Jayden Okunbor is set to be sacked by the Bulldogs for allegedly having sex with a schoolgirl he met on a preseason trip, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The Bulldogs decision comes following the release of an Instagram exchange between Okunbor and one of the girls.

Teammate Corey Harawira-Naera will be spared the sack despite connecting with another student from the school on social media.

Both Okunbor and Harawira-Naera have been suspended from playing and training after breaching the NRL and Bulldogs' code of conduct.

Since the incident, restaurant chain Rashays pulled out of a $2 million sponsorship deal with the club over what they labelled a "repulsive" incident.


  1. This is possibly the dumbest incident I have ever heard of in association with Rugby League. And there have been some pretty dumb things done by Rugby League players in the past.

  2. butters I agree 100%

    I think he should be sacked. My issue with it though is what stops another team from picking him up and signing him mid season?

    Also if sacking him does that money go back onto the cap for them to replace?

    The dogs have
    350K from Foran
    ??? from Chris Smoth
    ??? from this moron.

    Potentially the dogs have 600K+ to spend… but on who????

  3. Oh get the F over it suspend him fine him but sacking him pffft plz next minute players are gonna be told u can only play nrl if your married or a virgin like half the keyboard warriors on here

  4. @Krazyman

    The main reason he will get sacked is because Greenberg has to show these commissioners that he means business and try and keep his job.

    Also not cool how he did it. No one ha an issue with someone getting laid but not hat way.

    There’s a responsibility as a player to behave

  5. So, this Guy, who is being touted as an NRL star, but the reality is he is just an average footballer, demonstrates the NRL has failed big time in its “respect women” education curricula.

    Okunbor has only been around for ~12 months, so you would think he has been through the wringer on how to behave as an NRL player…but no…he either just doesn’t get it or worst still doesn’t care….

    Sack them both!

  6. krazyman
    If you owned a business and you told a employee not to do something and he ignored you and went ahead and did it anyway and it cost your company 2 million dollars you would not sack him? Right call.

  7. Sack them both for gross stupidity Don’t pay them and prevent them signing for other clubs for 12months. Problem solved.

  8. Well , they cant sack one and not the other, which appears maybe the case, they haven’t broken the law so why not fine them and move on, simple.

  9. Another case of stupid social media ruining someones life/career. Easy fix….. STAY OFF SOCIAL MEDIA.

  10. Does anyone else think the nrl are undermining women? With all this treat women with respect and such, doesn’t a female have a choice who they sleep with and when! In both of these situations we have consenting humans, I can’t understand how the nrl are making the females out to be some sort of victims. How about the nrl respects a females right to sleep with whoever they choose

  11. This is just a pathetic excuse for Rashays to easily get out of their $2m sponsorship commitment and great timing for them considering the impact Corona virus is having on business and especially the downturn in hospitality and dining. Great opportinity to throw someone under the bus in order to save some hard $$$ in these tough times.

  12. @busta I know a lot of ppl say they know ppl but I actually personally know ramy the owner of rashays he is a gentleman & had every right to pull the plug.
    what I’m angry about is the bulldogs should of deleted everything suspended him sent him for a meeting laid the law on the clubs standards & that’s it as far as I can tell dogs cost them selves the 2mil if the girls didn’t complain why bringing it to light at a time Greenberg is trying to save his job this kid will get sacked then picked up by another club so what’s the lesson learnt here nothing get sacked move to another club wouldn’t be surprised if Melbourne pick him up

  13. The NRL needs community access to grow the fan base. A huge part of that is visiting schools. What sort of school principle would ever allow NRL players into a school ever again after this. How would they explain themselves to the parents.

    They didnt break the law but they did break the code of conduct. It seems almost comical but suspect they’ve done huge damage to game. The NRL are trying to change player behavior with seminars but treat them like children and idols at the same time. Clubs need to take more responsibility. In fact its time clubs got hit with salary cap reduction when their players act up. I reckon that would fix things pretty quickly. And if they cover it up, triple the reduction.

  14. @penso the thing is, what okunbor did was break a national law, not a state law. Asking a 16 year old for nude photos is legal in NSW while being illegal nationally.