The NRL has handed down a whopping $250,000 fine to the Canterbury Bulldogs for their drunken Mad Monday antics, as reported by The Daily Telegraph.

Three Bulldogs at the centre of the misconduct, Adam Elliott, Asipeli Fine and Marcelo Montoya, are facing additional club-imposed $40,000 fines for their involvement.

The NRL issues a statement this afternoon:

“The NRL today issued the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs with a breach notice proposing a fine of $250,000 relating to the club’s post-season function,” NRL CEO Todd Greenberg said.

Greenberg concluded that the first week of the finals had been tarnished following an investigation into the scandal.

“The club organised the event and failed to implement the most basic of measures to ensure it was conducted in an appropriate way,” Greenberg said.

“The club’s failure to manage the event followed specific directives to all clubs to ensure these type of events do not damage our game.

“The players’ behaviour embarrassed themselves, their club and the game on the eve of the Finals Series.”

The seriousness of the penalty was determined by to the fact that the club organised the event, which included senior club officials being present at the wild public scenes.

“The actions of some players and officials was inexcusable and we are determined to send a message that it will not be tolerated on this occasion — or in the future,” Mr Greenberg said.

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“There has been a real improvement in player behaviour this year — and we should all acknowledge that.

“But to have this kind of incident on the eve of our finals is more than disappointing and there has to be a deterrent to ensure we have no repeat of this behaviour.”

Green said the club had five days to respond to the breach notice before a final resolution is made, which would be taken into account.




  1. That seems a bit steep for a telescopic lens paparazzi photo at a closed door private function. Or am I missing something?

    Yet another triumph for sleazy sensationalist gutter journalism.

  2. What about the Benny Barba scandal that Todd Greenberg covered up whilst at the helm of the Bulldogs.

    We want and need a real leader of this great game, Greenberg aint it!

  3. Todd is useless. This game has gone so far backwards under his rein that I don’t think it can ever be repaired.
    As for the fine, it needs to be added to their cap for next year.

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