SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 05: Greg Inglis of the Rabbitohs looks on during a South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL training session at Redfern Oval on December 5, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

South Sydney captain Greg Inglis is set for a return to the centres in 2018 in a bid to extend the former fullback’s career.

Inglis has dominated the fullback position since moving into the custodian role in 2012, but a string of niggling knee injuries has left question marks over whether ‘GI’ can keep going at the back.

It’s a bold approach from first-time coach Anthony Seibold, switching one of the game’s champions from one position to another. A similar move to that of his predecessor, Michael Maguire, when he arrived in Redfern six years ago.

Alex Johnston spent the majority of last season covering the fullback role after Inglis suffered a season-ending knee injury in Round 1, scoring 22 tries in 22 games for the red and green.

The switch means the Rabbitohs will carry one of the competition’s strongest centre pairings in the former of Inglis and new recruit Dane Gagai, who began training with the club this week.

While the fullback and centre spots appear all but certain, both wing spots appear wide open.

With the chance to play outside an international side on either side of the park, the likes of Braidon Burns, Robert Jennings, Richie Kennar, Hymel Hunt and Jacob Gagan will battle it out in the trials for the two spots.

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Inglis will make his long-awaited return to the playing field on February 24, when South Sydney take on St George Illawarra in the Charity Shield in Mudgee.


    • Spoken like a true one eyed QLDer, only motivated by self-interest. Obviously you are thinking of the 2018 SOO series and not the improved fortunes of South Sydney.

  1. To me seems a hell of alot of sense having him play centre.
    The over all backline looks stronger.
    Yes hes awesome at fullback if he can replicate the pre 2014 form but moving him to centre makes our backline overall look better.
    Safe and succesful return to him

    • I would play Johnston at FB until Jesse Arthars has a chance to develop. Once Arthars is ready to take over at FB move Johnston back to the left wing outside Inglis and move Campbell Graham to the right wing outside Gagai.

      1. Johnston/Arthars
      2. Graham/Johnston
      3. Inglis
      4. Gagai
      5. Hunt/Graham
      6. Walker
      7. Reynolds

      Robert Jennings and Braidon Burns should improve on their 2017 form and Jacob Gagan and Richie Kennar add good depth and could push for a first grade spot. Keep an eye out for Mawene Hiroti, Tyrone Taukamo and Adam Doueihi.

    • Still Kev most teams supporters would rather have an injury prone Greg Inglis over a fully fit Jarryd Hayne any day of the week. I suspect deep down so would you.

      • Not even deep down SSTD. Can’t stand Hayne and don’t want him in my team.
        Would definitely rather have a broken down mule like Inglis over a self absorbed brat like Hayne.

        • SSTID mate not SSTD. Let’s not go there shall we, there are enough infantile buffoons on this site as it is who are incapable of coming up with anything more creative or intellectually challenging than an obvious high school put down. As you have proven time and again you are not one of these so I will take it that it was just a typo.

          Glad we are in agreement then. If Hayne manages to grow up over the off-season and puts the team ahead of his own ego he may just find his mojo once again but he shouldn’t have spent the off-season at Macca’s and KFC if there was any likelihood of that happening I would have thought. I wonder if Hayne has had any new dreams over the Christmas break or do you think he will finally learn to live in the real world? Perhaps he may now realise that RL was the sport he was born to play and in chasing rainbows he has blown the best years of his career.

        • No problem mate, I thought as much. We are on the same side of the fence even if we are on opposite sides of the grandstand.

  2. Disagree Kev , centres move is a masterstroke add a year of rest and recoup the bloke will be primed , just like JT ! I see good things happening for Souths !

    • 100% agree that it will be the best Centre pairing combo – the only question will be if the ball can get to them.
      Reynolds and Walker kick a lot to the corner’s for the wingers but passing the ball through the line will be where they need to bring more to their attack. If they master both kick and short pass through the line, they will be very hard to predict and Gagai and Inglis will lap it up.

  3. SSTID well, you got your wish, Ingis at centre , Johnston did very well at fullback last year so no concern there, but that centre pairing with Gagai is very appealing especially outside Walker and Reynolds, but me thinks that within a season Inglis may find himself in the forwards just like the great Arthur Beetson did when he started off in the backs, imagine Inglis at lock , free to roam where he likes, not that bad a thought really, anyway good to see Cricthon declaring all systems go for the upcoming season, can’t wait, at least ZT helps to keep the interest until things get going and then we find out who were the smartest and most accurate in their predictions.

    • Maybe I am missing something penso but I am not sure where this positional change has been confirmed by either Inglis or Seibold. The last quote I read was from Inglis saying he still wanted and intended to play FB in 2018 and from Seibold who confirmed Inglis would be playing in the number 1. I think this is just speculation unless someone can reference a direct quote to confirm this.

      This far out from the trials there would be no team list released that would confirm a change. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

      • As Richo once told me ”don’t believe anything you read in the media”. I would guess that it goes for Zero Tackle as well.

    • I’m probably the only other person here that rates Cook at FB. I had suggested the positional change (in preference to Walker once AJ was injured) prior to Cook playing at FB against the Eels in Round 26. I remember Cook making a 40 metre break from a kick return from under Souths goal posts, he sure looked the goods and comfortable taking the high ball and in positional play. People tend to forget that Cook was originally a HB who can also play FB and was thrown into hooker at the Dogs out of necessity.

