SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 07: Chris Grevsmuhl of the Rabbitohs celebrates his try during the 2015 Charity Shield NRL pre-season match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the St George Illawarra Dragons at ANZ Stadium on February 7, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Renee McKay/Getty Images)

Phil Gould has confirmed the Panthers have signed South Sydney Rabbitohs forward Chris Grevsmuhl on a two-year deal starting in 2017.

Gould was asked on social media site Twitter whether the club had signed the Grevsmuhl and if so, for how long. Gould responded confirming the signing.

Grevsmuhl, who represented the Australian Schoolboys in 2010, played 22 NRL games following his debut against the Brisbane Broncos in round one this year, represented the Indigenous All Stars, and was a member of the South Sydney Rabbitohs teams to claim the World Club Challenge and Auckland Nines titles before last season began.

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  1. Totally wrong to sign a player with a full season ahead at another club still. As if he won’t end up at panrith in 2016 now anyway.

  2. I like this signing and a depth loss for Bunnies. But what has happened to all the depth Penrith have or still have. I am sure they have someone in lower grades ready to step up and have a crack.
    NRL clubs and NRL are just really widening the gap between NRL level and the rest and it is a shame really. Need that natural progression through Under 20’s, reserves then 1st’s back….Something for young kids growing up in a region to aspire to, but I think that is now history and it’s Elite level or nothing.

  3. Good Signing, Panthers have enough ball playing backrowers….they need someone powerful like grevshmul who can just run straight and hard along the edges..

  4. Does Grevsmuhl have a chance to back-flip like DCE? I honestly don’t know, did they change the rule after the DCE circus?

      • Thank you, I’m not happy that he is leaving given that he was injured when he came to Souths and they looked after him when he couldn’t play. Before everyone jumps in, it wasn’t the return of Sam Burgess that made him leave. Surely the loss of McQueen, Walker, Stuart, Luke, Reddy and Millard would offset a few upgrades and a few low key signings and Sam.

        Hope he does well at the Panthers.

        • Madge must have a top secret recruitment plan Chalky as the cupboard is looking a bit bare on experience for next year…..
          I have to ask the question – in all fairness Burgess was unbelievable in 2014, do you think the hype of him coming back is good or bad> if he implodes then there might be a lot of Souths fans regretting the volume loss of players you guys have face this season, some of them at his “expense”.

        • Sam’s return has a lot of up-sides, and probably a few down-sides. I can’t understand that he would cost all of the players that have left, eg, Luke, Stuart, Lowe, Reddy, Millard and now Grevsmuhl.

          Walker left after Souths found room for Sam, but Sam wasn’t registered until Walker left. McQueen was forced out for Sam.

          The signings that have been made, Cook, Oldfield and Hunt plus a few up-grades, would surley leave plenty of money.

          I hope you are right that Madge has some secret plan that I don’t know about. Cheers.

  5. Pathetic. Mind you Penrith are the winners here but why so many backrowers? mind you Grevsmuhl and Cartwright will be regular Kangaroos only a matter of time

  6. Looks like the Souths line up will be:

    1. Inglis
    2. Burgess
    3. Burgess
    4. Burgess
    5. Burgess
    6. Burgess
    7. Gladiator
    8. George Burgess
    9. Madge
    10. Tom Burgess
    11. Burgess
    12. Burgess
    13. Burgess

    should make the top 8 LOL

  7. guinea pigs no way top 8 AND HYENAS NO CHANCE EITHER look at there teams guinea pigs inglis and 12 bugess’s including old rusty and mrs burgess makes up there team and hyenas gould and gould’s fairies to make up theres i laugh at there supporters at the same time feel sorry for them top 8 u think??? LOL lol LOL lol LOL

  8. It is hard to believe a player will be passionate about his football and give %100 to his current club when he knows he will be at a different club in 10 months time.

  9. The NRL need to introduce the “Transfer Window” it is stupid that teams are signing for the 2017 season when 2016 is 5 days in!
    As if Grevsmuhl is going to give 100% with Souths this season when he knows his future is with Penrith. Maybe only being able to sign players for 2017 after June or so to help control the disruption it will cause teams

    • Sam gave his all knowing he was leaving a long way out. So did Maloney when he signed from the Warriors to the Roosters.

