CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 21: Jackson Hastings of the Eagles in action during the round eight NRL match between the Canberra Raiders and the Manly Sea Eagles at GIO Stadium on April 21, 2017 in Canberra, Australia. (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

Jackson Hastings NRL exile is surely over, with Trent Barrett confirming five-eighth Lachlan Croker’s season is over.

Croker’s breakout season has been cruelly cut short following an ACL tear during Manly’s loss to Newcastle on Friday night.

Hastings was informed he wouldn’t be playing NRL again in 2018 after repeated disagreements with the first-grade squad, especially captain Daly Cherry-Evans.

But with Croker gone for the year, Hastings banishment to Blacktown seems over in a flash.

Alternatively, centre Dylan Walker can slot into the halves, but that experiment was deemed a failure when Manly used him there back in 2016.

Having now lost four games on the trot, Manly are desperate for something, anything that could re-spark the side.

Hastings had had limited chances to feature as a starting half since joining the Sea Eagles, with the likes of Blake Green and Lachlan Croker blocking his path.

But the youngster certainly proved he could match it with the best as a starter in 2015, lining up alongside James Maloney and controlling the Roosters side during the finals.

As salary cap drama surrounds the club, the Sea Eagles don’t have the cap space to buy a replacement, leaving Jackson Hastings the club’s next best option.

Whether it be at five-eighth or on the interchange bench, it appears Hastings NRL exile is over as quickly as it began.


    • You follow the rorters and were the cheats? Fmd what a degenerate your team is the reason the nrl is the biggest joke of the sporting world since 2013.. 2012 roosters 14th.. 2013 1st after buying jennings maloney and moneybill. The ch9 roosters buddy

      • Yes, well done fiftyfour, you are the cheats, and the most recent ones.
        Like it or not, your club, my club, and they’re are others going further back, cheated.

      • Manly cheated in the 2013 GF and the Roosters still beat you.
        DCE. Is he looking for an 8 week holiday with the eye gouge ?
        The Jackson debacle shows Twent has lost the dressing sheds.

        • @ mychookmycar

          You hate Manly so much, you must have a complex.

          Also, learn how to spell – it’s Trent. Same name as the chooks coach or is he Twent too?

    • You guys are naive if you think there are clubs who are innocent.. some are just smarter than others.

    • +1 all this talk of hastings like the guy is good or something LOL hes always been rubbish give tom a go

      • Jackson just carries a very strong surname, that’s about it. His playing style doesn’t fool any efforts defensively from the opposition.

        Tom Wright needs to play 5/8

  1. What happened to that douche who had the user name 54-0@LOLParra
    Don’t see that halfwit on here laughing anymore.
    Maybe I should change my name to 44-10@LOLManly
    No i won’t as I am not as thick as that clown.

    • Heeey mr gronk fact is we beat you 54 -0 with your full team. You beat us after all the injuries and after weeks of rubbish in the media. We suck but your doldrums are worse and really last week we beat ourselves. So back in your box kevy enjoy the fluoride and radium in your water parra scum LOL i see another spoon coming your way unless the dogs save you

      • Where to start.
        We didn’t have our full team. We were missing several players, such as Gutho, TRex, Pritchard etc. that said it wouldn’t have made much, if any difference, as we played the worst game I’ve seen for a long time. But as a long term Parra supporter, I’ll concede, not the worst the game I’ve ever seen.
        Manly capitalised on our very weak effort, even better than we capitalised on your very weak effort last week, so the scores, for both clubs, say more about a weak opposition on the day than they do about the actual win.
        Going forward, for the rest of this season, and I think Manly are a very real chance of getting a SPOON, and as poorly as we have played to date, I still don’t think we’ll be in contention. YOU better hope the Dogs or Titans save your clubs “Cherry” buddy.
        The irony is, maybe, just maybe, Hastings can save the “proud” club from its first SPOON, but in fairness, and as fun as that would be, I still hope he doesn’t.

    • Manly basically weren’t there but Parra fans think they are gonna go on a run lol, spoon for sure

      • I think most Parra supporters realise we won last week against a deflated, pretty avaerage team, at best, that had a bad day.
        That said, at the very least we capitalised on the opportunity, and had some combos working again etc.
        I think we have a good squad, and a good coach, so I’m hoping, yes hoping, that gave them some confidence, and we start playing to our actual capabilities again.
        As for Manly, blind Freddie can see they are in trouble this year, and they’ve got Trent and DCE to lead the team out of it. Good luck, because they’ll need it, big time.

  2. I said this on Twitter and I’ll repeat it here: “Unless Manly have found the money to fit him in their roster, I would find it highly unlikely that Cameron Cullen will be lining up at #6 given he’s contracted to Redcliffe in Q Cup and named to play Ipswich tomorrow.”

    • Manly problem. Who’s gives a rats???? It’s great to see them in turmoil. Do yourself a favour Jackson, get outta the cess pit known as the northern beaches!!!

  3. Don’t understand the water comment? Very few people in the Manly area are drinking water from Manly dam. There may be different filtration plants around supplying various areas. However, the majority of water supplied to the whole Sydney area comes from Warragamba Dam. So the drinking water in Parramatta is much the same as the drinking water in Manly. Of course in Manly it has much further to travel through pipes. So collects more rubbish from the pipes on the way.
    Any home filtration systems used to clean the water in Manly can be used at Parramatta.
    Maybe you drink bottled water in Manly? Also available in Parramatta.
    The only other option is tank water.
    In other words, we are all drinking the same water. So let’s all hope it’s not to bad. 😉

  4. Where was it actually stated verbatim that Hastings would never play 1st grade again with manly? As far as I’ve managed to find it’s only “He’s been dropped to Blacktown. There’s still tine for him to turn it all around.” If some one can show a link to an actual sound bite that has someone at Manly in authority saying exactly “He’s never going to play first grade with us again” I’ll agree with all the danny “douche-bag” wielders out there.
    It was tried with farah but failed. Sooner or later teams succumb to pressure. And you know what. In every case a player is demoted, dropped or what ever and then recalled. They usually have a blinder.

  5. If Manly get rid of Hadtings. Does anyone think the Bulldogs may pick him up ? Even for just this year.
    They would have to let someone go to do it. Foran at halfback & Hastings at 5/8th. Maybe a better combination for them?

  6. Few weeks ago they were happy to let him go and never let him play FG again this year and now look lol. Sad news for Croker but a blessing in disguise for Wright, if Barrett is willing to throw him in. If I were Hastings, no way I’d stay after all that’s happened, both him and the club deserve better. But I do think he’d thrive and make DCE look good again.

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