      That said, IMO Cook’s best position for Souths is at hooker playing 65 mins plus. Farah is passed playing 80 mins at hooker and is best suited to a loose forward/lock and caretaker dummy half/hooker role.

        • He played in the halves for the Dragons after he debuted off the bench but I will take your word for it 13rooster. I stand corrected. How is little “Cooper” coming along? I trust you haven’t been feeding him chicken over Christmas. Did you have a good New Year? I’m still on holidays but due back to work tomorrow.

          “Oh the pain! The pain!” Dr Zachary Smith (“Lost in Space”)

      • I can’t click reply on your last comment so this one will do. He played for Helensburgh then played for thirroul, I remember the first year they came up into the A’s and we beat them 60-0, the next few years were a different story with a few close games. I played Harold matts with him, he was just ripped and quick as, thanks to his nipper days (beach sprints) pretty sure he was near state champion for that, could be wrong though. He was always destined for first grade! I’m due back tomorrow too mate, been off since the 21st, i found out I’m gonna be a dad, had a great Chrissy/new year followed by a birthday so it’s been great but I’m ready for routine once again haha how was your time off? Little “coops” (better than “it” atm haha) is coming along great, ultrasound today showed a strong consultant heart beat so another little week gone by, quite a few more to go. Does it hurt knowing another roosters supporter is a few months away? 😂

        • So I will post in pieces then…

          Same thing here, I can’t reply to you either. I guess ZT have built a fence between the Roosters and the Rabbits. Perhaps it has something to do with trying to get the chook poo out of a Rabbits fur. It’s good for growing plants but not for a keep up appearances.

        • “Does it hurt knowing another roosters supporter is a few months away?”

          Yes, “junior” has no idea what awaits them I guess. Can’t be helped I understand. It’s not as though Roosters breed like Rabbits so you need all the supporters you can get. LOL

        • Good to hear things are going well thus far. The best days are ahead mate, everything will fly by like a dream and you will never look back.

  4. Not having a good fullback will hurt Souths, you never ever weaken a position to strengthen another especially with the spine of your side. Inglis has gotten slow and will run in circle by the new breed of quality centres like Mitchell, Walker and co. Hes a liability in my opinion, especially at centre. Should have stayed at 1.

    • And how will we go without a 5/8 ? Add that to the fact our million dollar baby needs a sitter and we’re in big trouble

      • Not in trouble mate, Hastings or Croker 2 very good options and both will be excellent options should we go either way. And Cherry like all halves will always do better with a partner.

    • I think your missing the point the reason for the switch is that Inglis can no longer handle the workload of fullback and in the centres it will be more about quality not quantity.

      Yes you shouldn’t weaken a position but both players are moving to positions they are both very comfortable with and will all around make the team stronger.

      If this was just for one game only you would be crazy not to pick Inglis as the fullback but his injury toll proves his body can’t handle it for 26 Rounds plus finals so the next best option who was always going to take over from him gets a crack.

      • Your first paragraph sums things up perfectly warriorsemg. It is the only reason why I have been advocating Inglis shifting to the centres to prolong his career and to ensure his availability each week for Souths. Souths simply cannot afford to have GI on the sidelines for an extended period again in 2018.

    • Generally I would agree with the whole not weakening one position to strengthen another, but not so in this case. The move will extend GI’s career and keep the Rabbitohs a stronger team overall for a longer period. Inglis will be fine in the centres, as he has shown in Origin. And if he has gotten slow as you say, why would you want to keep him at fullback, one of the most important positions on the field, where he has much more ground to cover and much more involvement where his speed will be required.

  5. It is in the sports section on the Telegragh today, Johnston did really well at fullback last year, so not really weakening a position there, i would still like Inglis to play fullback but if this helps prolong his career so be it, Holmsey you say some good things but also some really dumb one’s and this is one them, Inglis has had a full year off and will be very fresh and if he opposes Mitchell, then Mitchell will find out in a hurry that you don’t run over him and will have nighmares trying to tackle him, i’ll repeat what i said in an earlier post, there is no more potent back in the game when Inglis fires and he will, also Cook won’t be fullback i’m hoping Seibold makes him our next SOO hooker which would be good i believe although Holmsey won’t agree, it’s souths junior Korisau for him has next SOO hooker, sorry not sure how to spell his name.

    • Johnston did good yes but he isnt what souths need, he has no additional skills that a fullback needs. He cant ball play, kick or produce what a top quality fullback does. Sure he will score some tries but not much more. Inglis is a top fullback and while his pace may be slowing he still has all his skills and size. Chucking him at centre to have 5 more medicore seasons as opposed to 3 terrific final seasons at fullback is what is dumb, everyone said he should be fullback in and around the game. As for him being the most potent back, no maybe 5 years ago not now though, he has been surpassed by many. And Mitchell will run rings around Inglis, are you forgetting that Mitchell is the same size as Inglis but still possesses blinding speed? Sometimes you say some good thing Penso and some really dumb, this is one of them. And Cook is fast but thats the only layer to his game, he hasnt got that creativity or spark like others. And Koroisau as long as he stays injury free will start in the 9 for NSW, Fittler says he is a bolter and rates him very highly and was probably NSW best hooker in 2017 and for 2017 was only second the Cam Smith on form.

      • It’s interesting to see how critical you are of other clubs, yet you fail to see the flaws with your own ( mine included)
        Your observations are biased and bare no balance Holmsey !

