The Laurie Daley Cup has entered its final stages of the competition with only four teams left. Zero Tackle has you covered with all the team lists for the two semi-final matches this weekend.


Monaro Colts vs Central Coast Roosters

Taking place at Woy Woy Oval at 11:30am, the Monaro Colts will face the Central Coast Roosters in the first semi-final game.

The Colts finished first in the Southern Conference with eight points, while the Roosters finished second in the Northern Conference with nine points.

Monaro Colts

1. James Croker
2. Brady Smith
3. Luke Tuialii
4. Harry Hudson
5. Lachlan Cunanan
6. Clinton Latham
7. Jonah Anderson
8. Alex Hardy
9. Mitchell Brophy
10. Jesse Milin
11. Joseph Elton
12. Brock Apolevski
13. Dylan Watkins

14. Yuri Hromow
15. Ash Flint
16. Sam Lever
17. JJ Mau Pohiva

Central Coast Roosters

1. Sean Bullen
2. Cooper Dean-Potaka
3. Sam Gillespie
4. Zahn McKay
5. Samisoni Talakai
6. Chaice Bayley
7. Brooklyn Rosemeyer (c)
8. Joshua Jamieson
9. Travis Jackson
10. Lorenzo Godoy
11. Cooper Ausburn
12. Josiah Fesolai
13. Billy Brown

14. Logan O'Brien
15. Jake Herring
16. Jake Sanday
22. Jared Gilston