SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 29: Dylan Brown of the Eels Is tackled by Luke Keary of the Roosters during the round three NRL match between the Parramatta Eels and the Sydney Roosters at ANZ Stadium on March 29, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

The Parramatta Eels are looking to secure young gun Dylan Brown as a number of rivals look pry him.

Fox Sports is reporting that following an Eels recruitment and retention committee meeting on Monday, the club is hopeful of putting its best offer to lock the 19-year old down.

if Parramatta can crunch the numbers correctly they are reportedly confident of retaining the rising prospect.

However, a number of rivals will be lining up should a deal with the Eels not get signed.

According to Fox Sports, he has meetings with rival clubs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Brown was tabled a six-year $2.8 million deal from the Warriors earlier year to lure him across, and there is a widespread view that the Eels should have tied him down before November 1.

It now shapes as a big 24 hours for Parramatta as they look to ensure Brown remains in the blue and gold long term.


  1. This should have been signed off long ago, Parramatta has some serious issues with their retention team, thousands of dollars have poured into a number of juniors that are all set to walk out the door, whilst I understand we cant keep all of the juniors that have come through the pathway programs, we have failed to identify who we do want to keep, until another club makes a play at them. Just plain stupid, I understand that four promising young guns have signed on with rival clubs in the last fortnight.

  2. The fact that Parramatta have signed Brock Lam, suggests that they are not confident they will retain Dylan Brown

  3. Not necessarily parrasylum, we have a massive shortage of backups in the halves and Lamb is signed for depth IMO.

    The whole thing with Brown was always going to happen. Given the offer the Warriors made to him before he had even played a game of first grade, of course he is going to want to test his value. I believe he will re-sign, it just might need to be for a bit more than the club was hoping for.

  4. 47, we’ve seen plenty of talent walk in recent times, I mean Stefano Utoikamanu has been in the system since he was 12, same with Kaufusi, Trey Mooney since he was 14, with thousands of dollars invested in each of them and we let them walk, I don’t get it, our retention program needs to better than that, Sean Keppie is another we developed from 13 years of age.

  5. I would be fairly confident that Brown will sign on, it seems to be merely his agent trying to make sure he gets what he feels he is worth.
    As far as Uto, if another club wants to pay 300k + for an untried talent, who a lot of good judges have wraps on, and hasn’t made their NRL debut, whose stats in Canterbury cup weren’t standouts, then good luck to them. You can’t keep them all.
    Kaufusi hasn’t gone yet and it just seems another rumour driven by player managers who are used to getting what they want at the eels, meaning getting them to pay overs (just like tigers are doing now). based on the end of this season, one would think that he is fairly and squarely in the plans for NRL in 2020.
    Asylum – you need to remember there are only 30 top team spots available and based on recent history, ie. Niukore, Brown, Mahoney, Kaufusi and to a lesser extent, Stone and Salmon – and how they were brought along, I think we are doing a lot better than in the past.
    These guys, except D Brown, have all been brought along slowly and allowed to settle in to the NRL – now they are main stays in the NRL squad and are getting better.

  6. But it’s not just a case of addressing retention – it’s also a case of opportunity. If the opportunity to be in a development squad/cup player vs potentially running on/bench in first grade…

    If we were front loaded with younger inexperienced players (ie keeping the talent) then there would be arguments around recruitment (and retention) of more experienced players vs blooding the younger players…

  7. Dylan has extended with Parra for 3 more years.
    Well done Parra for locking him down.
    We have a good spine locked in for a few years.

  8. Well well well look who’s back… Good to see you again Billy.

    Agree with what you have said, especially the Uto situation. He was offered the biggest ever contract for a player with no NRL experience, I am glad we didn’t try to match it.

    It is one thing to say that we have invested in players parasylum, and I agree that it is frustrating, but u also don’t want to be paying overs to keep them. I honestly think our development, retention and recruitment has been a lot better in recent times.

    Also, great news on the Brown re-signing.

  9. Which part is fake news swa9amuff1n? The club has announced the re-signing. If it is the $$ them who knows how much. $650k sounds high, but for a starting halfback it isn’t really, as long as he continues to develop.

  10. According to the article on the NRL website, it is $650k for the 3 year extension period.
    It’s a fair bit more than I thought it would be, but reasonable.
    Good to hear from you again Billy.

  11. Not fake news swa9amuff1n.
    Signed sealed and delivered.
    Despite the Warriors underhanded illegal attempts to sign him at the start of the year he has decided to stay at the club that developed him.
    Much better strength of character than Stefano.

  12. Brown can be a future gun if he keeps his head screwed on. Parra can really go places with this kid. Wish the roosters had a go at him earlier. Not too sure about young flanagan being the right solution for us?

  13. thanks mighty and eels – been a bit of busy of late but back again.
    one piece of the puzzle to lock in long term and that’s Mahoney, he will be next cab off the rank and should lock in for another couple of years…youngest spine in the comp and plenty of up. getting cautiously optimistic for 21-23

  14. If the $650k per year is true, it’s to much. Parra should have played hard ball and let him walk if he wanted. $650 should be his final year contract.

    Parra needs to get away from paying extra for players otherwise nothing ever changes.

    I’m happy he signed but not at that price

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