        • Every team has flaws mate as do we but as a fan I’m going to look on the positive side of the flaws I choose not to look unrealistically on the negative side of our flaws as you do. There’s balance mate but the balance focuses on positives, bias is there as it is for every fan. Now take your tyrade somewhere else. I’m discussing Souths with the bunnies fans, don’t make another thread about your boyfriend DCE.

      • Johnston scored 14 tries in his last 9 games of 2017 and 7 of those were while playing at FB. He also scored 18 tries from 13 games. Too bad AJ was injured at the back end of the season when he was really starting to make the number 1 jersey his own who knows how many more tries he would have scored and he would have finished the season as the leading try scorer. Now compare that to Tommy Turbo’s 4 tries from his last 9 games and suddenly Johnston looks like the preferred FB wouldn’t you say?

        • SSTID don’t mention Tom ! Oh yeah you didn’t 😂😂😂😂😂 , your jumping at shadows again Holmsey ! “Focus on positives” “he doesn’t have the skills for fullback”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

        • Did Turbo even come close to leading try scorer in 2017 holmsey? AJ had him covered easily and still nearly ended up as the competitions leading try scorer after missing the last 2 games of the year! Where did Turbo come? As MW47 says, Turbo went MIA at the end of the season. Time to remove the maroon and white monocle mate.

        • Turbo is soooooo overrated.
          Manly should have kept Gutho instead.
          Waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy better fullback.
          There loss was definitely our gain.
          As for Turbo being better than AJ…………..Surely that’s a joke right?

        • Yes Kev, Gutherson is a better FB IMO and will prove that in 2018 (if he remains injury free). I think Turbo would be far more dangerous in the centres than at FB where his defensive weakness and deficiencies in positional play can be exposed. As he showed against the Dragons late in 2017, Turbo can also lose focus and switch off when the chips are down playing at FB.

          As for Turbo being better than AJ… I was only pointing out their head to head try scoring record and strike rate as a comparison. In that regard the evidence is pretty clear. I am not saying that I would pick AJ over Turbo at origin level though (WHEN Turbo is ready that is).

        • SSTID, not trying to be biased here but Turbo is the better fullback out of the two. In terms of tries scored, yes Johnson is better but in other areas, Turbo outclasses him.

          An example is Johnson had 5 try assists compared to 19 try assists, another is Johnson had 18 linebreaks but Turbo had 24 linebreaks. Turbo average metres in a game were 189m compared to Johnson’s 123 metres.

          In terms of impact in the team, Turbo is ahead. Johnson is a great player but not a better fullback than Turbo.

        • Lads il settle this one , Teddy pants both of em , he will be next OZ Fullback , his attack is superior, his defence is superior, Turbo will end up a winger or Centre it’s only a matter of time

        • Kev, you do realise that Manly let Gutherson go because they knew Turbo was going to be a better fullback and they were right. Turbo beats Gutherson in about every aspect in his game. The main weakness in Turbo’s game is his positioning in defence which can be fixed but he brings so much in our team which is why we did so well in attack. As for your comment on Turbo being overrated, weren’t you the person that said Bevan French is the better player than Turbo. Lol.

        • Positioning in defence ! Well eaglerock I do recall a heated exchange last year when I highlighted this “flaw “ 😂😂😂😂😂
          Why the sudden change of opinion?

        • Fair enough eaglerock. As I have said though Turbo has had a solid run at FB and plenty of opportunity to improve his game there while AJ has not. When you look at the tries AJ has scored since playing FB late in 2017 he does seem to have promise. Given more time and greater opportunity then who knows but I think with his speed and ability to finish off a try scoring opportunity AJ would be best suited playing outside Inglis at left centre at present. Turbo may take a points decision ATM but he has had every opportunity to prove himself in the custodian position while AJ has not. Also, when you compare their try scoring strike rates AJ is way ahead. We can agree to disagree but I do believe that Turbo is far better suited to centre than FB. He killed it in U20’s when he only had to run through arm tackles now the pressure is mounting and he is continually being exposed IMO. He is still a quality player though I grant you and definitely is already in the frame for SOO and Australia while, at present AJ is not.

        • I’ve always questioned his positioning (Just not on here), he backs it up though with his attacking skills. There’s a reason he had 19 try assists, give him time to work on his defence. He’s very lucky to learn off Billy Slater during the World cup and hopefully he took a few tips from Billy to improve his game. I can guarantee you if Turbo works on his defence and errors, he’ll be one of the best fullbacks in the game.

        • Toms a fullback, 2 blokes out of what 7billion people doesnt change that thats why he plays fullback and thats why Mal gave him some game time there in the world cup when Slater was off. And the argument of Johnston being a better fullback is dead your the one blokes in the world who says this its laughable to even ponder him being better.

        • Tom will eventually make a good fullback , not now though , a good coach should be able to position his players based on current performances, I did say a good coach , many great players played multiple positions, they had coaches who weren’t so stubborn

        • 7 billion? So do the Chinese and Indians now follow RL holmsey? Clearly “the pacifier” is the king of hyperbolic statements. Hyperbole and logic do not go hand in hand holmsey. Ask your teacher.

        • Tommy Turbo is a good fullback at the moment, nothing more. He is young, however, and has time to work on his game to become a great one. His biggest flaw can be learned (positional play in defence), and he has time to improve his passing game. These are the two areas that Gutho has him covered in spades, and it mainly comes down to effort. I am not saying that Tommy doesn’t put in, but very few in the comp put in as much as Gutho. Tom has a higher ceiling at fullback no doubt, but as it stands today if they were both in my team I would play Gutho at 1 and Tom in the centres, just my opinion on it though.

