The Brisbane Broncos have reportedly blown up their leadership group following a disastrous end to the season.

The Courier Mail is reporting that Darius Boyd, Matt Gillett, Andrew McCullough, Alex Glenn and Matt Lodge have all lost their positions as senior figures of the paying group.

It is believed that the five will have the opportunity to win back their positions after the coach’s leadership review.

It was reported earlier in the week that Boyd would be removed as skipper, but is now set to be omitted from the leadership group altogether and could battle to play top grade next season.

Gillett was being touted as Boyd's replacement, but he too will have to audition for a leadership role.

The report alleges that the Broncos are "seriously considering" Lodge as their next skipper, despite the prop's recent New York rampage.

Following a horror 58-0 loss to Parramatta in the opening week of the finals, with revelations that a number of players were at a Sydney pub until late the night before the game, the club conducted an internal review.

It is believed that the futures of McCullough and Anthony Milford are up in the air, while Jack Bird is set to be moved.

“Given the players were about to play their biggest game of the year they should have been more professional in their actions,” a Broncos statement said.

“The club will take this into consideration during the end of year review process currently underway.”


  1. Matt Lodge….. hmm yea, he would be great role model. Cue the video tape of him throwing drunken haymakers at the hapless civilian in the U.S.

  2. If Brisbane wish to employ a prop forward as captain then they must have a co-captain. Props are not 80 min players.

    In an unrelated topic, this weekend in the Canterbury Cup two team Newtown 7th and Wentworthville 8th have created history within the McIntyre revised system. Defeating 1st and 2nd.

    Becoming the first two teams in a season to qualify for a grand final from outside of the top four. One team in the past, in a season has previously achieved the feat but never two teams. Astonishing

  3. Haa haa haa

    Seibold is using the Eels game performance to get rid of anyone who is challenging his leadership. The night of the long knives is upon us and there will be many stabbed in the back before it is over. It won’t change the real issue which is Seibold himself.

  4. Not in the leadership group! Oh no, that’ll show them! Did they all yawn after their late nights out when they heard that news?
    Lodge…. Yes, the perfect role model.
    Lock your doors citizens of Brisbane.
    Lodge is going to show the whole playing group how to behave!
    They must be kidding right?

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