      • I fully agree Chalky, nrl boys just want to compete n play, n even though they ain’t that bright (lol joke) they give 100% no matter the team n no matter the future.

  10. Wow, whats up with Souths, they will be kicked out the league again as no player wants to play for them. Looks like Lote and Merritt will be out of retirement so they can field a team. with Sam Burgess playing the part of the whole forward pack. Wooden spoon again for Souths. Rusty lost his touch

  11. Lol…believe this…you know you are really not well received when 3hats is giving you stick…believe that

  12. And yet again stupid comments about grevsmuhl earn you the dunce cap and a seat in the corner…as ive recently said; you don’t know a sneeze from a wet fart… this is the last comment i will waste in regards to you; #livinlargeunderabridge…believe that

  13. Lol…believe this…you know you are really not well received when 3hats is giving you stick…believe that

    And yet again stupid comments about grevsmuhl earn you the dunce cap and a seat in the corner…as ive recently said; you don’t know a sneeze from a wet fart… this is the last comment i will waste in regards to you; #livinlargeunderabridge…believe that

    Hahahaha the bunnies are looking a little…..RUSTY…(Just good to see another team screwing up their roster)

  14. Chris will be gone before the seasons start, Souffs is starting to look like a really weak squad especially with Tim Grant Leaving for Tigers and Tom Burgess about to leave for NFL:

    1. Greg Inglis
    2. Alex Johnston
    3. Krimsome A’auva
    4. Bryson Goodwin
    5. Aaron Gray
    6. Luke Keary
    7. Adam Reynolds
    8. George Burgess
    9. Damian Cook
    10. David Tyrell
    11. John Sutton
    12. Jason Clark
    13. Sam Burgess
    14. Cameron McInnes
    15. Paul Carter
    16. Nathan Brown

    I can’t even name a 17th fringe first grader hahaha. No depth horrible interchanges only maybe 3 decent forwards.

    Souths could be in serious wooden spoon contention!

    • You really have no idea Scorin.



      Brock Gray

      You should worry about making the finals mate before you go bagging other sides. We are in the position to let forwards go because we always have youngsters coming through that Madge develops in the system that are unknown and then hit the scene with a bang. Musgrove and Chrichton will be the 2 this year and Carter will be back to his proper playing weight in the backrow and you will see the results. When you have forwards of the calibre of Clark and Grant struggling for a place in the 17 you know things are looking pretty good.
      Sam has the same effect as Thurston in regards to players around him and how he lifts a team. He will lift this young pack to levels the Eeels can only dream about.
      See ya in the finals Scorin. Oh
      that’s right no we wont.

      • Considering I said take Grant and Turgess out of the equation and oldfield is a joke, No depth 1-2 injuries and you guys are screwed. Burgess won’t be the messiah he was in 2012-2014 TAKE NOTE!

        • Every side is in the same boat. We got injuries last year that affected the campaign mainly because of the players we had out. Our spine were lucky to play 6 games together last year. We were still good enough to make the 8 and smack the eventual premiers and the Broncos along the way.

          We will show a bit more at the pointy end next year because we will be there again. Believe that

  15. Agree it’s a great signing well done Panthers but there goes the opportunity for another junior or two.
    Is Gould really that big an attraction??? Penrith is out west bloody hot in summer and bloody cold in winter however Kogarah/Wollongong close to beaches and everything else for that matter. Mr Doust how do Penrith sign all these players and you struggle to sign any good players??????
    Goulds first 5 year plan is up had the next 5 started yet????

  16. Tom Burgess back at training. J Olive in my oponion will win rookie of the year, Cheyne Whitelaw will be in the 17, Zane Musgrave will push Tyrell back to reserve grade, Cody Walker will take Luke Kearys position, Angus Crichton has unlimited potential. I think Souths may surprise many doubters.

  17. greyscull leaves one crap club and joins another and the reason why nobody wants to join dragqueens is because it;s a crap club full of loser potential and always will be its the steelers still they lie to there fans and mcgregor not very well liked by players thats why they cant sign any descent players talk to lots but sign very little

    • F**cK mate, take a breath in between rants…
      McGregor has players re-signing and staying i.e Joel Thompson / Duges.

      PS; the fans love him.