          As for Johnston at fullback. I think his best position is the wing, but he is a fine fullback too, and given more time there I am sure he will shine. I also think that, if you have the right players in the halves, the whole fullback needs to be a ballplayer thing is a bit of a myth. Souths have a good halves pairing in Reynolds and Walker, and I really don’t think Johnston needs to do more than play a support player role through the middle. They also have Inglis who can ball play when needed.

      • As I expected Holmsey! No DCE is your boyfriend! Your the one that kisses your poster every night , if I had any say I’d follow Qld lead and wouldn’t pick him , and your wrong a good half doesn’t need a wing man

        • Your the one that cant stop mentioning your boyfriend MW47 I havent even brought him up since coming back. You seem to mention him anytime you can, like a teenage girl who is having boyfriend troubles 😂😂 And saying a half doesnt need a wing man😂 thats why its called halves😂 a halves pairing, yiu do realise this is a rugby league site mate?

          SSTID surely you cant believe what your saying mate😂 Tom is next in line for billy slater thats why he made the Australian squad, I dont even need to show stats to say how much better Tom is to Johnston. Its laughable you think there is a comparison. Johnston is a solid winger, thats it.

        • I understand that Tom is being groomed for SOO and Australia but I agree with MW47 that Turbo’s best position is in the centres once he bulks up and puts on more muscle. He may be currently 102 kg but he has the frame to support more. As for comparisons with AJ and Turbo, I think AJ is already proving he is a better FB. Turbo had the position guaranteed all year while AJ only started getting consistent time at FB late in the season. He was looking solid there and improving each week until injury struck. Long term though I see Arthars or Hiroti playing at FB for Souths and Turbo playing in the centres for Manly, although I doubt that change will be in his near future as Manly are determined to bang square pegs into round holes.

        • It’s why Mal played him there ! Oh but wait , Meninga doesn’t know what he’s doin 😂😂😂😂 does he 😂😂😂😂😂

        • Tom played games at fullback in the world you spud he shared it with Holmes 😂😂 do your research! Hahaha

        • SSTID, I have to disagree on this one too sorry. Turbo best attributes is when he has the ball in his hands. Unfortunately he won’t he get the ball as much at centre. If Turbo did move to centres this season, who would replace him at fullback. Please no Matt Wright, he’s

        • Hes a cover for our backline. He’s too slow, he would be to slow to catch someone if there’s linebreak. Tom Wright is too young and inexperience, same with Jade Anderson. Like I said Turbo best attributes is when he has the ball in his hand. He makes our attack look slick and unpredictable which is a main reason why we did well in attack. You take out Turbo from fullback, you take out 189 metres per game. Do you think Matt Wright can do that? It would affect our attack. Turbo’s assists is very important to our attack, no offence to Wright but he would be to predictable in attack considering his lack of speed.

          If you look at Greg Inglis, he’s dangerous when he has the ball in his hands which is why I prefer him at fullback then centre but considering his injuries, he may have to play centres.

          The fullback gets the ball a lot compared to centre which could see Turbo getting less ball. Turbo also helped us from getting out of our own 20. This is why Taufua and Uate is key to our squad so they can help our team go forward. Unless we get Munster or Teddy, Turbo we’ll be our long term fullback.

        • I respect your opinion eaglerock and that you can agree to disagree and not resort to name calling or throwing a tantrum like a baby crying for it’s pacifier. He does look good with the ball in his hands, turbo not the baby. 😂

        • Teddy is still ahead of Tom as far as fullback goes. The reason Tom was picked ahead of him for the WC is that Teddy is a fullback only, where Tom can cover centre and wing as well. Tom will play SOO and will stay in the Aus squad for sure, but Teddy will be wearing the number 1 jersey (injuries aside).

        • so if I get this right, holmesy is saying Tom is next Australian FB?
          So ahead of Darius Boyd and Tedesco – that’s laughable.
          Boyd and Tedesco are light years ahead AT THE MOMENT.

  6. Souths fans surely Johnston isn’t who you want a fullback long term. Do you guys have a young fullback coming through?

    • Who was Andrew Johns wingman ?😂
      Alan Langer ?
      Ricky Stuart?
      Peter sterling ?
      JT ?
      Dessie ?
      Paul Green ?
      A quality 7 doesn’t need a wingman , it’s cause you have been only watch league for 5 years, not your fault , however you missed a lot buddy so your expectations of a 7 are very very low !

      • Please stop talking to me, i dont want nor do i need to hear from you this site was good before you came. We could all talk footy without having to biff. I am politely asking you to piss off.

      • It’s exactly how sooks behave when they can’t back up there dribble , as you said Holmsey you’d rather find “positives” in flaws 😂😂 my book says there’s nothing “positive “ about flaws , sorry I can’t understand your Gen , you see I grew up having to “earn” my right , your era is keep no score and everyone gets a trophy , harden up junior , get with it stop being a sook

      • Langer – Walters
        Stuart – Daley
        Sterling – Kenny
        Thurston – Morgan
        All internationals
        Green – ???? Can’t really remember him being overly successful at any of the clubs he was at. Maybe because he didn’t have a decent half to be paired with?

