AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - APRIL 09: Issac Luke of the Warriors looks on during the round six NRL match between the New Zealand Warriors and the Parramatta Eels at Mt Smart Stadium on April 9, 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images)

New Zealand international Issac Luke has revealed he attempted to join the Ireland National Rugby League team after he was overlooked by New Zealand coach David Kidwell.

The iconic kiwi-figure playing for Ireland, sound’s ridiculous?

Luke put his hand up and tried to prove his eligibility through his grandparent’s. He ended up being eligible, however, it was too little too late as he didn’t get the paperwork in time to Ireland coach Mark Aston.

“We got a list from the NRL telling us who qualifies and Issac Luke, who qualifies through his grandparents, put his hands up,” Aston said.

“We’re a bit gutted because he didn’t get the paperwork in on time. I think he thought he’d probably play for New Zealand and by the time he came back to us the chance has gone.

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“But he wants to play for Ireland one day.”

Luke Keary also expressed his ambition to join the Ireland team, however, requires surgery in the off-season.

Luke Keary would have also been massive for us. He 100 percent wants to play and we were excited to have him but he had to pull out to have hip surgery.”

Luke represented the Kiwis on 37 occasions, however, was overlooked this time around in favour of selecting a younger team leaving Kodi Nikorima and Danny Levi to battle it out for the No. 9 position.

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  1. He probably thought they meant Island not Ireland. Didn’t old bully release a video in support of Benji calling out players who disrespect the Kiwi jersey? Wonder if Benji will try to play for Island as well?

  2. Quick quiz, where is Pacific Ireland located.

    What a joke, he has as much connection to Ireland as Trump has to reality. Glad his ludicrous bid failed, would have been a slap in the face to any Irish player that got punted because of him. It’s not like he has ever shown them any allegiance before, just having a sook because he didn’t get picked for un zud.

  3. How is that a joke daffy? There’s thousands of Maoris in NZ that have Irish lineage. What would you know mate? That is definitely not a ludicrous bid, if you’re connected to any nation through your lineage then that is your birthright to represent.
    Yeah he missed out for the kiwis, however if you’re a player of calibre, then why wouldn’t you pick someone like Luke to represent your nation. Henry Paul did it for England through his lineage.

    Do your research mate? Thats all

    • I repeat it’s a joke,m where has his allegiance been to Ireland in the past. He’s newer talked about his heritage, or proclaimed a desire to play for them, so it is a total joke, that now he can’t get a gig he discovers his passion for Ireland.

      I’ve done my research and stand by what I said.

    • I won’t be having a HAPPY Christmas if Souths lose Crichton under any circumstances irrespective of who comes to the club. Gus should be top priority ATM the other essentials are all under contract. Cronk would be a VERY welcome addition though.

      • I can’t understand why you would be happy to see Cronk at Souths. Regardless of his quality, Cronk has one year at best left in the game and has a price tag near enough to 1m. Both Reynolds and Walker are quality first graders with years on their side. If you take it as a given that Inglis will be FB next year then there is not enough space in the team for Reynolds, Cronk and Walker. IMO only two types of teams can get use out of Cronk. Those that have a space in the halves and those that believe that they are 1 quality player away from making a serious premiership tilt next year. I don’t see Souths fulfilling either of those categories.

        I do agree though that keeping Crichton has to be of the highest priority.

        • It’s a combination of two factors. On one hand a “little birdy” tells me that Cronk coming to Souths is a fait accompli (OK he didn’t use THAT phrase) but I am assured it is a deal 85% done (which last time I checked is no deal at all).

          Secondly, I have grown disillusioned with Cody Walker. All the talk of dummy spits and constant griping about demanding successive contract upgrades and in the meantime his discontent translates to a clear lack of effort on the field, leaving balls he could easily catch to bounce and put the team under pressure and hanging out an arm in a token effort to stop a try near the line before receiving death stares from senior players… in short not good enough by a long shot! Walker forgets that without a lifeline from Souths he would have no first grade career at all. Instead of letting his performance on the field demand an upgraded contract he instead tries to hold the club to ransom with a series of performances that would not even make a NSW Cup team due to lack of effort.

          I had no idea Souths (IF this is all true) would be willing to pay THAT much for Cronk or that they even had that much room in the cap even if Crichton left. If Farah can be moved on to accommodate Cronk then I am all for it but not at the expense of Crichton who will be a regular in SOO and for Australia.

          The added bonus of Cronk is the wealth of experience and standard of professionalism he brings to a club and what that can mean to the young impressionable players around him not to mention his ability to guide a team under pressure.

          “those that believe that they are 1 quality player away from making a serious premiership tilt next year.”

          I vote that one, if Souths sign Cronk (move Farah on and re-sign Crichton) and Inglis, Reynolds and Sammy stay fit, why can’t the Rabbitohs be that team? All the other little ducks are lined up. I can dream anyway. 😉

        • For my 2 cents worth.

          You don’t need Cronk, unless your planning to move Walker on now, and use him as bridge for a year, maybe 2, when more experienced halves are available. If you want to move Walker on in hurry, just invite him to Rusty’s for a pep talk (worked wonders for Keary).

          You need props. That’s it, props that can do their job. Simples.

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