The Laurie Daley Cup has entered its final stages of the competition with only four teams left. Zero Tackle has you covered with all the team lists for the two semi-final matches this weekend.


Northern Tigers vs Macarthur Wests Tigers

Taking place at Pirtek Park at 12:30am, the Northern Tigers will face the Macarthur Wests Tigers in the first semi-final game.

The Northern Tigers finished first in the Northern Conference with nine points, while the Macarthur Wests Tigers finished second in the Southern Conference with eight points.

Northern Tigers

1. Reece Josephson
2. Keandre Johnson-Vale
3. Samuel Carr
4. Cooper Meldrum
5. Oscar Atkin
6. Jackson Smith
7. Jordan Hamlin (c)
8. Zane Groves
9. Jack Foley
10. Nate Rothall
11. Braydon Allan
12. Dylan Keane
13. Dustin Wyrzykowski

14. Riley Fitzsimmons
15. Jayden Seckold
16. Jack McLeod
17. Toby Jamieson

Macarthur Wests Tigers

1. Riley Oitmann (c)
2. Gene Wighton
3. Kurtis Dupond
4. Brady McMillan
5. Saint Fuatimau
6. Jayden Innes
7. Dion Williams
8. Kohan Lewis
9. Dylan Smith
10. Lucas Rossi
11. Byronn Laupepa
12. Archie Duncombe (c)
13. Henare Reti

15. Kimball Liufau
17. Carson Leauluga-Puhotau
18. Logan Tuimauga
22. Lucas Muir