      • Those 5/8’s were very good , however all those 7’s played there own games , they didn’t rely as much on there 5/8’s like they do now , DCE doesn’t have a kicking game !a 7 paid 1mill a season with no / little kicking game 😂😂😂😂

        • Those halves (Thurston aside) also all played in an era where they played both sides of the field. As modern halves only play left or right pairings become even more important.
          DCE no doubt has his faults, but a lack of a kicking game is not one of them. 40/20 and repeat set stats would show this. His biggest issue IMO is game management. And poor game management can result in poor ends to sets as players aren’t in the right position to kick.
          However I don’t see the issue with having one creative half and one organising. You’ve only given like 5 examples from over 20 years of halfbacks that were great at doing both at the same time.
          Yes DCE is on mill a year but that’s pretty much the going rate for NRL halfbacks at the moment.

        • Moses currently plays both sides of the field ! As much as I hate him it’s what gives Parra such great attack , yes I only mentioned half a dozen shall I continue ? Alexander , jones , Taylor , Berrigan , Brown , Anasta , Hagan!
          Your correct today’s half can only play one side , so as it stands there are no longer genuine 7’s in the game (few if any) that said 1mill for a bloke who can’t “manage” his side ( beautifully put) is overs big time , just like paying big coin for a fullback who’s positioning and defence is garbage , thanks for assisting me with Better arguing my points !

        • No, no, no, no, no. I will not have it. You cannot just come on here and place any praise or positivity on Moses. Go away and come back when you return to normal and just want to bag him. It will make things that much more sweet when he runs rings around Manly this year 😉

        • Alexander and Jones yes, as for the others… Taylor could organise but not create, Berrigan couldn’t do either and Anasta wasn’t much better. Hagan played like 2 seasons in the halves and Brown… dude how old are you?.
          It really is only the very elite halves that are really good at doing both. Even your Moses example he is allowed to attack both sides because Norman is directing the team (and the coach is allowing him to roam) if he didn’t have Norman providing the direction I’m sure his creativity would suffer.
          DCE’s as a creative halfback is as good as anyone in the comp and as such he is paid the same as all the other decent halfbacks at the moment. I think it is probably slight overs but not by much.
          As for Trbojevics positional weaknesses, surely you don’t expect a 20 year old fullback to be faultless. And his weaknesses are coachable, his attacking brilliance is not. He will develop into a brilliant fullback. But you’re right about not better than Tedesco.

    • Jesse Arthars and Mawene Hiroti (who are both GUNS). Hiroti also plays wing and centre as well as FB. I wouldn’t mind Souths signing Jahrome Hughes (Storm) as backup just quietly.

        • @ jayy12

          Even though Munster will be playing at 5/8 Hughes is behind Slater and Munster as a FB at the Storm. It hardly seems fair. Although he isn’t big the kid would get a start at FB at a number of other clubs. But I respect the fact that the Storm develop their own talent so hands off then. Any chance of Munster instead?

  7. souths dont need 2 hookers and cook has to be on the park somewhere even at full back robbie still has the goods to be hooker, souths are short 1 centre/1 winger /2 ball playing forwards/props to become a top 4 team FACT!!!


      • Ball Security killed you guys during crucial periods in many games , I just don’t understand how you guys keep persisting, but I guess same could be said for some of Manlys players , the great Jack Gibson wouldn’t put up with it , no way , and I agree with Kev , Guthro smokes Turbo every day , and he had versitility , cost less too

        • You are right, coaches like Jack Gibson and Warren Ryan (even Phil Gould, Wayne Bennett and Craig Bellamy) would have dropped players to reserve grade if they could not hold the ball and play at a level of consistency expected of all first graders. I would expect that both George and Tom Burgess should be on notice along with the rest of the the Rabbitohs first grade squad. There is no excuse for first grade footballers not being able to hold the ball or tackle. Kids like Angus Crichton and Cameron Murray are showing the level and consistency required to deserve a place in first grade. Tom and George can no longer hide behind Sam in 2018. If they don’t perform up to standard they should play for the Bears in reserve grade until their form and attitude changes.

        • Read above 🏆boy , just because you highlight the deficiencies in your side doesn’t mean your putting the boot in , you can be critical,
          Oh forgot ,
          Everyone gets a 🏆

  8. I love it on here. With all the skill Tom has lets just waste him in the centres where he can just wait to be fed the ball. So whats the basis of this? Because his first year at fullback he wasnt as good positionaly as someone like Billy Slater who has played 15 years at fullback? Its really dumb to think that to be honest. Rome wasnt built in a day. Fullbacks his spot, was only behind Slater this year and the number 1 fullback said he has a big future in the 1 spot for Aus and NSW.

    Tom over Johnston, its even laughable to compare a winger to Tom.

    And Tom over Gutho, Manly made the right choice avoiding all those injures Gutho gets every year, good young player Gutho is but Tom is better and has a higher potential which he is beginning to reach.


    MW47 and SSTID you 2 old blokes from what I can tell know very little about the modern game or the modern world, living in the past big time. Talk to me when you catch up. Maybe if you listened to people actually involoved in the game instead of believing your own nonsense and passing it on as factual info. From what I can read you two blokes didnt earn anything and definitely not a brain. You beleive the world has people on all different levels when actually its all about equality. Start talking some footy thats what im here for.

    • Why are you having a shot at me holmsey? Did I get personal or attack you? You are showing your immaturity mate. Last time we went head to head I did not attack you personally but destroyed your arguments with facts supported by references and you spat your dummy and started to cry and “took your ball and went home” claiming you were leaving the site only to come back a few weeks later. You weren’t even man enough to stick by your decision.

