SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 01: Josh Reynolds of the Tigers runs with the ball during the round 16 NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the Gold Coast Titans at Leichhardt Oval on July 1, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Former Panthers great Ryan Girdler says “there is an opportunity” for out-of-favour Tiger Josh Reynolds at the Sydney Roosters.

As reported by, Reynolds was given permission to talk to other clubs to find a new home for 2020.

And Girdler thinks the reigning premiers could be the perfect landing spot.

“I reckon there is an opportunity for him at somewhere like the Roosters,” Girdler told Triple M’s The Rush Hour with MG.

“I think he is a player that Trent Robinson and any coach would like to have in their system because they know what he brings in effort, attitude and energy.

“They are things that apart from skill and creativity, they can’t be coached and he brings those in spades.

“That is a wonderful investment once you start looking at people.”

Ivan Cleary had big plans for the five-eighth, but he has battled injuries during Michael Maguire’s time in charge.

And while the Roosters are well stocked at his position and hooker with Luke Keary and Kake Friend, Girdler believes the impending retirement of Cooper Cronk could create an opening.

“Cooper Cronk is retiring at the end of the year and Luke Keary is great at playing six or seven,” Girdler stated.

“Keary could slide into seven and although the Roosters are interested in Kyle Flanagan, he is another one that might need another half a season to a season.

“Josh could be a guy that comes in the last couple of seasons of his contract and do some good things.

“He could also cover Jake Friend, who is back this weekend, but has been off for a long period and they have had to pull Victor Radley out of his favoured position.”


  1. No dramas Roosters. Sign Reynolds, sign Flanagan then have a crack at Frizzel. Never ending supply of cash for the chooks, led by number 1 wan k er Woody the rusty rabbit tosser. Must be so hard staying under 15 mil each season

  2. Good to see redv13. Glad to see I’m not the only one with the ‘ so called conspiracy theories ‘.
    It’s obvious to everyone that the French Dressed Chickens , spend way more than most other teams on players. There’s no way they could get their more than 30 man squad in under the salary cap.

  3. Redv13 if our arch rivals the World Champion Sydney Roosters and current Premiers…to my Green and Cardinal parking lot lounge the Nomad Hares….

    Manage to sign the injury plagued Reynolds…..he would be paid only a low amount due to his risk……and further more… the Balmain Magpies are required to pay half his salary……Smart move for both parties….Reynolds does an Ennis and retires with a premiership….whilst the Sydney Premiers …….replicate another premiership with another experienced wizard ……as they did with the magical Cooper Cronk.

    This mighty club could win five premierships straight. 🐓🏆🐓🏆🐓🏆🐓🏆🐓🏆

  4. __________________
    Youtube is awaiting your presence….undoubtedly there is an abundant conspiracy theories awaiting fir your peanut to absorb……..depart you CLOWNWITTED N1TW1T 🤣😂😁😀🤣😂🤡

  5. Woody everyone here on ZT knows it’s you so grow up and start talking like a roosters supporter. Cut the South’s crap out and talk like a normal person ya flea

  6. I thought woodchoock is Steve Syd, redv13.
    Anyway I would like to know why an ex Illawarra/Penrith player is so interested in pushing Reynolds to the Chooks, when Maloney is walking out on the Panthers.

    If Reynolds is high on Girdler’s list, why has he not mentioned a switch to Penrith?
    Seems like he has a grudge with those menhens.

  7. Would love to have him at Penrith but Luai re-signed with Penrith knowing that Maloney wouldn’t be there beyond 2020 so if we were to sign Reynolds I don’t think that would sit too well with Luai……..
    Unless we signed him to play hooker🤔

  8. Why would they get Reynolds to replace Cronk that’s like selling a Ferrari and buying a old broken down VW Beatle. They have already got Kyle Flanagan coming next year to replace Cronk and Flanagan is already a better player than Reynolds and could develop into a top 5 half. Not to mention they also have Lachlan Lam who has been playing well in reserve grade and would set up to first grade given the opportunity. Reynolds is old, injury prone, thinks he is better than he actually is and a grub.
    Like I’ve already said Reynolds is best used as a utility off the bench cause he can cover halves and hooker and has leadership qualities that could help a young bench. Id think he could be good at the Knights or Eels. At the Knights he would be on the bench behind Watson and Pearce and Brailey but has the ability to come on and be a leader and play a good role. He would also help lead an inexperienced forward pack around if he was throw in at hooker

  9. I would be ecstatic to see Josh Reynolds at our Roosters.
    We need the spark that’s gone with Cronk this year and he’s the man to bring it back.
    Nick, grab him at any cost please.

  10. If he comes to the Roosters it could be a bigger signing than Ryan Hall since we dumped overrated Ferguson.

  11. With Josh Reynolds signing it will lift our image and hopefully improve our EMBARRASSING membership despite having no juniors like Souths who currently boast around 30,000 members.
    Souths Juniors actually have more members than the roosters nrl club which is also EMBARRASSING.

  12. …Yes Reynolds will undoubtedly put backsides on seats…..resulting in our poor home crowd average of 15k……increasing closer towards our magnificent arch rivals…..the World Champion Sydney Roosters and current Premiers home crowd average of 20k

  13. ….yes replacing our greedy 5/8 Walker……who has no idea how to get our ordinary backline moving. Reynolds needs to be transit lounged into the green and pansy Cardinal colours ASAP

  14. I would be ecstatic to see Josh Reynolds at our Rabbitohs……. lounge room.
    We need the spark that’s gone with Walker this year and he’s the man to bring it back.
    Russ Crowe…. grab him at any cost please

    If he comes to the Rabbits…… it could be a bigger signing than the drunk Roberts since we dumped overrated George Burgess.

  15. Great if true about Frizell coming to the roosters.
    That will be 9 origin players in our team and easily within the salary cap.

  16. Unfortunatley Frizzel has no hope of cracking first grade at our arch rivals…… The Mighty Roosters…….Stev.esyd

    Who needs Origin players Stev.esyd ……when the World Champion Sydney Roosters and current Premiers …..have 16 Internationals who have represented their country……an achievement far greater than a state representative.

    However our Myrtle and red Nomad Hares at Olympic Park 20kms from Redfern …….should transit lounge him in immediately after we miss the semis this season…

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