The NRL are embarking on another Indigenous Round and one of the major highlights of the weekend are the jersey every club releases from their individual designs.

Every year the jersey designs seem to get better and they are always popular among fans.

2021 was no exception with some of this year's drops standing tall with the best ever designs.


Brisbane Broncos

The Broncos jersey was designed by celebrated Aboriginal artist Elaine Chambers-Hegarty.

Ms Chambers-Hegarty said the design began with a football shape in the centre, representing rugby league’s far-reaching ability to bring people together.

“Line markings show our journeys through life, and circle meeting places are also represented to acknowledge those people we meet along the way that build us as a person,” said Ms Chambers-Hegarty.

“These communities represent our homelands that we go back to and have our stories from. Throughout the artwork there are stars to represent ‘excellence’ and ‘achievements’ and there are six main white stars to represent the Club’s six Premiership wins."



  1. Most of the jerseys look really good, and I think the Sea Eagles, Broncos and Eels designs look the best IMO. The only one I didn’t like was the Cowboys. That huge Toyota logo spoils what would otherwise have been a beauty!

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