      I won’t go there again, you are just too fragile but I made my points without getting insulting or personal. About catching up with you… seriously? Ask any genuine profile on this site which of us is behind the other in their understanding of the game and I think you will be in for a shock. Don’t take into account my sh!t stirring and banter but the points I make on the game, on and off the field, and my insights into the structure and mechanics of the game, the styles of play and positional changes that show the capacity to think outside the box. You live in your little box holmsey but stop swinging unless you want to get hit and don’t bring a water pistol to a gun fight.

      • I love rugby league and love talking about footy thats why I couldnt stick by a decision that to be fair I never believed in. And yes you did get personal speaking of me as that I was lower than you speaking about me without directly referring to me, you and your mate MW47 have been talking minimal footy on this site since you got here. Maybe pack up your dumb banter and MW47s tr.olling and start having some fun, footy season is around the corner and the fighting isnt needed so dont spark it. How about showing your years and bring a bit of those brains I know you have and talk footy. Why dont you show some maturity? As for MW47 mate this site doenst need you, you try to fight everyone just piss off.

        • Fighting ? Your a classic , I’m a grown man ! Why on earth would I waste my time wanting to fight you Holmsey? Your pathetic, you get all sooky when someone criticises your “football “ side 😂
          Why would a grown man want to fight with a little 16 year old boy ?

        • WHEN during THIS article did I do what you are accusing me of? I neither attacked you or referenced you in a negative way because of your contrary opinion until your comment @ holmsey January 14, 2018 at 4:36 pm

          “speaking of me as that I was lower than you”

          Provide examples but in context. A barb in reply to a smart ass remark from yourself does not count if you chose to get personal first (and in any case I have never said you were a lesser person). The simple truth holmsey is that in your mind you are never wrong and the problem or fault is always with someone else. I understand it is a Post-Millennial thing.

          Follow the example of your mate eaglerock (as well as many others on this site) and learn to agree to disagree without attacking people personally. You really have a lot to learn about the game mate and the fact that you can’t see that speaks volumes.

    • Equality ? Your deluded , that’s just a BS word so that everyone becomes equal , there’s no equality in RL 😂😂 your deluded, you started out by calling me “mate”
      Then when I asked you about the “wingmen” you told me to piss off ! Your immature little man , your nerf gun might keep you feeling safe on top bunk but a word of advise , treat everyone with a little respect , debate with fact and logic not “potential “ and make sure your opinions are balanced when commenting about your club as well as others , clown

    • Holmsey, firstly , I agree that Tommy Turbo could be the next best fullback for NSW, and his brother is awesome has well, I rate both players very highly , but with Tom I believe his potential is enormous , I don’t want to rate Turbo against Johnston cause it proves nothing, but truth be known I would love Turbo at Souths for sure, but has SSTID pointed out Johnston has not had a full season at fullback has yet, and even though he’s small his speed is awesome, same has Slater, Homlsey don’t under estimate his attacking ability, I believe that most supporters remember when your second rower Tapau ran over Johnston 1/2 a metre out from the line and believed that his defence was not good, no fullback would have stopped him that day, maybe Inglis ha ha .

      Holmsey i’ve had my issues with MW47, but i believe when he talks and gives opinions he is honest, without being a smart arse, his delivery being straight forward may offend people, but at least he says what he believes in, and both of you guy’s support the same club, calling people names and saying piss off will only detract your respect, remember when you came back most welcomed you, so have the attitude of, it is what it is, my opinion , your opinion, and respect what people say even if you don’t agree, and remember you and I rarely get on also, but , it is what it is.

      • Penso that statement right there was very impressive I must say, and has swayed my opinion on the matter Im going through with a couple of posters. The last 4 lines you stated is what my attitude should be and I haven’t been that way. Thanks for putting me back on track, I lashed out but Im going to go on your attitude statement from now. The boys I lashed out at sorry, might not mean much in words but Im going to truly mean it from now on. This may not sway some of you blokes on your opinions about me and thats fine but time to change things up starts in the now not the past.

        Cheers holmsey.

        • Fair enough holmsey. I just saw this comment now but I have posted a few barbs along the way in the meantime. Once again you overreacted and got personal and we were simply having a difference of opinion. Again, look at the way eaglerock handled the same difference of opinion and look at crowy’s objective opinion that was in opposition to your point of view. There is no need to go to war over every disagreement and never any justification to get personal. Like I advised you before, if you keep swinging you will eventually get hit. If you can’t handle that don’t swing and don’t step into the cage to begin with. Argue your point and leave it at that. IGNORE people you don’t want to be involved with.

          Your remarks to mighty though were very surprising and over the top and I was hoping it was your brother again and not you, but at least you are trying to change. So let’s turn over a new leaf. I can’t speak for the angry eagle but I for one am pacified. Sorry, I couldn’t let that one pass. 😉

        • Well done mate, it takes strength to admit you have made a mistake. The key now is to stay true to that. Don’t forget, most of us on here have had a run in with MW47 at some stage, myself included. Just try not to take things personally ( I really believe MW47 doesn’t intend things to be personal, he just has a different sense of humour to most of us) Enjoy the site for what it is, a rugby league fan site, where we can have a bit of fun too. If you see a comment you don’t like, scroll past it. Trust me, that makes things on here much more enjoyable.