  18. Rabbits will be fine as long as they do something about their half combination that Keary ruined last season. Renolds (playmakes and kicks) Sutton (runs the ball and had a good short chip) Keary is to small, over plays and over calls Renolds and is to much like Sando. My team at the moment pending roster changes,

    1. Greg Inglis 105kg
    2. Bryson Goodwin 98kg
    3. Kirisome Auva’a 100kg
    4. Hymel Hunt 99kg
    5. Alex Johnston 95kg
    6. Cody Walker 90kg
    7. Adam Renolds 85kg
    8. George Burgess 120kg
    9. Damien Cook 86kg
    10. Sam Burgess 116kg or David Tyrrell 102kg
    11. John Sutton 105kg
    12. Kyle Turner 103kg
    13. Chris Gressmule 106kg or Sam Burgess 116kg

    14. Tom Burgess 120kg
    15. Nathan Brown 107kg or Chris Gressmule 106kg
    16. Jason Clark 103kg or Chris Gressmule 106kg
    17. Paul Carter 98kg

    18. Zane Musgrove 109kg
    19. David Tyrrell 102kg
    Alex Johnston 95kg,

    Centre / Wing:
    Michael Oldfield95kg, Aaron Gray 95kg, Hymel Hunt 99kg, John Olive 95kg, Tom Hughes 96kg, Angus Crichton 102kg

    Cody Walker 90kg, Luke Keary 82kg, Riley Travers 82kg

    Paul Carter 98kg, Cameron Mcinnes 89kg

    Second row:

    Jason Clark 103kg, Angus Crichton 102kg, Brock Gray 98kg, Cheyne Whitelaw 97kg, Jack Gosiewski 95kg

    Front row
    Nathan Brown 107kg, Tim Grant 110kg, Zane Musgrove 109kg,

  19. Pedro don’t worry about the idiots mate even other team supporters who comment see the Dragons as a contender this season.
    Bring on the season.
    Take care mate especially if you’re os.

    • Not to worried CMTD, funny i think that plenty of teams are building nicely – Panthers included… even’s the comp right out.
      Cant say that i see anyone beating the Donkee’s – they have a world class team and i will see them in Feb in the UK.

      I think we finally have fixed our forward power – cant wait to see Mose on the pitch.

      • Excepting serious injuries to key players, most teams should be competitive this season and picking a top eight won’t be easy. I think the Broncs are specials, but maybe just maybe those lazy arse Warriors can live up to their potential.

        Hoping our dragons can go up another gear, but they have a brutal draw which will make it very tough for them.

  20. In 2017 Panthers Forward pack

    8. RCG (Origin cusp)
    9. Seggy (Origin)
    10. Merrin (Origin and int)
    11. Taylor (int)
    12. Cartwright (origin an Int) (c)
    13. Peachey (origin)

    14. Utility
    15. Latimore
    16. Grevsmuhl
    17. Kikau

    • Actually the squad Penrith are putting together is scary, scary for everyone else. Love Gould or hate him, he is assembling an awesome club that will dominate for many years. They should have held that status in the early nineties except for the unfortunate death of Ben Alexander..that rocked the club and its foundations for many years. Gould was a linchpin in their success then, and he has returned to complete unfinished business, beware the Panthers in 2016 I say.

  21. Chris Grevsmuhl is big loss for Rabbits but he needs to work on his defence, his lazy at training and shows in his defence on field, Ben hunt and Milford literally ran rings around him last time we played Broncos.

    Another big story i think will come now, Kane elegy out for season , means Titians will chase Luke keary , Madge needs to release him, he’s Not worth the money he’s on, we lost every game with him at half back when renoylds was out., we won premiship in 2014 off the back of our forwards and api koraisu not keary. My opinion this will happen before 2016 kick off. Meaning Kody walker five eight and John Sutton back up again Incase injury.

    G Inglis
    K walker
    G burgess
    S burgess

    T grant
    T burgess

    • Cheers itsonlyagame I’m hoping like rabbitohs1 they release Keary and play either Cody walker or Sutton in 5/8 ideally the younger to build for the future.

      With the new changes to rules and interchange, teams especially with big packs will probably need 2 fonts, 1 second/lock and 1 utility hooker / second / back. It will be interesting to see how all the teams adapt to these changes…

      Obviously it helps having guys like S Burgess, Merrin, Parker, Gallen and i’m sure ive missed a few others that can play 80mins.

