The Wigan Warriors have confirmed the release of Frank-Paul Nuuausala from the remainder of his contract and he is now set to make a return to the NRL this season.

The club released a statement confirming the departure of the forward citing that Nuuausala was homesick and that the release was best for both player and team.

“Frank and his family have struggled to adapt to life in the UK. His family are currently back in Australia having decided to stay there following the close-season break and his situation was becoming increasingly difficult by the day,” said executive director Kris Radlinski.

“We agreed that it would be best for both parties to allow him to be released from the remainder of his contract with Wigan in order for him to return home.”

31-year-old Nuuausala is believed to be in discussions with a number of NRL clubs and is likely to join one before the season kicks off in just over a fortnight.

One of those is his former club the Sydney Roosters, with reports they are offering him a modest one-year deal for 2018.


  1. If he is still the tank that he used to be Parra should go in hard for him. Always rated FPN thought he was very underrated at the raiders.

    • Look who’s talking. The Brisbane Donkies have never had a cap since they began in 1988. The Roosters have to compete with eight Sydney clubs in the Sydney market for their TPA agreements. But the Brisbane Donkies have no competition in the TPA being a one Capital City team. Every time the League suggests another Brisbane side the Donkies jump up and down screaming like little spoilt kids. But the Sydney sides need expert business men to generate the TPA market as the Roosters do. Brisbane has theirs given to them on a platter and like spoilt little kids don’t want to share any of it. Brisbane Donkies killed off the Crushers and were one of the first to back stab the League by joining the “super dud league” after the ARL gave them life.

  2. According to an article by Roy Masters in SMH, Arms Length Agreements only make up the equivalent of 2.65% of the total NRL salary cap –> ie. just under $4m, as per data published by the NRL. They must have their heads in the ground if they truly believe that. It seems almost impossible to believe that these are educated human beings if they believe or they think we’re going to believe… that.

    Yeah but hay! They hired an auditor! – Can you image a headline saying “Roosters salary cap rorting uncovered by their own auditor!”. I don’t think the media or even the NRL understands how the corporate world works.

    • Why not abolish TPAs altogether and allocate a set figure of, say $10 million, and don’t spend over it? Sure there will be some clubs always trying to get the most value for money, but it would take away some of the innuendo that goes with TPAs.

      • Yeah, maybe if they also give allowances to clubs to reward players who stick with them.

        Right now, TPA and stuff like that is the ONLY thing slightly balancing the fact that clubs cannot easily deal with a player coming into form (and market value).

        If you have a fixed salary cap with absolutely no wiggle room, you get a competition full of mercenaries. Team X wins GF, team X gets ripped apart because team X is full of premiership winners.

  3. Frank-Paul Nuuausala should come back to his beloved Roosters. he is in need of a club and the Roosters need one more top prop if they want to match the Cowboys and Melbourne. No Nuuausala Rooster Hierarchy, then it will be No Rooster Premiership. It is well documented that the Roosters have 750k to spend. It is no good in the bank Roosters Hierachy. Most clubs are at their peek so its time Roosters to spend the last bit and get near the cap peek to assure the Chooks are grand final bound.🎯

  4. ohhh thats right the rorters are fielding 2 rorters teams in 2018 i wonder who their next signing is ?? Shame on you NRL your a joke clean up your act its as clear to see that the rorters have not been properly audited yet…i was told by a very good source that the rorters were going to be audited and not by the mug (schubert) whom they strangely/suspicously hired from the NRL just recently what a sham lets hope teddy/cronk break a leg..


    • Shadow….you really are a lowlife aren’t you? Wishing people would hurt themselves…..crawl back into your dark dank burrow and gnaw on a mouldy carrot (because that’s the only prize soufs will win this year)….shame on you.

      • And the funny thing is who is more likely to break a leg, cronk? Or Reynolds? We all know the answer to that haha

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