          Also, as I have said before, be prepared for a roasting when you heap praise on Manly players mate, it is part and parcel with being a Manly fan don’t forget, and you guys are supposed to like it that the rest of us hate you 😉

        • E47 , I don’t insult or abuse, (well I do but only after I’ve copped it and it takes a lot) yes we have had differences (Call em run ins) however I respect MOST here and you will know if I don’t like you , Penso will attest to that , remember our “Arron woods “ debate 😂😂😂 you still up for it ? Just kidding ,

  9. WTF?

    MW, SSTID, come and join me in the (Holmsey) sin bin guys (I was binned for comments on the Rooster’s article earlier today).

    Holmsey, and I know I’m one the last people you’d want advice from, but don’t take everything so personally.

    • Mighty , you can’t question 🏆boys opinion , it’s bullying , your not showing equality , and when you do prove 🏆Boy wrong he will go crying ,

    • That must be a first mighty. You are careful to not even knock the foam of a schooner so I can hardly see how you could give offence when you are at pains to be the “pacifier” on this site. I am not at all angry mate but I am frustrated that holmsey keeps swinging and then crying when he gets hit. I did not initiate any attack against holmsey on this article or any other this year so I am at a loss to understand why he had to get personal with me just because I have a different opinion. For that matter I have argued the point with holmsey on many occasions but have not deliberately attacked him. eaglerock showed how to agree to disagree and move on. No hard feelings. holmsey needs to grow up and learn a lot more about the game. It does not fit conveniently into one little imaginary box.

    • @ mighty

      Binned for only half a day? That isn’t the SIN BIN that is just a brief visit to the rest room. I was in “the Cooler” for weeks at a time back to back. I was starting to feel like Captain Virgil Hilts, the “Cooler King” (from “The Great Escape”) with the baseball and glove. Da tonk! Da tonk! Da tonk! How ever did you keep from going stir crazy for those few hours! Bahahahahahahahahaha

    • Mighty , just read your exchange with 🏆boy on Easts article , OMG , what a sook , fair dinkum , if ever there was an amateur posting on this site , wonder if his parents are aware ? Seriously what a sook

      • SSTID, it wasn’t an official sin binning, as in time in the cooler. I was referring to an unofficial binning, a “get away from me” from Holmsey, and I wasn’t even trying to stir him up.

        You two copped a harsher “get the …….. away from me”.

        He’s not a happy little vegemite today.

        • “an unofficial binning, a “get away from me” from Holmsey”

          Reminds of when MW47 started posting on ZT under a “now retired handle” and he banned me from posting under him for 3 days! Straight away I understood his sense of humour. Had it been 4 days I might have been insulted. LOL

          “He’s not a happy little vegemite today.”

          No indeed. Sounds like a case of too much vegemite on the pacifier as a baby. That sort of experience is bound to leave a bad taste in your mouth and retard ones social development through childhood. No doubt it got stuck on the silver spoon and ruined his taste in choosing which team to support! Bahahahahahahahahahaha

    • If they have Tom and George running decoys all year and not being given a chance to drop the ball they should be top 8 for sure.

      • @ jayy12

        They (the Burgii) would still find a way to cause a change of possession. No, Souths need to go old school and super glue the ball to their hands and whack them on the ass with a riding crop!

        Ignore “the pacifier” he gets upset when someone else has an original idea. He is still waiting on Amazon to deliver his first one but they are still backed up over the Christmas/New Year period.

    • Souths will struggle even more Redv90 if they lose Inglis for an extended period in 2018. It is not as if the Dragons have any player who is AJ’s superior so the same can be said of the Dragons if that is the case.

        • Sadly that is true, as is possible injury to Sam Burgess. If Inglis, Reynolds and Surgess could remain injury and suspension free for 2018 Souths would be in the top 8 for sure. Still Reynolds on a bad day is better than Ben Hunt on his best and is on half the $$’s. 😉

        • redv, as long has that low life prop forward you signed from Canterbury keeps away he will be ok, that bloke is the dirtiest player out there , except Blair, he is a disgrace and will prove to be a negative signing for your club.

    • Have to agree. Farah as the 65 min plus hooker is not going to get Souths anywhere. Fortunately for Souths Cook should be the starting hooker and play a 65 min plus role leaving Farah as a backup and supporting back rower/loose forward. If Souths forwards can hold the ball and their team remains injury free they have the talent and potential to easily make the top 8 IMO. There are young players coming through who will get a run this year and will be every bit as exciting as Angus Crichton and Campbell Graham.

        • Redv, if only i could bet you that Souths will finish ahead of your mob at seasons end, that would be the easiest money i have ever won.

        • Don’t worry penso, Souths had an absolute crap 2017 and still managed to beat the Dragons at their best 26 – 24 in Round 22 when the Dragons had everything to play for Souths were already thinking of “Mad Monday”.

          Just imagine Souths with a fit Greg Inglis and with the addition of Dane Gagai and a renewed hunger to silence the critics after 2017. There is a lot of good young talent coming through and I think Crichton will be keen to answer the doubters and be primed for a big year. Campbell Graham will improve in leaps and bounds and with Cook as the dominant hooker and Walker finally left to play in the halves with Reynolds Souths looked primed. Imagine, if AJ nearly ended the year as leading try scorer missing a number of games and in a beaten team how he will go running off Walker/Surgess/Inglis or Reynolds/Crichton/Gagai. Good days are ahead mate. Keep the faith. The Dragons are pinning all their hopes on their million dollar man Hunt and somehow I think they will end up being short changed!