  22. We wont release Keary this yr but I think he ll be gone next yr, were on a double edge sword…if he plays out of hes skin big offers will come hes way if he doesnt progress wont be offered a contract, from the outside looks like souths are releasing too many players but no one knows the talent that is waiting…in the end of 2013 we released 13 players and everyone said we had NO CHANCE in 2104…remind me who were there premiers that yr?

    • Do we have a half, or 5\8th coming through? What is Cody Walker this year….27yrs old? and has set the world on fire? Sutton’s a 5\8th cause Madge thinks we have nothing else.
      So if we get rid of Keary we have to go shopping.

      • rabbitwithdudzon pretty sure Sutton has been playing in the halfs since before Madge got here and what all the best teams in the comp have, is a running 5/8 and he was great in 2014.

        People talk about size these days but even Milford is 90kg same as Cody.

        Keary is 82kg and falls off tackles and keeps getting done for shoulder charges. He also wants to be the star playmaker and has caused more problems with our attack then he has helped.

        Cody was born in 1990 so that makes him 26 this year. He’s not in the premiership team for nothing so all I’m saying is that I would give him a run because he meets all the basic requirements and would be more likely just do his job and not try and win the day himself and if he cant do it play Sutton this year and recruit a 5/8 next year.

        Let us know what you think, I like getting others perspective.

        • Madge was always going to use Keary at 5\8th in 2014, but he got injured in the Nines, so Madge used Sutton till Keary came back. I would like to see Cody given a run, he can do no worse than Keary last season. We need a running 5\8th cause Reynolds will never have a true running game, lucky we have Sam back to bulldoze through the 20m zone cause if Reynolds doesn’t kick he appears not to be able to set an attacking option. If Sutton gets picked at 5\8th it means Madge may not think Cody can do the job.

      • Souths signed Riley Travers from Manly’s U/20 GF side of 2015 so we have some back-up there. I thought he went OK in the GF.

  23. Keary will head to QLD he refused to play city v country in the hope of making the maroons & will be a matter of time before he jumps ship, on the issue of Cody he & Darren Nicholls where one of the best pairing in the half’s in NSW cup so he’s ready to step up & compliment Reynolds who needs to step up more this season & develop a running game.

    As for everyone that’s leaving I really do hope it’s not all to do with Sam’s return cause it could implode the squad & club & take a long time to recover ( IMO )

    • Despite starting the season seven rounds in, Cody scored 15 tries; made 17 linebreaks, 16 linebreak assists, and 19 try assists.

    • Be fair…Issac Luke wanted out, and that was before Sam’s signing. Stewart was a bad fit. Walker wanted out. McQueen…was he that important? Olive and Grev are still here. Did you want Reddy and…I can’t think of his name…the winger\centre to stay?

  24. Cody will probably be our 6 come round one as Keary has a 1 match suspension to serve out so we should see Cody in the 9s and charity sheild to form some sort of Combo with Reyno…he could be one of our star player come sept

    • rabs21 sounds pretty smack on but time will tell.

      Also am I wrong the charity shield is on the same time as the all stars match so we will be without Inglis, Johnston, Grevsmuhl, Sam Burgess, Tom Burgess and possibly George Burgess (coming back from surgery)

      Dragons will be missing Joel Thompson, Gareth Widdop, Tyson Frizell.

      Looks like our team will use almost all our reserve players just for that game just to field a team including Hymel Hunt, Michael Oldfield, Cody Walker, Nathan Brown, Zane Musgrove, Angus Crichton, and Paul Carter.

      What you think?

      • I thought the All Stars had to pick one player from each team, that’s why Maranta got a run for the Broncos. Not so with the Indigenous Team, we lose Inglis, Johnston and Grevsmuhl.

        Unfortunately the Charity Shield has lost some of its oomph over the last couple of years.

      • Im all for it Rabbits101…Gives guys like u mentioned above a shot at playing with the big boys and see what they have…we wont have that opportunity throughout the yr…Im really looking forward in seeing C Walker Musgrove Olive and Crichton as I think they are the pick of the bunch…Not to mention Brown, Carter Gowolski(something like that) have a go…the later has A BIG future with us…Everyone has written us off…All the other teams can buy up but they dont have what we have..The rabbitohs spirit

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