that. Yeah, he attended Palm Beach Currumbin High School and played his junior footy only JUST over the border, but over the border nevertheless. Oh, well. Pity the QLD have so much talent and he is pretty much off their radar or he would carve NSW up along with Ash Taylor in the next 2 – 3 years.

          If not for Maloney’s form this year at club level as well as in SOO (where along with Frizell he was NSW best and most consistent IMO) I would be happy if they went with Moylan for example but he is still needed to help steady the ship and for his goal kicking (form permitting).

          “I think it will come down to Pearce or Reynolds”

          If they are being honest, Reynolds is the best option (he looked comfortable there this year and will only improve on that as long as he can remain injury free). Given though that Daley and Sterlo are great mates with Wayne “Junior” Pearce and have been “a little biased” to be honest, concerning Mitchell throughout his career. I fully expect that they will go with him regardless of form. It will be the same kind of backwards thinking that will see them stick to Farah at hooker.

          Long way off but, as QLD has shown in the past, you have to get the mix right between selecting on form and not changing the team too much.

          “Moylan can ball play and run the ball and he’s actually quite smart at reading the game. He’s 5/8 without a doubt.”

          I agree he can play the position but what I am against is him being played out of position for where he plays week in week out for the Panthers. I would happier to see him move to 5/8 for the Panthers if he he had thoughts of being a 5/8 at rep level.

        • @eagle85 – Damn but that’s too big! Sorry eagle85 lost track in the “small window” of how much I’d typed. Just skip it. Short answer: I pretty much agree with everything you said. Cheers.

  14. 1. Tedesco
    2. Hayne
    3. Leilua
    4. Bird
    5. Trbojevic
    6. Moylan
    7. Maloney
    8. Boyd
    9. Wallace/Peats/Pearce/Cook/Koroisau
    10. Woods
    11. Cordner
    12. Frizell
    13. Trbojevic

    14. Klemmer
    15. Merrin
    16. Graham/Cartwright
    17. ?

  15. I would have penciled in for next year

    1 Teddy
    2 B Morris
    3 Leilua
    4 Hayne
    5 Trbojevic
    6 Maloney
    7 Cleary. He will be ready by next year and he is our long term halfback.
    13 Frizzell
    12 Cordner
    11 Graham
    10 Woods
    9 Farrah (C)
    8 Junior Paulo, I am surprised that no one has already mentioned him

    14 J Bird utility
    15 Fifita
    16 James
    17 Klemmer/Boyd
    18 Cartwright
    19 Fergo

    • So you want to put Cleary a First Year Rookie into Origin?
      What are you smoking, can I have some, please!

      B Morris won’t be selected either he is past his best.

  16. Damien Cook will eventually be the NSW Hooker.
    Robbie Farah will be selected next year if his form warrants it.
    Nathan Peats is way too slow for Origin.
    Mitch Rein now at the Panthers with those McGregor shackles having finally been removed will also surprise many of you and will be considered.

    As far as halfback is concerned
    Adam Reynolds is the best all round halfback in the Comp even including the Cane Toads and Kiwi halfbacks.

    His short kicking game is the best in the comp bar NONE.
    He Gets way more repeat sets by forcing the opposition in-goal and has way more try assists with his kicks than any other player.

    Reyno is the best defensive halfback also, Cronk and Pearce rate 2nd and 3rd.
    Reyno’s running game is improving all the time.

    Reyno needs to work on his passing game and his long kicking game but when he puts up those spiralling torpedo bombs, he is the Best.

    I also expect that for 2018, not 17 but Cody Walker may also get a chance at Origin.

    A spine with Cook, Reynolds, Walker and pick any Fullback you want will be great for NSW…. eventually!

    Cleary, Brooks, Moses, their defence is in no way ready for Origin!
    At this stage!

    • I also expect that Valentine Holmes and Jack Bird will play Origin next season.
      Many have mentioned Cartwright and Peachey but their defence isn’t up to Origin.
      Both Trbojevic brothers should also be in there eventually.
      I would have Ryan James also
      Hayne is a must.

      I would drop Fergo

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