        • You are dreaming if you think the rabbits will finish ahead of the dragons.You are in for a injury filled season while sitting 12th

    • I won’t have you speak that way about Robbie , equality is the theme for 2018
      Here you go Robbie il give you the first 🏆 for the year ,

  10. @eaglerock
    Yes i do realise Manly let Gutherson go in favour of keeping Tom but no they weren’t right.
    Guth was in line for the Dally M. If he didn’t get injured he was a very good chance of getting it and was only a couple of points behind Cam Smith…….FACT
    Tom wasn’t even within cooeee of wining the Dally M.
    And I stand by my comments regarding French.

    • The choice was right and both parties benefited. Gutho has been great for you guys and had a terrific season last year. But Manly got the good end of the deal. Tom is younger, not injury prone and has been improving game after game, while his positional play isn’t top class yet his attack and is much better than gutho in that department. Tom also got in the NSW squad over Gutho and Aus squad (Was injured for aus squad though). Tom was the right choice but I’m sure they would have liked to keep both. And the dally ms this year are not a reliable source, some of the choice were very odd for points.

      • Holmsey, you (Manly) did re – sign the Trbojevic’s AND Gutho until the end of 2017 in early/mid 2015, and that was after Gutho did his ACL.

        Around May/June of that year they shopped Gutho around, just a couple of months after re – signing him. Now you can call it a coincidence, or whatever you want, but that was the time DCE did his back flip on ten Titans deal.

      • Kev, if you’re basing it off Dally M points, good on you but I don’t think it works like that bud. Gutherson was ahead of Slater, do you think Gutherson is better than Slater at fullback. Absolutely not unless you’re biased of course.

        If we base this on stats, Turbo destroys Gutherson and French combined. Turbo had 19 try assists compared to Gutho (5) and French (4). Turbo also destroys both of them in average running metres per game with Turbo having 189 metres compared to Gutho (113) and French (87). Don’t compare these two to Turbo because he smokes these two in about every stat. Stats don’t lie bud…. FACT

        • I’m not going to argue who is better. Stats don’t paint full picture though. Turbo, I assume played all those games at fb, so would clearly have the better stats, especially running metres. Gutho played a lot at 6 and French wing so comparing stats is pointless.

          All good players who I hope have great season and entertain like crazy

        • Kev mentioned Gutho is the better fullback which clearly he is not. Yes I agree stats don’t paint the full picture but unless Gutherson plays a full season at fullback, Turbo is still the better fullback right now.

    • Your summation is about as entertaining as your thoughts on Easts “depth” please humour us all again, just how good is Easts depth 😂
      Are they as you put it “one of best in comp?”
      You must be playing us all if you believe that 😂😂😂

  11. You guys crack me up ! I just come here for the comments .. slater is the greatest fb our game has seen .. Inglis needs to be in the centres to help his knees and will make a great centre pairing with gagai ( 2 great Queenslanders ) 😂

    • Wrong wrong wrong ! Turbo is the best , he will surpass Slater , langlands , Turbo will be the greatest fullback , Centre , winger , Half back , front rower the game will ever see ! And Easts have one of the best depths in the Comp

      • But Turbo is still only a V6. Long way to go before he gets to be a V8. It’s like comparing go-karts and formula 1. Now as a go-kart he is top notch!

  12. Inglis is one of the best players of his generation but IMO he is on a fast decline. He may be starting the season “fit” but his knee can only be repaired so much. His power and speed is dependant on his knees. I hope I am wrong because a fully firing Inglis is a great sight but I would be surprised if he plays more than he misses this year.

    • Which is WHY Inglis MUST play in the centres if he is to have any chance of getting through the 2018 season and the seasons ahead. The demands of FB and the extra ground that GI would be expected to cover, the constant stop/starts and change of direction will take too much of a toll on GI’s “d!cky knee” and Souths need Inglis fit and firing for 26 rounds plus finals. I am sure QLD miss him as well.

  13. WOW,that was a bit of a read.The chill pills are in the top draw some really need them.Just dont take to many as you will fall asleep like parra in the the cowboys final.Anyway still been a good read.I have to agree with Inglis being moved to centre i doubt at the back you would get another fully fit year out of him,in the centres i can see Souths getting atlaest another 3 decent years from him.AS for comparing Turbo and Gutho they really are completely diff players,chalk and cheese.I think most Manly fans would all agree that letting Gutho go was a mistake but they took the gamble with his past and only time will tell if its right.I think Parra realise Gutho will always be a player to watch injury wise and its why signing Hayne back isnt stupid.With Hayne the season will be a work in progress but you have to remember this is his last throw of the dice.He wont stuff it.I dont rate Parra that highly for 2018 but with Hayne back and Will Smith able to play 1-7 plus 9 it looks somewhat promising only issue i see is Semi gone is a huge whole as he took it up many times twice in a set and Parras forwards arent going to take you much further than top 8

  14. Souths have little hope for 2018, Who’s the coach any way? whats he done? I think the best Souffs will do for 2018 is 17th

      • I think you picked up a tick WoodChook. That’s what comes from overcrowding in battery cages. Eating your own manure was bound to effect your brain. No team can come 17th in a 16 team competition WoodChook, and WoodChooks can’t lay eggs so it is quite the enigma as to why you would be in a battery cage in the first place. No, WoodChooks are only good for one thing, chucking wood…

        “How much wood could a WoodChook chuck if a WoodChook could chuck wood”

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