Jai Arrow has defended his actions for an incident involving James Tedesco in last night’s Origin decider.

Tedesco was taken from the field in the 19th minute after suffering a nasty head knock and did not return.

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Arrow hadn’t realised Tedesco was dazed and slammed him into the grass.

Trainers assisted him from the field and was then ruled out for the remainder of the game.

Once he pulled away he realised the state Tedesco was in and called for assistance but it was still enough to fire up fans.

Fans and legends of the game lashed out online, with many calling him a ‘grub’.

Arrow explained himself, declaring he is not a grub and that he did not realise Tedesco was knocked out.

“I’ve been told that some comments were made about Tedesco and I just sort of want to come out and say that at first I was fired up and I honestly, personally I am not a grub-like that,” Arrow said.

“I actually didn’t know he was knocked out so if you actually watch the full footage, you’ll watch me go back and put my hand up and I was checking his welfare.

“Because I actually realised he was knocked out when I sort of slammed him back on the ground which I guess I’m very apologetic about.

“I’m not a grubby player.”

The NRL match review committee have charged the Maroons star with a grade-one contrary conduct and fine of $550-$700 and did not ban him due to his good record.


  1. Sorry Jai Arrow, you’re a grub – mainly because it doesn’t matter whether he was out cold or not. It was just completely unnecessary. Being fired up isn’t an excuse to be completely classless on the field and pick up a player on the ground to throw him back down again. A complete lack of sportsmanship. Needs to plug his brain back in. Bad news for Arrow that the image is immortalized on film and makes him look like a complete dirt bag.

  2. Absolutely he is a lowlife grub.
    It should have resulted in 10 minutes in the bin and a penalty to NSW but that wasn’t in the script.

  3. NSW have no “mongrel” in their forwards these days.
    Arrow would not have gotten away with that if Chief or Bundy were playing.

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