GOSFORD, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 11: Cameron Smith of the Melbourne Storm warms up before the start of the game during the round 21 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Melbourne Storm at Central Coast Stadium on August 11, 2019 in Gosford, Australia. (Photo by Tony Feder/Getty Images)

A Sydney media insider has lifted the lid on the shocking lengths that reporters in the harbour city go to in order to target the Melbourne Storm.

Speaking strictly on the condition of complete anonymity, the insider, who will hereafter be referred to only as ‘Journalist X’, has detailed the secret Thesaurus sessions and private video sessions where the top rugby league correspondents attempt to pick apart their rival.

Journalist X, who says he has worked for some of the major media outlets, has told of hours-long meetings where well-thumbed copies of Roget’s Thesaurus are forever being searched for that next wrestling term to link to the NRL powerhouse.

At these meetings, episodes of WWE Smackdown are often quietly playing in the background for inspiration – of course, it’s entirely possible that some of these journos are as bored by wrestling as I am and simply doze off and dream about the stories they then write.

Could you imagine if this article was being presented as fact? Wouldn’t the cries of slander and defamation of character ring out from Coogee to Bankstown? You bet they would because here’s the dirty little secret that the NRL media aren’t telling you and it’s not that every team employs the same tactics or that they have a personal axe to grind. Because they really have no idea what goes on behind closed doors at the Melbourne Storm.

The big secret is that in any other working environment, the systematic smear campaign that has been levelled against Messrs Bellamy, Smith et al would be considered bullying.

Bullying is rampant in society and any number of people rightly speak out against it. Why? Because words hurt.

What happens when some young Storm player gets targeted by the media for this and doesn’t have the means to cope? Let’s all hope that it doesn’t come to this but you do hear of people, especially young people, who get so down because of online victimisation that they take drastic action. Will those responsible be held to account if their actions lead to this? Or will that be the Storm’s fault too?

The reality is that rugby league is a game and every team is playing to win. The media is populated with ex-players with personal histories with and against various franchises and players.

And the career journalists? Well, here’s another dirty little secret. Their interest in the game came from somewhere. Most likely at a young age. And when they realised that they weren't going to be able to make a living playing the game, they looked around and found another career opportunity reporting on it.

All great so far. But, although they will try to paint themselves as impartial, they still would have a team that they support and they all would have grown up in a world where an upstart team from south of the Murray wasn’t even a part of the landscape, let alone better than their beloved team. And so the bitterness seeps through.


  1. Grains of truth there I suspect but expect the Sydney hoorays to be on here in a minute to shout you down.

  2. Sooo your saying that everybody has an axe to grind with the Storm because they’re jealous, and that certain media personalities have taken aim at the Storm because they weren’t good enough to play footy professionally. And looking up names for Jui Jitsu moves is somehow evidence of that. What a complete load of nonsensical rubbish.
    Thats about the dumbest logic I’ve heard. Here’s a few more “grains of truth”. The media is more packed with Storm apologists than critics. Queenslanders refuse to condemn Smith’s grubbery because they dont want to tear down their own idols. Why dont people from Sydney hate the Broncos like they do the Storm. Plenty to be jealous of there, but they don’t. The storm invented nearly every wrestling technique there is. Yes others teams do it or they get blown off the park, because the NRL doesn’t do anything about it in a timely manner.
    The fact is it doesnt matter what is written in the media because the fans have 2 eyes and a brain and can see what is obvious to all. Thanks for the Storm propaganda ZT.

  3. “Why dont people from Sydney hate the Broncos like they do the Storm.”

    Simple, its a NSW/QLD game isn’t it ? NSW rugby league never wanted Melbourne in the game, they did everything to prevent it and then when forced to accept it they fully expected Melbourne to fail. Melbourne were expected to be a club that under performed on and off the field because AFL mad Melbourne would never go to an NRL game. Melbourne were supposed to be a spectacular failure then NSWRL could press for a return of the Bears and now NSW cannot stand Melbourne.

    The article is clearly tongue in cheek but the old saying “Many a true word is spoken in jest” is so very often true.

  4. “The fact is it doesnt matter what is written in the media because the fans have 2 eyes and a brain and can see what is obvious to all”

    If only that were true but history has repeatedly shown how easily the masses can be manipulated through Propaganda.

  5. When Melbourne entered the competition I dont recall any of those things Rucky that you say happened. I thought “cool another new team”. Everybody was glad to see the Warriors, Storm, Reds, Cowboys etc. enter the competition, presumably on the basis they wouldn’t change the fabric of the game. Unfortunately the wrestling they have ushered in has greatly detracted from the overall spectacle of the game. Go back and watch a game from the late 90s. Completely different and far more entertaining.
    Its sad that so many in our society today think that the opinion of the masses is no longer valid simply because it differs from their own. I guess the masses are just too stupid to make up their own mind.

  6. I think the authors point is that in any other industry, targeting individuals for Mass abuse would be able to be dealt with on a legal level. Therefore, why is it not when the media are targeting one club for something every club does?

  7. Right on Butters! Here’s a few more “grains of truth”. The NRL is more packed with Storm apologists than critics. 

  8. Edwoodwoodwood1 talk about calling the kettle black you hypocritical fart.
    Melbourne promoting rugby league in AFL crazed vic?
    What are your roosters doing to promote rugby league in Dover Heights which is dominated by AFL and soccer?
    BTW look up sydney roosters in wikipedia if you want to see who is the transit lounge club.

  9. EDWoodSYBIL stop embarrassing yourself any more than you already have trying to justify the roosters have no grass roots junior development program.
    Why do you think rooster membership is declining year by year despite a premiership?
    No grass roots junior development is a club with no soul, plain and simple like you.

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